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  1. Hi Ausman, I tried what you said. It is intermittent. The only way I can get past it is by moving an object on the GUI slightly they it works.
  2. I have been having the same issue with an application using a high speed counter. If I move the counter too many times it goes out of memory, or if I just leave it online it will eventually does the same. I looked at the projected memory map and its only using about 5%
  3. Thanks Flex
  4. I have an intermittent issue with download. It tells me the file is identical, when it's not. Even if I an an entire new rung it sometimes gives me the error. The only way I can get past it is by slightly moving an image on the HMI screen than it will download.
  5. Hi Webmaster, On the home page of the forum you have a spelling mistake. I am not criticizing you; I am a little bit OCD. Look in the attached picture. You have Jume instead of June. Thanks
  6. BBird, That worked. Thank you!! Much appreciated
  7. I added the decimal point in the display and now it just rolls over at 37.
  8. I am trying to display 1000's of an inch. like 123.375"
  9. Nope, no workie workie using ML's.
  10. I am trying to move the decimal point of a counter value by dividing by 1000. I think this is a binary issue because when the result reaches 32 it goes to -32 and decrements. This is back and forth from negative to positive. How do I work around this? I added a picture of my block to see.
  11. I did not see a response to this. Are the images available? They are SWEET!
  12. OK, tmoulder, you're a Relic! . I on the other-hand pride myself as being a fossil. All kidding aside, both moulder and flex have great thoughts. I struggle with the same. Locking elements would be the rockets' sprockets! Please consider.
  13. Hi Ausman, Where I am confused is having multiple options. Where i could program several different measurements. I was hoping Unitronics had and example I could start with so I could get a starting point. This concept seems confusing to me for some reason. I am sure the solution is infantile, but I am confused.
  14. I am looking for a batching example. Meaning; I would have 10 variable thinknesses it would do an operation lower a head 1000 counts (preset one) do the operation then lower the head 850 counts (second preset) and so on and so on. Any help of an example would be appreciated. Thanks all
  15. Try installing / adding Hebrew language to your windows 10 machine. I am guessing it does not know what to display.