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  1. It is a M91. Oh well... I might have found the issue anyway, but it would be cool to single-step the code. Thanks Dan and Lawry!
  2. Is there a way to set the PLC to run in a 'step' mode for debugging purposes to make it go one net at a time and watch it via the Debug screen? I seem to have a situation where something is happening faster than I can monitor with the normal Debug screen.
  3. I didn't know about the Indirect 'Load' function... until now! (I was trying the Indirect 'Store') Anyhow, I tried that 'special' function, and I still can't get it to work. I could post the code, but for now I've decided to tell my customer that what they want isn't possible, and that they will just need to push a button to cause the desired effect to happen. (I was trying to 'Automate' a reset of a few values after a certain set of conditions had occured) Thanks for your assistance! ~Mike
  4. Thanks guys. This isn't a linearized value that I need... or a value that gets displayed on the HMI screen. I'm using an 'indirect store' function to point to a single MI from several other MI's, and I need to use the value of that 'stored' MI somewhere else. There are 20 different MI's that I want to pick from, based on that Indirect store. That's why I thought maybe a 'variable' is what I need to reference... I keep getting the 'number' of the MI itself, and not the data within it... perhaps I'm using the indirect store function incorrectly?
  5. Is there a way to reference a 'Variable' on the ladder for Compare or math functions?
  6. Michael_P to the rescue! Thanks to his efforts and some more thinking on my part, based on his ideas... it works! Many thanks guys...
  7. Thanks Michael_P... I put in the Set /Reset output, but now I have issues with the logic. Can I post this project somewhere so someone can look at what I've done and offer suggestions as to how to make it work? I am hesitant to just put it up for the general public, as I hope to make this into a 'for sale' solution. It will take more than a few paragraphs of typing just to describe how it's supposed to work! ~Mike
  8. I have an idea for a new 'feature' for the U90 Ladder software... how about a way to 'copy' a net on the ladder from one project to another? I have seen plenty of good ideas in the 'sample' projects, and my own, but I can't just copy a selected net (or more than one) and then paste to the one I'm working on. I see the export / import functions do this, but maybe an alternative is just a simple copy / paste?
  9. OK... the encoder is working, and the display is showing the correct values. The problem I'm having now is: I have a 'compare' function that fires an output (Output 0) if the value of the count is between two other values. That works if I only have one 'net' (rung) that does the compare and output... but, if I have more than one net that fires the same output, the first one never fires. (actually the output can't be fired at all, even in 'online' mode) I would certainly hope that I could have more than one instance of the same output on many different nets... it's as if the second net is inhibiting the first, and so on. ~Mike
  10. Thanks, Simon! What I ended up doing was to use a simple compare function, to check if the 'previous' screen (and variable) is equal to zero, then set the current display to be the 'ending' screen... works great! I am waiting for a shaft encoder to arrive to try the next part of this project... I'm sure there will be more questions! ~Mike
  11. Hey all... another new project for the M91-2-R1... I really like this device! Anyhow, I'm having trouble with what I thought would be a 'simple' HMI task. I have setup a number of 'display' screens, each with a numerical input variable. I then created 2 'jump conditions' on each screen... one that advances the display 'number' to the next screen for additional inputs, and a second condition that "ends" the inputs if the Zero Key is pressed. For some reason, the 'jump' if Zero is pressed isn't working. I even tried a Ladder (net) that has a P (rising) contact to change the display if Zero is pressed... no joy. Ideas to try? ~Mike
  12. Got it working... I used a 'direct store' of the current value of the analog input, and then compared that to the new input and fired a 5 second timer if they were different. Just had to think a bit more!
  13. OK, new problem to solve... I am really stumped trying to solve a logic issue with my M91 project. Here's the scenario: I have an analog transducer that is mechanically tied to a piece of machinery that moves in a linear motion. (Up and down) The M91 shows the relative distance from the floor, in inches... and I can set a 'new' height value which causes an output to energize that closes a motor contactor to run a motor to move the machine up or down. That part all works great. What I am struggling with is the logic to display a message in the event of a failure to actually move the machine, for a variety of reasons. The hard part is that the machine moves *very* slowly, and can take as much as 10 minutes to move from the lowest point to the highest point.... but, I want the 'failure' message (display) to occur if there is no actual movement within 5-10 seconds. With the 'math' and 'compare' functions that I have available to me in the M91 ladder, I can't seem to find the "right" methodolgy to make this work! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! ~Mike
  14. Thanks Emil! This was exactly what I needed. The project is finished and working just like I had hoped.
  15. Got this to work since the last post.... I also now realize that the input is 10-bit resolution, so disregard that comment. Now I'm working through another issue. Trying to get the actual 'displayed' value to be represented somewhere in memory so I can use a compare function to be similar to a value that is entered via the keypad. (It's because I am now scaling the values)
  16. Also... I can only see a 1024 (decimal) value for the analog input. I was expecting to see 0 - 32,767 as my 0-10V input changes. U.90 Project is attached.... (It is stripped down to the bare bones as I try to work this out) ~Mike
  17. I removed my 'limit' check mark, and now I can enter any value I want, but... I'd prefer that the user can only enter a value between 48.00 and 60.00 For example, if I enter 51.25 it would accept it, but if I enter 13.05 it shouldn't. Emil... I am not at the stage yet to post the project. I am just doing some 'proof of concept' stuff for now.
  18. Working with a U91-2-R1... I have a screen that I'm trying to get an input that has the format of xxx.xx, but no matter what I enter, I can only get x.x and then the blinking cursor... enter key doesn't do anything. The arrow keys allow me to 'clear' the input. The variable is set for "format" of "xxx.xx" "keypad entry" is checked. What am I missing? ~Mike
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