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  1. Stopwatch in VisiLogic

    Nice and neat, Joe. Ditto on the screen problem. But it has also jogged a query in my brain. I often do a direct compare for a time result, and wonder whether using a FB is easier or harder on the system. There are a myriad other things I use that I can say the same for. Is there somewhere that I can find a list of scan times applicable for any element or FB? I've never stumbled on it. Even an excel sheet or similar from the Creators would be good. cheers, Aus
  2. proportional valve

    Also, does the valve do a fixed rate of change? cheers, Aus
  3. SD Clone with OS Downgrade

    Geee......I thought I was the only one doing this for the one thing I need it for...but I'm still on 6.2!! It ain't broke yet, so I don't fix it! But it might change to Uni when it does, for the very reasons TM says. Regardless, I often fix if I can, sometimes it's the most minor component that has failed. Once, I could only get a non-RTC version of an older PLC 2nd hand but new. Needed the RTC though. On the hope it wasn't different firmware b/n the RTC and non-RTC models I purchased the unit, sourced and fitted the RTC chip, and bingo....major issue fairly easily solved. In eventually checking out the old unit, discovered the bit of swarf on the board that some careless person had created drilling above the unit letting it all fall on things below. How do I say "Fair Dinkum!" in everyone's language?! But was also able to fix this too. I'm old enough to be a fix-it bloke, but today's world has very much changed to "throw it away if it stops", with TM's observation of "we'll make it to fail in 3 years anyway" also high on the list of annoyances. cheers, Aus
  4. Visilogic 9.8.64 - Go Get it!

    I haven't upgraded yet. Does Mobile Remote Operator now work on 130s? JohnR makes it sound as if it is now part of the main program somehow. More info please!! cheers, Aus
  5. Visilogic 9.3.1 dont recover

    Hi Sjeggefjes, I've had this happen ages ago and my virgin storage methods in the post below enabled a rapid fix. Add "old" to the name of your original folder as extra security....initially don't delete anything. You may not be at this point now, but it is worth doing for the future and also great for VersionSwapper. Perhaps you could install Visi onto another similar OS puter and lift the entire Visi_C folder over? The main point I am aiming for here is for you to try to open the original file once the main program is "back to normal" before doing any uninstall/install at all. I think it will bring up the same error, but it is worth trying. Alternatively, you may have burnt it into the 130 and can get it back easily by uploading, which might solve everything fairly quickly? As a side comment, I routinely save excessively(!) under slightly different names, alternating b/n "project1" and "project2" for the very reason you have encountered. Or on more complex projects I step up through names from a progressively increased excel file. This method lets you note your changes in the excel itself, which makes changes tracking a breeze. Hope it helps. cheers, Aus
  6. Visilogic 9.8.64 - Go Get it!

    It has always needed to be installed and run with Admin privileges to work correctly. Many other Unitronics programs are the same. It is a common problem on this forum. cheers, Aus
  7. SD Clone with OS Downgrade

    Hi TM, Uhhmmmm, isn't this what VersionSwapper is for? Just do it all using 9.3. Or am I missing something? cheers, Aus
  8. USB stick (DOK) is not recognized by PLC

    There's nothing worse than a stick that's not big enough! cheers, Aus
  9. Hi Shaked, Uhhhmmmm, why? If you have your program on the SD why are you worried? If it is that you are wanting to back up your variables that might change during operation, then you could put all of them into data tables that you could periodically store onto the SD. cheers, Aus
  10. Hi all, I thought I'd share a little trick I've had for many case I get hit by a bus. Hate to see it wasted. Much of my stuff is machines that plug into normal General Purpose 10A outlets (Aus = 240V). As such, years ago I had a lot of trouble with DC motor drives pulling way too much current when they were powered up, and they would routinely trip the breaker on that circuit. A normal solution would be a different curve breaker, but in these locations this was not possible. Most Inrush limiting devices are designed to be on the load's PCB, but back then there was little around for me to use anyway. I had to come up with a bullet-proof but simple way of doing it. As usual the brain got the washing machine going and out came this idea at the end of the cycle. I ended up with 2 variations of the theme on the attached pdf. 1). The pdf version uses a relay and normal light globe. The globe reduces the inrush to minimal levels because initially it is running at it's "normal" conditions. But there is enough voltage still getting through to the load that it charges up it's capacitors with hardly any higher current at all and the globe's brilliance decreases as this happens. It's essentially working as a simple resistor. Once voltage at the load reaches the relay's trip threshold, the relay turns on and supplies full power until the main source is switched off. You vary the globe's wattage to find the ideal compromise time, in most instances I work on 0.5 to 1 second. You will be surprised how well it works if you do an experimental lashup. 2). In many cases I have multiple drives to power and I use the PLC to control the initial powerup. They all go through a master safety contactor when running directly, with a further individual relay/contactor downstream for each. In this case I initially run them sequentially through a link to a globe in the same manner. ie the globe "neutral" is on the downstream side of the master contactor but before the individual switching. The PLC runs them all through a sequential power up via the globe and then closes the main contactor once all the routines finish. Thus I have a single globe that glows brightly, dims, next drive turned on and globe brightens again, dims etc etc with all drives eventually being powered direct. Once it is all finished, I then do the motor control necessary. I know that most of the time this is not necessary. But I still encounter moments when this method has proven itself time and time again. The beauty is the inherent simplicity and also the ease of replacing the restrictive mechanism...the globe. Not that I have had to do it. I first implemented it over 20 years ago and on ALL devices it is still working on the same drives....and the same globe! Globes must, of course, be nasty "environmentally unfriendly" old fashioned filament types. Not modern, "full of mercury and electronics" flourescents, or "specific frequency hard on the eyes" LEDS, which are all sooooooo much better for the environment...ha! But that's another discussion along the lines of a Prius vs a Hummer! cheers, Aus INRUSH LIMITER.pdf
  11. Download error

    Hi Nicola, pls also see my latest post in your Jazz online error one. cheers, Aus
  12. Jazz online error

    Hi Nicola, Everything AlexUT says is relevant, but I would also like to know if this is the same plc in your Download error post? And is it a different model to the others you refer to that work ok? I would also make sure they are all the most up to date OS. Re the drivers, perhaps before going further with Alex's requests, have a good read of the post here, and the other link it refers to: Check everything out and if you still have issues, then do what Alex asks. cheers, Aus
  13. Download error

    Hi Nikola, It's a long shot, but I'm assuming that you have installed the usb drivers by using the button at the bottom of the PC Communication Port Settings window? Controller/M90 OPLC Settings. If not, try this and see what happens and advise back for further suggestions. You might have a few drivers in your system messing things up. cheers, Aus
  14. Indirect clock function

    Hi Ram, Please post your code if you can, MBs do not directly relate to time. Are you wanting to change the RTC, or change a timer's setting? cheers, Aus
  15. Find ALL unused elements

    Hi Saragini, I cannot send the projects as they are proprietary and am exploring the issue at present to find a definite cause. I made a simple project to test things and it all worked fine. In the projects where the problem is evident, it seems to be related to items on HMI screens where addressing/referencing has been changed to a new location and the old one reused for another aspect. But I have run out of time for now so will advise further when I can spend a bit more time on it and hopefully pin it down. cheers, Aus