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  1. @Cara Bereck Levy Thanks! That is pretty cool.
  2. @kratmel Absolutely, this weekend I came in and used one of the dry contacts on the drive to fire the relay for the brake. Again, one of those simple things that I did not think of. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Thanks Ausman. I will take any advise I can get, and I must say; you have a good memory. I do deal mostly with tank farms. This is a whole different application. This one is a foam saw that we pulled out all the old antiquated batch controllers and started from scratch with a PLC. How the measurement works is the motor with the brake runs the saw head down and rotating an encoder. When the counts/measurement reaches the set point the motor stops and the brake stops the head. This was truly a definition of what you called "Zero Mechanical Sympathy" ( a term I like and now committed to memory) . How I improved on that is; I replaced the reversing cross the line starters with a freq drive. As the head reaches 10% its target point I ramp the drive down from 60 Hz to 20 Hz then at the target point stop the drive and apply the brake. This increased accuracy to within 0.015 mm and gave the brake some sympathy it deserved. As for the code that you saw, that was manual control from the joystick. The only time it gets used is in an emergency that a blade brakes or something that you have to move the head out of the way or rotate the table. If you're interested, I can post some pictures of this enormous saw. It boasts a 30' (9m) diameter rotating table, can cut material up 118" (3m) wide and 60" 1.5m high. I sincerely appreciate all your help. I would never have got this far on my projects without people like you to help. I do not know what country your in, (assuming Australia) so I used both imperial and metric units in my response. We are in the US but our company is 90% metric. Thanks again,
  4. I am hoping that @Cara Bereck Levy Sees this post and shows it to the Lord High Commissioners of Visilogic coders. Shes my favorite because we both grew up raising cattle; although hers were holsteins for milking and they're way too much work. We have Whiteface Hereford (beef cattle), they're a lot less maintenance. Oops, did I go off subject of this post?
  5. Absolutely, much better! Thank you Ausman!
  6. Hi Ausman, I don't follow you. Would you mind elaborating on "direct action?" Thanks, Paul
  7. I understand not being able to use a coil more than once, but there has to be an easier way to do it than the way I did it in the attached image. Thanks all
  8. This may sound insignificant, but I want to be able to be able to add color to the comments to make it easier to see when scanning down through longer programs. You can color the side bar of the rungs but not the comments. Thanks Visilogic Team! Paul
  9. viscoelastic

    Run Time Errors

    Yea Joe, that was the kicker. A USB to serial converter worked fine. It was me starting with the USB cable that did not work. I wasted hours trying to make that work. Just happy I can get this machine done.
  10. viscoelastic

    Run Time Errors

    I think so now also. When there was an issue I just assumed I was doing something wrong and someone was going to say; “you forgot to da da da da” and I would be on my way. Oh well, a quick call to the dealer and all shall be fixed. Thanks all for trying.
  11. viscoelastic

    Run Time Errors

    Ok, on a whim, I tried using the old fashioned phone cable and USB-Serial adapter and all works fine. I did not have any problem with my test V700 and USB cable only the V350 and USB cable. I think there is an issue with USB and V350's
  12. viscoelastic

    Run Time Errors

    I put it in boot mode by the long touch then the double tap. When its there, communications can't be established.
  13. viscoelastic

    Run Time Errors

    It did not like that when I tried to switch modes.
  14. viscoelastic

    Run Time Errors

    Morning Flex, No it was robooted several times. I checked the status in the PLC info page and it will show boot mode if it is in it. Thanks, Paul
  15. First time using a 350. If I try to download the program I get a Send Binary Data Invalid property value. So I tried to update the PLC and I get run time errors 380 then 440. Things I have tried: -Complete uninstall and folder removal as per instructions. -Multiple reboots -Updating PLC had the errors above -Prayed to the PLC gods -tried a V700 and it works fine -Checked my software version Version 9.8.65 Build 0 -Stopped yelling at my computer and talked nicely to my computer and the PLC -Ran as administrator -Tried a different cable and USB ports -Tried an empty program to send I am out of ideas and open for suggestions