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  1. Value Fluctuation

    Thanks Guys! Now we have to get Joe Tauser to put up a profile picture with a smile in it. Right now he looks Grrr
  2. Value Fluctuation

    Hello all, Ausman, I have a millivolt generator and tried that also. So to put this thread to rest. This morning I found a V350 laying around and hooked the sensor to it. The reading is steady as a rock. So this defiantly comes down to I think I have a bad snap-in.
  3. Value Fluctuation

    Thanks Flex, I was thinking the same, but I figured I would bounce it off of people who are smarter than me before I dropped the dime.
  4. Value Fluctuation

    I also used a milliamp generator instead of a sensor. All results are the same. The reason I cant show less digits it because I am linearizing it to liters in tank. The result in an integer in 1 liter increments.
  5. Value Fluctuation

    Hey Flex, so is that normal then to have that much fluctuation? I have the filter set to high and it does not change it at all. The problem is that it makesthe linerarized number hard to read.
  6. Short Story: Reading 4-20mA raw number fluctuates as much as 60 points on 12 bit. When I put a milliamp clamp at the wire right into the V200-18-E4XB Snap in I have an absolute steady milliamp reading. Why does the raw value before linearization fluctuate so much with an absolute steady mA. Long Story Before I got a milliamp meter I kept changing wire, ultrasonic level sensors, laser level sensors and a milliamp generator to a set value. There have been posts in the past by me as I have been working through this issue of fluctuation. I always assumed it was something other than the PLC. Now I have trouble shooted everything back to the PLC and it is the unit that is creating the fluctuating counts. I am officially at the Grrr state of trying to solve this. Please help unGrrr me.
  7. Are you trying to write a batch? Say when it reaches 1000 or -1000 it does something? I can post an example if I know what you are trying to achive.
  8. Do you mean the types in the I/O config or you need help with the ladder?
  9. Joe, I have ran into this before. It is something within the fine grained security of windows that wants to prevent a program from reading and writing to "mapped drives" you circumvent that by following the path. That being said there has always been an issue with visilogic and permissions. If they would get it certified by Microsoft a lot of issues would disappear. One Try running it as administrator and two turn off your uac and firewall and see if it lets you in, Keep me informed I am curious.
  10. May I ask, are you using time/speed to determine distance? To be more accurate, have you thought about an encoder?
  11. I do not work for Automation Direct, but I buy a lot from them, and use their encoders. They have +24VDC encoders https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Search/Search?fctype=adc.falcon.search.SearchFormCtrl&cmd=Search&searchquery=encoders&categoryId=829915&TxnNumber=-1&start=0#Product__F__Accessory_Type_ms="Rotary+Encoders"&start=0&rows=10&Input_Voltage_s="12+-+24"
  12. Thanks to all that helped. I deleted the bar, recreated it and it worked. Not sure what glitch happened, but I was able to increase the number. At least its working.
  13. Hi Flex, that was the first thing I tried, it's the same on my laptop and my desktop. If I upload the program would you mind looking at it? Paul
  14. Hi all, I am unable to increase the number of LED's past 21. Even if I stretch the image all the way across the 12" screen I am still unable. Why would that be? Thanks