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  1. Silly coincidences make me jump!

    Yeah, that's right. Our heads are upside down so all the blood rushes to them, making all those hidden human brain abilities work much better.....like communicating with inanimate objects around us and saying to scare the pants off the human! cheers, Aus
  2. That's great Schafbo. The rule of thumb I have learnt and work under for anything that might use a buffer is that I need to allow at least a few scans for it to be cleared after the PLC says that everything is ok. Don't ask me the mechanics of this, it just seems to be needed. Perhaps it is simply that the PLC flags change as soon as the stuff is sent to the buffer, and then the buffer system itself has to do the operation. Instead of the flags being told to change by the buffer actions themselves. Edit: And if this is really the case, could this be changed, Creators? Would make things much simpler. cheers, Aus
  3. Honestly Flex, you're so mean. Those poor little critters inside the 700, running all over the place, out of breath, saying "Yes Master, I'm trying Master, Coming Master, I'm tired Master, What Master? ......Off to serve at the tables again, Master?" and all you could do was sit there and watch............intently! cheers, Aus
  4. v1040 flash ID error

    Pls post a shot of the screen for those in the know to help better. cheers, Aus
  5. I have just noticed that MI30 is labelled "Can FB status". Are you sure you haven't got 2 things addressing this? It still looks like you have 2 things addressing MI30, occuring in the same scan or next. Change MI30 to an MI that you definitely haven't used as yet, just in those rungs....don't use the replace function. If this isn't the issue, make the 20ms call longer. On intial setting up of any comms, I always start from heaps of time giving the buffer plenty of room, and then shorten timings to suit the job. I still don't like that you are using CAN "flags" to directly run things without any time intervals added to them, this has always given me buffer issues. cheers, Aus
  6. I initially feel that it might be a buffer issue, unless something else is over-riding the MI30 write. (To check this do a "Find MI 30" search and see what the program has that relates to it). It all depends on how you are timing the various calls. Test this theory by separating things out a bit, using a quick count to run things instead of elements directly related to the Scan block. Base the count around using the 1.25mS Interrupt Routine, using Cnt = 4 do this, Cnt = 10 do that etc. and use MIs for the count numbers/triggers so that you can easily vary the timings whilst in online mode. Start with large time separations of at least a second, if they work then go backwards from there. cheers, Aus
  7. Silly coincidences make me jump!

    I hear you Hots, but this sort of thing happens to me about twice a month! cheers, Aus
  8. I haven't looked at your program. Something FYI. In case you don't know, Visilogic has an annoying quirk....when in online mode it shows elements of an uncalled sub in red (powered). This can be very confusing. There are many solutions to this, the best I know of from another forum member (can't remember who...sorry) was to set up a simple count at the top of each sub. If the count is progessing, the sub is active. cheers, Aus
  9. Silly coincidences make me jump!

    Here's another: Had to mount something onto the other side of a brick wall from a solar PV grid interactive inverter system that has been in place for 9 years without an issue at all. There was no other suitable location, and the inverter couldn't be "unmounted" to get away from the vibration from hammer drilling. Carefully did the work with everything solar fully isolated and finished it all off without any hiccouphs. Everything back on and Solar cranks up ok. Phew! 2 hours later solar stops outputting. Huh? Ohh no! This was noticed during an inspection after various simple UPS units stopped. Odd. No breakers off, power still on everywhere. Just no solar and no UPS will run. Solar interrogation says line fault. Out with the meter. Whoah! We are 240 but the line was 270. Turns out that some local supply tranny had decided to poop itself just after I finished working near the inverter, and was slowly increasing it's output. Honestly....do I slash my wrists now? Is this what the little "coincidence" devils hovering around my head want? Huh? cheers, Aus
  10. Read my post directly above before this one! Out of curiousity I've just had a quick look at how Unilogic handles Modbus RTU. Am I correct in that it seems that you have 2 choices of how it polls, one is where you set up your own sequence of calls, and the other is where it will do a sequential one all on it's own, which appears to be Hots odd sequence system. So again, Meeg, vary the program and IDs a bit and see what happens. And Hots, I assume you discovered the odd sequence through observing that things were not being updated in the order you expected? cheers, Aus
  11. Maybe this is the issue here? Maybe the system only does a sequential count and yet this odd sequence means the system is trying to poll a unit 3 before it gets to unit 2, and there are timeouts happening on the failed read to compound things? Meeg, can you perhaps try changing your Modbus IDs and program around a bit to try this theory out? cheers, Aus
  12. I'm not into Unilogic at all, but I'll throw in my thoughts. In Visi I only ever use 9600 and have the read at 700ms, and some of the slaves send info to fill a vector of 40 MIs. I have long been going to trial a system that counts a given number of scans b/n the various success flags so that I could find the absolute minimum time that still gets everything ok.....but this falls into the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" thinking! So I simply have never got around to it, given that I would have to play remotely with sites that have to work 24/7 and I might end up with a big disaster. And incidentally, in Visi I only ever get consistent reads at 9600, and most of the gear I use has only 2 settings anyway, 9600 & 19200. I get missed reads at 19200, even with a big time, but 9600 is fine. cheers, Aus
  13. Edited: incorrect info removed....me be tired and not thinkum clearly! However, I use the RTC direct into my logging tables after some simple manipulation. See below. Might need another column (s?) in your table. I do this method so no conversions are necessary to easily read the stored table. cheers, Aus
  14. How many PID's?

    I regularly work with a top of the line product from Germany and top of the line expensive, too. Their manuals are often full of plain mistakes and wrong information that causes me untold grief through trying to do something the wrong way....the way they say! When I advise them of the error it is met with dis-interest, even though it is critical information for the thing to function correctly. Or they then advise that the addendum squirelled away in subsection R, section 43.147, over-rides what is in the main area of the manual. "You get what you pay for" doesn't always equate. I have Unitronics systems in place that have gone for years without issues. Aus
  15. How many PID's?

    You might want to be more polite on this forum, Selli. I am so glad that you have NEVER made a typo in your entire life, or missed some bit of information that no-one told you about, especially when you are dealing with thousands of different things a year to go in constantly evolving information. Or have you done this and accidentally given out "BS"? Huh? Everyone on this forum will attest to the quick response to issues that Unitronics HO does. Unlike many other brands. You have unfortunately seemed to find an issue that irks you. Why didn't you check via HW configuration in the free to download program in the first place, if you couldn't find the info anywhere else? I actually read "up to 4 loops" as being model specific. So I would then check things out carefully before doing anything else. The means were there, just needed some perseverance on your part. Aus.