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  1. Any differences between the reported capacity of the card on locked vs unlocked? cheers, Aus
  2. I recall someone like Kikis or Orso doing a topic about how they observed all the outputs turning on for a moment on boot, and they correctly saw it as the large problem it was. I couldn't find it with a quick search...maybe someone else or the original poster will chime in? I think it might have been within the last year, but time does fly. Perhaps the issue they observed is related to Tyler's one? That said, Tyler, given scan times and you saying that the issue is a "second" long, the On/Off time involved for 2 scans doesn't get anywhere near 1 second. It sounds like you have some other control working on the output, that you are missing. cheers, Aus
  3. Which are all in the installation sheets and Help files, easily accessed these days. Before the "easy" internet us oldies had to figure everything out from printed manuals and help files. Ring the supplier, have a chat and get sent by mail a big printed thing (or 5 of them), with the entire process taking a week or so and likely costing lots of $s. Even then it might mean another phone call etc. Youngies have it so easy these days! Sometimes I think that the best way these days for newbies on anything is to have no internet access for a week or more, and learn how to do basics through reading supplied manuals, experimenting, and trial and error. If I'm sounding grumpy then you have to look at it all from my side where many asks on this forum can be labelled PLC 101. But I also admit that in moments of lack of sleep/high stupids, I occasionally do the same thing! cheers, Aus
  4. Again, which part of "Check for Updates" did you click? To me this is very relevant info needed if there is a bug in there somewhere. All my comments above about using Revo are steps I have found necessary to completely get rid of old install info. This is not necessarily a Unitronics issue, M$oft are constantly changing the O/S on which it runs, which is often making life exceptionally difficult. cheers, Aus
  5. PJR, instead of arriving new onto the forum and simply saying "my car won't go, why not?", you need to give specifics and prior troubleshooting results if you want the abundant help available here from mostly volunteers. Dan has you headed in the right direction. Is this a new install, or a failure on one that was running ok? cheers, Aus.
  6. Just to throw in my "two bobs worth" a left field alternative is related to how you are getting the total figure. It sounds like you are deriving it from what you are sending to a flow controller. If you want to be really, really accurate, then you should actually read what the controller sends back, if this is possible. Most analogue valves can take a little time to adjust to what you send, so in theory if you do accumulation maths on what you measure using an analogue position value from the valve, it will be more accurate. Analogue valve actuators generally have mechanically linked analogue outputs that show the actual state of the valve, and in some ways this will do the job more easily as you would treat it as a totally separate thing. And re my Aussie slang, .....one place that might help and will also give you a laugh at how we destroy language for a giggle http://www.wanowandthen.com/slang.html Be prepared to lose quite a few (but very amusing) minutes reading it all. cheers, Aus
  7. Hi Lacey, in your case I would not be using modbus. I would be strongly looking at UniCan, which will easily achieve everything you want and in a faster time. In case you missed it, have a look at the first post linked below and the file attached there. It should get the braincells going on the advantages and ease of UniCan to achieve what you want to do. The second post link is my thoughts on using Excel that make a very confusing part of this operation easy. Repeating what I say there, it is essential that you don't lose track of things when using UniCan, otherwise it can become a big mess. Also note that until you get ALL your UniCan directives/controls/elements into ALL your plcs, things might not work as expected. I always have UniCan stuff as a sub, and during development I often put a manually controlled MB in front of the sub's call, so that I can load all the programs in and then roam quickly around turning things on. It can make it easier to track a potential issue. If you have it all set up correctly it works a treat. http://forum.unitronics.com/topic/6550-displaying-mi-from-one-plc-to-another/?tab=comments#comment-26561 http://forum.unitronics.com/topic/6527-with-vectors-why-didnt-i-think-of-this-ages-ago/?tab=comments#comment-26422 cheers, Aus
  8. Hi Simon, 6.6.45 on W7 64 Pro with all recent updates done, seems ok to all printer types. Various print previews worked fine as well. Have you tried a really truly ruly uninstall? cheers, Aus
  9. Haven't had this. What PLC? I only use plcs without touchscreen. I'd also be looking at an obscure tablet screen related setting somewhere. One area that you might look at is the zoom settings. My cheap W10 tablet does odd things with certain programs if I don't get this right.....and sometimes "right" looks a decidedly odd setting. Or perhaps a timeout or touch reset is occurring somewhere, that needs an initial tap to get things going again. Also, check that both the driver is up to date, or perhaps roll backwards a bit to see if that helps. New isn't necessarily the best. cheers, Aus
  10. Ausman


    I didn't notice this OP in March. Sorry. Have a look at item 4 in the topic below. There is no need for your VM method. You can have as many as you like. cheers, Aus
  11. Good job, Sunit. What are the 8 channel doohickeys on the right side of the top row? SSRs with built-in fuse? cheers, Aus
  12. Thanks Dan, I stand head whacked. cheers, Aus
  13. Hi Bjarni, happy to stand corrected if needed. Someone who really knows should chime in soon, and can whack me around the head with a foam bat as necessary. I don't routinely work with encoders, so have maybe missed something crucial. For better info, what is the brand/model of the encoder? cheers, Aus
  14. This is very off topic, but worth a mention. I too like browsing there, and source stuff on and off, delivery to Aus is sometimes only a few days. If you choose carefully the quality is often terrific. But one of my great sources of enjoyment is the review translations, which are fantastic entertainment. This one, whilst looking for a new set of wire terminal crimpers, was the best so far! "Perfect, I will ask for another for grimparme the testicles". 😬 I still haven't figured out how "uninsulated terminals" translates into nuts. cheers, Aus.
  15. I thought the D16A3 could already do what you want. Quote from Install Guide: <<<< Inputs 4 and 6 can function as high-speed counters, frequency measurers, or general purpose digital inputs (set in software). Inputs 5 and 7 can function either as counter reset inputs or general purpose digital inputs (set in software). >>>> If you are wanting to keep up with this read in "real time", you might run into issues due to the delays using the EX-RC1 via a bus. cheers, Aus
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