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  1. I'm sure there's a bit of sarcasm there. Much better than mine! But they still need a cleanout and terminal reinsert now and then. cheers, Aus
  2. Ausman

    Net 3.5 tip

    I know we are digressing, but for me, most of the time a project made on a newer Visilogic version will try to open but display an error. Most of the time, but not always, you then have to close Visi in Task Manager. Open the project again and it will bring up "Visi not shut down properly, reload blah blah" and if you select ok it will open the newer version, which you can then work with. I do this frequently on the forum's user projects as I am still sticking with just 8.65 and many of the submitted projects are done in later versions. cheers, Aus
  3. Annatooli, I'd be interested to see if a complete dustout and wiggle/remove/reinsert every connection including ram on your puter would fix this. Also do a serious check on your drives, check and also defrag them if not solid state. If it's a laptop, you'd also be surprised how much gunk can get into cooling systems. They need a good periodic clean, excess heat issues can cause havoc. cheers, Aus.
  4. gijoe. Thanks for the comment and your eagerness to berate someone who tells you to use your own initiative and FIND OUT ABOUT SOMETHING SIMPLE FOR YOURSELF. Do you own a car? Did you read the manual to learn how to operate some things in it? Or did you ask a forum how to put fuel in the tank? Hmmmmmm.
  5. Ausman

    Net 3.5 tip

    If you are installing the Suite, you will likely encounter the need for Net 3.5 to be installed. For ages on various computers' new installs I've been banging my head on it not working properly. I'd end up with a message box saying it failed because "the service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it". Following a quick chat with Saragani, I pondered him saying the same thing I've found all over the place....that the normal method of turning it on in W10 is to enable it via Windows Features. (If you don't know, the shortcut to get there quickly is to run "optionalfeatures".) I always tried this and it still didn't work. I had also downloaded and tried the offline installer without luck, many times. Finally the light bulb turned on. In all my attempts I was doing it on systems that I had disabled updates. Once I re-enabled them the process went fine. One would think that a fully offline installer would work ok without needing to "ET Phone Home" but it is not true in this case. I think it is the only offline installer I've had that exhibits this behaviour! And before you ask/dictate/suggest that I leave updates on all the time, in most situations I routinely let the significant updates come through by keeping up to date with current advice. I've had even minor updates wreck things that were working fine, hence me clamping down on the process which can waste large amounts of data on systems where it matters. As well, I really really really don't like the next update reinstalling all the useless crap as well, like Xbox etc. There are ways around this too, but how far does one have to go to keep your system the way YOU want it, rather than the way SOMEONE ELSE wants it! cheers, Aus
  6. Yes. Sometimes they put Visi into a weird setting, I think because it is not seen as a major program from a "big" vendor. Or perhaps more likely because it doesn't offer fully secure coms. If none of this works, you might have a system restore point from before the issue started. You could perhaps initially do a full partition backup and then go back to that restore point, just to see what has caused the issue. I only mention Revo because it works fine, is free and has a portable version. Always works for me, gets rid of everything left over. cheers, Aus
  7. Flex is correct. I have often harped on the forum about the way to learn any PLC things, including Visilogic. If you have never worked with a particular function/operation, you should play with an actual plc just experimenting with only that process until you get it exactly right, and fully understand how it works. You then progressively build your final version, saving under progessively descriptive different names and test along the way. Once an error appears...which it will....!!......you can find what's caused the issue very easily. cheers, Aus
  8. For me it is this. The only times I have ever seen this issue was when I did an install and forgot to do right click run as admin. Also ensure the .exe is set to run as admin as well, once installed. I'd also run Revo unistaller or similar to completely delete the previous installation before trying again. Lastly, check what classification your A/V has Visilogic in, perhaps do some changes, then do a reboot before any use. cheers, Aus
  9. To add to Flex's comments, you really don't need to cram so much into one ladder rung. Sometimes, although it might look ok on the ladder, things won't work the way you expect due to the way the PLC interprets the info. Splitting areas up into separate rungs often makes a project far easier to work with. I also note in your socket init rung that you are setting SB168. Do you know about Power Up values? In the operand list you have one column with a power plug. For MBs you can choose none, Reset or Set that occurs on power up. What you are doing does the same thing, but is an awkward way of achieving it. cheers, Aus
  10. Here's another thing for humans to try. If you can set this up it's very intriguing. Get a good set of headphones (not buds) and feed them the signal from a mic. Put a variable delay on the signal being sent from the mic to the phones, something like 0.5 to 1.5 seconds. Plonk yourself in front of the mic and turn the system on. Now......try to talk properly. Vary the delay, just for play value. This might lead to having some sympathy for those people you sometimes see on TV "crosses", who sound like idiots. 😧 cheers, Aus
  11. Have you got ALL power connections done properly according to the 350 manual's wiring diagrams? Analogue stuff won't work unless their specific power connections are done. cheers, Aus
  12. As Flex says, it might be a hardware setting, but this should be carried over in the project. Did Visilogic do any "update" on your original project at any stage during your working on reloading your project? Since you last worked on it? If it did, it might be an update change that has affected things. Go into info mode on the exisiting 130 and look at details listed under O/S etc and compare to the new one with your newly loaded program. Advise back. I'm assuming that the swapping out is not having power supply, connector forgotten, bleedin' obvious smack head issues etc. cheers, Aus
  13. That's good. Just so you know, this table is lifted from the Help file under SD Cards. There is a wealth of information there, but nothing beats physically trialling something. cheers, Aus
  14. Alex, can you please explain why? Just curious. Also, good call on 168, I missed that. I've said it before, why isn't this a default setting in Visilogic? It seems pointless to not have it on. If you're doing ethernet, it's necessary. If you aren't, it won't affect anything. cheers, Aus
  15. Totally left field, but maybe it's configuring itself on the first run, determining some sort of automatic ramp parameters to stop overshoot? cheers, Aus
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