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  1. When the issue fist happened it was when I started using the IO that I had installed at the beginning for later expansion. My first thought was the power supply so I switched it out, this made no change. When I woke up at 2:30 am and saw the message from Kratmel who said power supply again, I started to think about it more. I remembered that I added 2 relays and 4 solenoids. Then I knew; I maxed out the power supply. Pulling the 1.5 that was in it and putting in a 5 amp not only solved that problem but it also solved all the issues I was having with my 4-20mA sensors that had intermittent wild fluctuations. Looking back, the heaters were not always on. When they were, those were contactors pulling higher currents so my sensors were starved. I never placed all these issues together to blame the undersized power supply.
  2. Here is what fixed it for future reference As I woke up at 3 am, I saw that @kratmel emailed me a check list. #4 on his list said power supply. I dismissed that one because I switched them out earlier that day to test that. The more I laid there, I figured there had to be something to that or he would not have wrote it. Then it hit me, I added to more solenoids and two relays to the panel, and I had a 1.5 amp power supply. I came in this morning and tossed a 5.0 amp power supply in it. BOOM! not only did that fix my input issue is also fixed my wildly floating sensor readings. Future reference to all. Is your power supply large enough. You may have done a spreadsheet, like I do that says yes, but go BIG or go home. Thanks Kratmel, you put me on the right track. ps. thanks @Cam I have been there switching pins in the past, that normally fixes issues.
  3. I have all lights lit up as if they are all on. I wired it PNP. If I remove the 0V they all go off and I put +24 into an input they all are at state 1 not just the input I energized. If I have the 0V in all the lights are lit and every input is at state 1. If I energize and input have go to state 0 the other half stays at 1.
  4. No but you only have so many outputs. It just seems to get overwhelming and confusing have multiple coils calling one Output coil.
  5. It sounds like he is doing something similar to me. In my mind subroutines seem so organized, but the more I read ,the more they seem like a pain in the aperture within the gluteal folds of ladder logic
  6. Say you have a 3 screens/modes, Manual, Semi and Automatic. 1) Would it be kosher to have a sub routine strictly to that screen/mode in focus to save scan time? 2) Under that circumstance would it still be bad practice to reuse coils that were in another routine even though they cant be called at the same time? 3) I would fear doing what I am saying would leave coils set when you change screens. I would have to write one long line of resets upon leaving? Thanks in advance.
  7. I was trying to remember Joe's name as I was writing. WITHOUT A DOUBT @Joe Tauser! Although he has a grumpy look in his avatar, I hope that we bring a smile to his face
  8. This was a unit I had on my desk for testing/learning. It's a couple of years old.
  9. 3 years ago I knew nothing about PLC's. Because of people like @Ausman, @Flex727, @Joe Tauser and others on this forum, we converted 8 machines from old relay logic to PLC's with automation, made 2 pieces of complex laboratory test equipment for the lab, and entire tank farm controls that include, levels, filling, heating/cooling, mixing etc. I could have never done it with their help. I don't know if they're paid or not, but I will tell you they are priceless. I hope that @Cara Bereck Levy will show this to the powers at be so they understand the caliber of people they have in this forum. It burns me, me when people are rude or "expect" someone to write their programs without giving it any effort first. Be polite, give it your best effort and people here will jump in to help you. This concludes my diatribe.
  10. Well boys, I thank you for the help. The problem seems to happen once it warms up. I believe it has had a good life and it is time to meet its maker. I believe I will take it home, and let it die of lead poisoning traveling at 2800 fpm. In with a whimper.... Out With A Bang I always say.
  11. Thanks Flex, I am going to try the battery pull, It will accept the O/S and my program. Then after about an hour or so of sitting it drops a loaf and goes red. This is a new machine we are building, nothing is running on it yet.
  12. First I got the lovely scarlet colored screen below. I reloaded the OS and everything came back up... YES, I fixed it... Wrong... now it gave me the even more lovely carbon black screen seen below. I reloaded again and the thing only works for about an hour then the party starts again. Should I just assume the unit crapped the bed, or is there something else I should look for? Thanks
  13. Thanks, much appreciated, although So simple, a tad embarrassed I posted it. 😉
  14. Did not see this question elsewhere: From the ladder is there a way to check which screen is in focus? I thought about setting a coil when they switch screens, but there has to be an easier way. Thanks, Stay Healthy my friends!
  15. I have never tried it, but I am a linux dude, in fact not to date myself but I cut my teeth on Irix with Sun Microsystems. Ahhh, Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator). It does not work for all windows based applications, in fact I consider it a disappointment. Have you tried "PlayOnLinux?" PlayOnLinux is really designed for games but games are usually the most difficult to run Windows versions. I doubt Visilogic will ever be ported for linux so I would not hold my breath. Oh, one more thing, avoid any beta distros, Try the PlayOnLinux and drop us a note letting us know how it worked. Good Luck
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