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  1. I'm trying to figure this out on my own, but a key sentence in the Help manual is missworded. Can somebody please explain to me in plain English what the third green call-out box is trying to say?
  2. Via Termite (http://www.compuphase.com/software_termite.htm), I'm getting the following string: [02] 402.2LG There is a space (aka "<SP>") on the end of that string for the "status" field. The weight is 402.2. I need to extract this weight from the string and store it with my V130. The "L" is for "pounds" and the "G" is for "gross." I'm assuming the "[02]" indicates the <STX> control character.
  3. Figured it out. Download Termite here: http://www.compuphase.com/software_termite.htm They only have a Windows version, but I was able to get it to work right away with the same COM1 port that VisiLogic uses.
  4. Hi, I need some help with the Protocol Scan FB. I'm reading the following output from a scale, and I just need to get the weight (the XXXXX.XX part). Can anybody advise me on how to setup the "Protocol Message" in the Protocol Scan FB?
  5. Hello, Years ago I got a V280 to read the ASCII string outputted by a scale indicator via RS232. The Unitronics tech support guy back then, Jason, told me to download a program onto my PC that read whatever ASCII string was outputted by the indicator. I just had to hook up my indicator to my PC via RS232. This worked beautifully, and it was a cinch after that to get the V280 to read the indicator's ASCII string. Does anybody know what the name of that program is and where I can find it?
  6. I also tried the Panasonic formatter (doing all reformatting possibilities) and it didn't work. Tried formatting on two different computers (Windows XP), and it still doesn't work. It's a brand new micro SD card from Best Buy. ugghhh
  7. Hi, I have an SD card in my V130-33-RA22, and SB 217 ("SD Card Present") is showing 0 instead of 1. This is my third SD card install, and first time I've had this error. First two SD card installs had no problems. The SD Card is used for an Advanced Webserver. I compiled the SD card using the SD card suite and uploaded my three webpages (Entrance.htm, Start.htm, and BadPass.htm) into the Web folder on the SD card. When I couldn't pull up the webpage in my browser, I checked SB 217 and found that it was off, signalling that the V130 is not detecting the SD card. What do I do? Richard
  8. Hi Unitronics Gurus, I've set up an Advanced Web Server. I have the Entrance.htm, BadPass.htm, and Start.htm files, and these three pages load properly. I have no issues here. I've made a fourth file called bc.htm, and I can't get it to load in my browser. I link to it in my Start.htm file using the following code: <a href="bc.htm&User=[sT20,ppppp]&Pass=[sT21,ppppp]">BC</a> When I click on the BC link, it simply reloads the Start.htm page, yet the browser's URL changes to: Note that the URL changed from Start.htm to bc.htm. When I manually go into my browser's address bar and try to load the bc.htm page (, I'm redirected to the Entrance.htm login. I understand this is expected (page 10, Enhanced Vision PLC WebServer Tech Support Document). Yet, when I log in, I'm redirected to the Start.htm page, specifically: So, when I try to change this URL to and load that, the Start.htm page is reloaded, yet the URL in the browser remains the same ( My browser is the latest version of Google Chrome. I've confirmed these results on IE 7. If I enter a random file into the URL, say party.htm, the Start.htm page loads. Therefore, although my bc.htm file is definitely listed in my SD Cards's Web Folder, the PLC is acting as if it is not there. When I delete the existing Start.htm file and re-title my bc.htm file to Start.htm, it loads properly. It seems like I can't get any webpages to load other than the essential three: Start.htm, Entrance.htm, and BadPass.htm. Am I missing something? Please help. Thanks. Richard
  9. Per Simon's response, the extra characters are sort of a big deal with my application. We're building a system that we're shipping to customers, and it looks pretty goofy if our notifications contain all that garbage text. Plus, since you can use your cell phone number as an email to get a text message (e.g. **********@txt.att.net), all the extra characters will turn a message that can be one text message into two text messages, which not elegant to say the least.
  10. Hi Ofir, Thanks for your response. The only email services I have access to are my company's web domain CPanel (which is what I'm using currently, and getting the extra characters), and gmail (which I understand is not supported). Can anybody recommend a free email provider that they've had success with in not getting the extra characters?
  11. My IT manager and I looked all over our host server's control panel (CPanel) and email account options, and couldn't find anything related to greylisting. Is it for sure a grey listing problem or could it possibly be something else?
  12. That's okay. I figured out how to do it on the HMI with a "Variable: ASCII String." Thanks for the quick response.
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