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  1. Joe, I have ran into this before. It is something within the fine grained security of windows that wants to prevent a program from reading and writing to "mapped drives" you circumvent that by following the path. That being said there has always been an issue with visilogic and permissions. If they would get it certified by Microsoft a lot of issues would disappear. One Try running it as administrator and two turn off your uac and firewall and see if it lets you in, Keep me informed I am curious.
  2. Meet in the middle

    May I ask, are you using time/speed to determine distance? To be more accurate, have you thought about an encoder?
  3. Shaft encoder

    I do not work for Automation Direct, but I buy a lot from them, and use their encoders. They have +24VDC encoders https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Search/Search?fctype=adc.falcon.search.SearchFormCtrl&cmd=Search&searchquery=encoders&categoryId=829915&TxnNumber=-1&start=0#Product__F__Accessory_Type_ms="Rotary+Encoders"&start=0&rows=10&Input_Voltage_s="12+-+24"
  4. Thanks to all that helped. I deleted the bar, recreated it and it worked. Not sure what glitch happened, but I was able to increase the number. At least its working.
  5. Hi Flex, that was the first thing I tried, it's the same on my laptop and my desktop. If I upload the program would you mind looking at it? Paul
  6. Hi all, I am unable to increase the number of LED's past 21. Even if I stretch the image all the way across the 12" screen I am still unable. Why would that be? Thanks
  7. Download error, can't get past it

    Flex YOU DA MAN! Thanks!!
  8. Hi All, I enclosed screenshots below. Cannot download to a V2110. Works fine with a 700 but not the 1210. I get an error to update the O/S. When I do, is says I am already updated. You can see by my screenshots, I am running the newest build as well. What am I missing? Thx, Paul
  9. Upload error

    Hi Ausman, I tried what you said. It is intermittent. The only way I can get past it is by moving an object on the GUI slightly they it works.
  10. I have been having the same issue with an application using a high speed counter. If I move the counter too many times it goes out of memory, or if I just leave it online it will eventually does the same. I looked at the projected memory map and its only using about 5%
  11. Upload error

    Thanks Flex
  12. Upload error

    I have an intermittent issue with download. It tells me the file is identical, when it's not. Even if I an an entire new rung it sometimes gives me the error. The only way I can get past it is by slightly moving an image on the HMI screen than it will download.
  13. To the webmaster

    Hi Webmaster, On the home page of the forum you have a spelling mistake. I am not criticizing you; I am a little bit OCD. Look in the attached picture. You have Jume instead of June. Thanks
  14. Division error

    BBird, That worked. Thank you!! Much appreciated
  15. Division error

    I added the decimal point in the display and now it just rolls over at 37.