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  1. Hi, Please look at Math/Linearization for the ladder element needed, and also look at the Help files under the same word for explanations. Your Linearization can run all the time or be specifically controlled if desirable. cheers, Aus
  2. OK. I'm assuming "MODBUS ADDRESS" in the initial config is not showing all that you have there. Perhaps change it to direct with correct number at present until you get comms going ok. Change your timeout in the init of 0.5sec to match your other timeout of 1 sec....I don't think this should make any difference but we are looking at stumbling blocks. Re uploading (but uni call it downloading): see my attached shot of the download varieties listed in help. You need to do one of these operations at least. I would also be doing a reset/initialise. cheers, Aus
  3. Also, are you actually calling your subroutine? With Visilogic you have to do this, and for first timers it is an easily missed thing. Utils/Call/Call Subroutine. Aus
  4. HI Jesus, So this means you have changed the dip switches inside the 1040 to make comms 485? Find the install guide here: https://myzone-kza3sadj.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/V1040-T20B_INSTAL-GUIDE_11-10.pdf and scoot down to page 6 cheers, Aus
  5. Hi Hex, No function block as such, but what you want to do isn't really that hard. Just needs you to do some maths and storage. You need to base this on a number of critical decisions, mainly frequency of count and numbers of records. 1). I'm assuming that your AI will be telling you the flow at near enough that exact moment. 2). You need to decide the time interval that is applicable to get the best average reading. If the flow varies a lot per second you may need to be recording this very frequently per second. If it is fairly stable then you can make the time (much) longer. 3). Once you have decided on your time interval, you set up your program to sequentially record the flow rate at that interval into a series of MIs. 4). Periodically, so that you don't use too many MIs, you do maths on all the MIs you've recorded the "instant" results into, and arrive at the total flow for the time period. 5). You then add that total to your master flow amount MI and then start the process again. There are other more complex ways to do this, such as varying the interval based on flow variances, but the essence is always the same. Relate overall interval time to number of samples taken and then do maths to get the flow rate for that period. cheers, Aus
  6. Barcode!

    Hi, 1). Vision reads bar. 2). Vision executes bar entry routine. 3). Vision proceeds to bar. 4). Vision reads different codes. 5). Vision interprets codes, runs decision-making subroutine. 6). Vision waits for a while accepting results of decision-making sub. 7). Vision leaves bar sub.....somewhat unsteadily. 8). Vision attempts to run main program normally, but errors appear out of nowhere. Sorry JT. Couldn't help myself. You'll get a serious answer soon from someone who really knows how. cheers, Aus
  7. That Awkward Moment...

    You really need to be getting out more, Derek!
  8. Ensure you have told W10 to NOT update your drivers automatically, otherwise it will happen again. W10 knows best for what your system needs......or so it thinks! And I'd still be having a look at all the usb-serial drivers on your system and possibly deleting some. cheers, Aus
  9. Joe, have you toyed with "force" changing drivers around? My understanding is that the usb port is simply feeding into the old serial system via a conversion chip hardmounted on the board. Pls correct me if I'm wrong, but perhaps this is the issue here as we both know how troublesome USB to serial converter drivers can be, pretending to be PL2302. It would be interesting for people to again use that driver program I pointed to, to see how many are actually on their systems. cheers, Aus
  10. Hi Jamie, (and Joe) I'm wondering whether it might be easiest at this stage to put a serial monitor on the PC you connect direct to the drive with. And then change the parameters and observe the monitored data. This might point you in a better direction at present. And if this turns out to be a little unclear, for now I'd be using the PC to manipulate said data to test out exactly what the drive reacts correctly to. I have successfully used this freebie, but no guarantees! http://www.serial-port-monitor.com/Download/free-serial-port-monitor.exe cheers, Aus
  11. I've realised I've been dumb about a product I've never handled in the flesh. Even though Visi talks about the configs being like a snap-in, they aren't. They are permanent different configs. So there is only one HSC on this model. However, various other 350 configs have 3 HSC inputs, this might be the best option? https://unitronicsplc.com/vision-series-vision350/#vision350-1 Maybe the T2 version would be the closest? Edit/addition: Or if costs are a factor, maybe you could put the hard word on your supplier to source just the board that mounts into the unit, to make it a T2 instead. I think this would work if it could be done. Joe T input? cheer, Aus
  12. I agree with Joe, the base count that everything else is derived from is still operating on a number that has a finite limit. And it can't be reset via software. Even if MI0 is changed to a ML the same situation exists. Sooner or later it's going to be full. The comment file itself says: "At Power Up, MI 0, which is linked to the HSC will be automatically initialized." which is a recognition of the problem. And I agree about the RC15. But...given that I have never used HSC, can someone explain to me the intricacies of how it works. In looking at snap-in wiring diagrams, we have 2 HSC, and it looks like there is an input and a reset. X 2! And the specs show it as 2 x HSC as well. Why does this equate to only one HSC for Gonzalo's needs? Or have I missed something here? Aus.
  13. You have a master/slave issue here. And the magic word for looking at what you want is FBs/Modbus/Preset. You'll either have to have the GE poll (often) the V1210 slave periodically to get the updated MI & MB values, or implement a change in the slave/master relationship so that the 1210 can send them, using "Preset", as the Master, to the GE. The GE may have a function where it can act as Slave/Master, which would make this easy. Examples exist showing how to change the 1210 from master to slave, but labelled as "V130_Modbus_Master_Slave_switch". Other forum members might have a workaround, but to me this is the essence of the issue. cheers, Aus
  14. Hi Peter, I just did a trial new project with a Samba and could choose 485 as shown on the scrnshot attached. This is 9.8.31, though. Maybe if you are on later versions something has changed to allow for the fact, like Isak says, that Samba doesn't natively have both 232 & 485 like Vision does? Perhaps try a reinstall? Or use version swapper to test the theory? If something has changed in later versions, then perhaps there is now a hardware config link to say that the 485 module has been fitted? cheers, Aus
  15. UniStream USB Issue?

    Sorry Derek, can't remember for sure, but I'd say the loading wheel. I think I could do other things at the time, it wasn't a full lockup. I seem to remember that it got as far as breaking existing driver links, though, I had to do a restore. The instances ages ago were the start of my thoughts that are pretty much summarised here: I hate W10 and don't use it personally except on some laptops that are used externally a lot. A client site has it and I have written about headaches I have there with Msoft breaking things by installing drivers they think are best. Sadly I can see the day when it will be the only option, as we need more and more "security" that "only the latest OS can deliver". Never mind that it is vastly more big brother, and we actually pay them to use it! Until that time I have various W7 installs in use, happily purring away. I even have some laptops with XP, for all the field work to older plc systems and sensor interfaces etc. No external net connections on these, though. cheers, Aus