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    I haven't, and I would think re-assigning is very dependent on how you have the program set up in the first place . I also remember someone (I think it was Joe T) saying about one of his clients using a box cutter to press the keys....some people are rough on machines. Short of getting into the keypad and possibly doing a fix, I think you might be struggling. And I don't know whether you can just get a replacement keypad, I've never had an M91 apart that far. Other comments please. cheers and good luck Kikis, Aus
  2. Crude diagram? Hah...it's great. You should see some of my initial sketches of unusual things before they go to CAD! Common the lines? Yes, but I was more talking about the expansions and also how everything needs to power up at exactly the same time as the plc. I only ever use a single power supply for an entire system, but I know that Joe T routinely earths all his negatives....quote: "I usually ground the negative of my DC power supplies." I'm assuming he is talking about multiple supplies, but perhaps not. Pls chime in Joe, if you think it necessary! Either way, commoning of the negative is a logical thing to keep volts consistent throughout the system, and if it is commoned onto ground is perhaps even better. Me being the pernickety person I am, I would also ensure all the different supplies are at exactly the same volts as well, through tweaking their adjusters. I am intrigued by such a small current for those solenoids. Sounds like some small pneumatic robot stuff, which I am not into at all. Are there any specs for their initial draw? Most solenoid coils draw far more than rated until the core is correctly pulled into position. Worth checking to ensure your switching capacity/method is ok and durable. cheers, Aus
  3. Hi again Mal, As an aside, clarify this please. Will the modules power up at exactly the same time as the PLC, or are you meaning you now have everything commoned to one supply. Don't forget recommended commoning of 0V if separate. Also, depending on what you are running via the transistors, is 3.5A going to have enough headroom running the modules and all 64 points? If the values are being retained, this would be a fairly easy thing to check if you can be bothered undoing things a little. It could simply be a dud solder point on the crucial chip leg. Of course, I'm assuming the 1210 is still using a separate RTC chip on the board! cheers, Aus
  4. Thoughts entering the brain.......... Unlikely scenario but check......Is the new battery actually OK? Does the status bit change correctly if you put in a dud/leave out? Perhaps the system is power cycling without you noticing, and incorrect battery status is a root cause. Associated with above, what I/Os are you using, and are they all powered/wired correctly, and through fuses etc? Perhaps an error somewhere is causing a big enough dip to repower everything when certain I/Os activate everything they have. cheers, Aus
  5. Hi Paul, Yep, a solenoid valve coil turning off will definitely do a big spike. Have a read of this topic for a lot of tips, particularly Joe's post at the end re diode type. Important.......I'm assuming that when you say the noise is coming from coil, you are actually saying it is when it turns off. If it is happening all the time there is an issue with the coil itself. There should be no noise if it is in either state......only on transition from on to off. If there is noise during on, then it may also be the valve itself not opening correctly, but is most likely a faulty connection there somewhere. Check connections etc and try a new coil if possible. Also make sure the code is not written incorrectly and rapidly cycling the output, giving the impression it is always on but it really is going on an off. Put the scope on the line direct during on to check this. Very unlikely but possible. As for how to drive it, for a solenoid valve I would never be driving it direct from the snap-in. The only things I drive direct are very low power things without any inductive qualities at all, like LEDs. Every other instance goes through a standard relay or SSR, depending on the load being driven and frequency of switching. Lastly, my Confucius bit of the post....we all learn something new every day. Sometimes it annoys immensely, especially when it is fixing work by others who should know better. In this case it sounds like the entire machine was built without any thought about noise at all. cheers, Aus
  6. Going on the previous photos, I would also consider putting a suitable filter onto the mains supplying all the control gear power sources. And I still don't like that contactor being so close to the power supply and associated wiring. Separate that all out as much as possible, even put the contactor elsewhere. If they are happy to be buying new gear, then get metal enclosures as well! Nowhere near the cost of the plc, but admittedly a bit of mucking around rerouting all the wiring and possibly the component layout. But gee...plastic enclosures and a vfd? Arggh! Get 2 x s/s with one for power gear and one for all controls. I routinely have NO mains in the PLC enclosure at all, only control voltages, with the 24vdc supply coming in to the fuse distribution totally separated from control lines. Probably overkill, but makes it far safer as well as reducing noise issues...which I've never had. Hmmmmm! Finally, it looks like some of the conduit is in Flextite or similar. I'd be earthing one end of this as well, if it is indeed metal spiral. Everything that can induce noise but can be earthed down as a shield should be done. As for the degraded theory....perhaps....but I would have thought it would play up from the word go. Have you reinstalled everything into the plc? cheers, Aus
  7. BSOD in Windows 10

    Not even "Roll Back Driver" on the particular port's properties Driver tab, just in case it is that simple? cheers, Aus
  8. BSOD in Windows 10

    HI Saragini, You are way more knowledgable than me on this stuff, but just wondering whether your problems might be the "Msoft again taking charge of driver updating" ones that have beset me in the past, and they have suddenly changed a driver to one that doesn't work correctly. I routinely find my choice of "NO" button under Control Panel/System/Advanced system settings/Hardware tab/ Device Installation Settings is changed to Yes, which then allows them to change drivers that worked ok, to ones that don't. It might be worth checking this out, perhaps even via a restore point if possible. Edit: or perhaps even just simply rolling back the port driver as an initial trial? cheers, Aus.
  9. I am wondering whether everyone's sudden failure issues are related to Win10 again taking over driver updating without you knowing. I check this regularly and it is often turned back on. In my mind it should stick, but Msoft obviously disagrees with that opinion. It might explain why things suddenly change on you. If you don't know the means to turn it off, here it is again: Control Panel/System/Advanced system settings/Hardware tab/ Device Installation Settings/click NO etc. cheers, Aus
  10. That's great Paul, Hope it stays up. I also hope you hammered those fundamentals into the client's brainstrust with a mighty big stick. So.................now for the sharing of the fee.............!!!! Cheers, Aus
  11. This question is really a bit too broad. Please have a read through the Help files using your questions as the basis for looking at the index, and also look at some examples which are accessed next line down under Help. Once you have worked on developing your solutions, post again if necessary, with more detailed questions. Aus
  12. Hi again Wim, I haven't looked at your programs yet. It is important to answer this..... as I have previously asked, have you reinstalled everything relating to the plc's O/S? cheers, Aus
  13. Hi Ofer, have a look at this post: Try the complete uninstall, do the careful registry cleanout with CC etc and try again. If you can, do a quick partition copy to get you back to your exact starting point if necessary, rather than a restore point etc. See how you go. cheers, Aus
  14. HI Paul, pls have a look at the "Linearization of two inputs" example found either via Help, or directly via C:\Program Files\Unitronics\Unitronics U90 Ladder\Examples\Flow, totalizing and pump control. cheers, Aus
  15. Reuse Socket

    I'm sure it will. Thanks for the solution. If it works and ain't broken, don't touch it! cheers, Aus