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  1. I find myself saying "whatever, yes the TV screen, now tell me what is says" 😂 Not worth correcting people.
  2. if you are running your wire in cable trays as we usually do here at work, then make sure your tray has a metal separator between sensor wires and motor wires. We have went as far as to pull our sensor wires through flexible metal conduit and lay that in the tray. That step alone solves 90% of our phantom current issues.
  3. So if your getting 200 mm out of 1000 counts then each count is 5mm. So to get 350mm your target is 1750 counts. Just divide the output by 5 to get your mm.
  4. I have had similar issues. It only occurred when I was saving to a mapped drive. If I saved it local it was fine. Yes, I am running as admin but something does not care whether I am admin or not, especially if the file was created on another computer, by another user, with different permissions.
  5. @Ausman and @Flex727 I am ordering one, I write a review in this post after I get it.
  6. Check this out, here is an interesting device. A bit pricey, but intriguing to play sound on command. http://www.lt-automation.com/VoiceModule.htm
  7. @Ausman Thank you so much for the detailed response. I am going to look at a device and you statedes in the first. The ease will make it worth the money.
  8. It would really be a nice feature to have recorded annunciations. If it takes 6 hours to fill a tank, a loudspeaker saying Tank Is Full, or Warning Too Hot or the like. An alarm beeper does not tell anything about the condition.
  9. Is a way to have a speaker on the PLC to play *.wav files?
  10. For that short of a dwell time; I would use a high speed input. Even if the standard input could read it, you may have missed counts because it relies on checking each scan of the program. High speed inputs are independent of the scan. You see opposed of using a high speed input. May I ask why?
  11. I also believe it will work. One router will have to be able to be changed from router to bridge mode. I would also use static ip’s on everything.
  12. Seriously, Try what Joe said. I was taught that by someone else. It can save you hours of pulling out your hair.
  13. I have ran into this problem. It was the USB to Serial converter. Have you tried plugging the USB directly into the mini-b on the v700? also try knocking down your baud rate down and see if that works.
  14. mira tu configuración Cuáles son los suyos siempre ML no MI settings.bmp
  15. LMAO! I did not catch that. It's not a bad reference since with every Microsoft update; you do not know if it will sink or swim.
  16. With the new windows 10 update that rolled out; it breaks the USB to UART Bridge drivers. If this happens, confirm that you have a yellow exclamation point in the device manager indicating that there is a driver issue. If so, disconnect the PLC/USB cord from your PC, download the newest CP210x drivers from Silicon Labs https://www.silabs.com/community/interface/knowledge-base.entry.html/2016/12/30/downloading_cp210xd-ek07. Unzip the new driver, right click on the yekkow exclmation point | select update driver | Browse my computer for diver software | navigate to path of unzipped driver folder | then "next" your way through the install. NOTE: This is not for the USB to SERIAL. This is only for USB direct to the PLC.
  17. I have similar applications. Here is how I handle them. First off depending on the drive you are using, I program one of the outputs on the drive to ZERO SPEED and not allow it to change until it is at zero, secondly you can add a TD and give it a few seconds before it starts . As for the ramp down, I would program the ramp down in the drive. It's much easier and you have more control that way. As Ausman said E-Stops!! never forget
  18. Hey Aus, THANK YOU! thats not the most ideal way, but is is a way and I'll take it. Ihave a PLC on my desk I test with, then want to transfer snippets to the actual program (as many do). @Cara Bereck Levy Hopefully our bestest, most awesome, favorite, and elegant moderator reads this and puts in a feature request for us. It would be nice to have tabs of open programs then it would be in the same running application that would allow us to copy and paste. Cara, did I mention that you are our favorite?
  19. Is there a way of have two instances of the visilogic application running so you can copy and past from one to the other?
  20. I would like to see them reversed to the proper way, but Unitronics is like a pretty girl, you learn a minor blemish does not make her any less pretty, or in this case any less useful.
  21. I over complicated this entire thing. So for anyone else trying to get degrees from the hypotenuse and the opposite side this is how I did it. The first subtraction block was done to bring my vertex to 0
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