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  1. Great that it is going for now. I'm showing my age here. Many many moons ago, I think in W95/98, a link like I suggested using cable was called ad hoc, and I still routinely call such a thing that name. Perhaps incorrectly. I had forgotten that these days the name seems to be solely directed at wireless....I guess cables are so old school! cheers, Aus
  2. What 130? Max pulse kHz rate? Have you completely read the Tech Specs on the DI8-TO8? There are limitations using this I/O for HSC. cheers, Aus
  3. + to everything already said. It sounds like you are in a location that has an IT administrator. ("scientist computer") Whilst you are learning this stuff, and to eliminate the possibility of the "scientist computer" person needing to do anything to enable the connection to work properly, use a crossover cable to directly link your PC to the PLC. Run your own little ad hoc network on the same numbers. If you don't know "ad hoc", a quick google (ad hoc networking) will point you in the right direction. One you are communicating ok and have proven a few things to yourself, then go back to hooking into the main network. cheers, Aus
  4. Some further info that might be of use to everyone. This method works on my W7_64 Pro system, but I don't know about other types or setups. I'm still sitting on 8.65 for the time being. I recently did some experimenting and noticed, as expected, that anything done on a later version won't open properly on file double click. Clicking ok on the "I'm not going to run" advice box closes things but doesn't really....you have to shut the process down via task manager. But once you've done that, double click opening the same file again brings up the "Visi not shut down properly" message box, and if I then select OK it gives me the "new project with old software, so we will open a new project" message. Click OK and lo and behold, instead of a new project, up comes the user program done on the latest version, but displaying in 8.65. This method might miss some subtle difference due to ongoing "capability upgrades" but it works well enough for what I need, which is viewing programs posted by forum members. I haven't actually tried this on an earlier version of Visi to see whether the same principle applies.....too scared I'll stuff something crucial up! Someone with a bit of time on their hands can give it a go. Hopefully this info might help someone out. Going backwards is sometimes an essential thing to do. cheers, Aus
  5. I've now had a quick look at your program and I think it needs a complete rethink. I would be changing it so that you have only one modbus sub, and you then trigger the various reads/writes via a counter method that also changes the locations/references in the Modbus blocks by using MIs. To me it is very clumsy bringing up essentially the same thing all the time via sub calls, and the more complexity the harder it can become to fault find. You also have some things that at a quick glance can be refined. You are using many sets and resets in the Main routine that I think are not needed. And set/resets can also be problematic. Split out your rungs!!! Line 14 in Main Routine is a classic example. And also whilst at Line 14, have a look at Vector Fill, which can reset all those MBs far easier in one hit. And you may not need them anyway! cheers, Aus
  6. am091, you might also like to have a look at this post (and topic), which explains the procedure a little. Not the type of file Flex is talking about, but one of the various options of writing to the card. cheers, Aus
  7. And just as an aside, one of the worst offenders on this is Msoft Office. eg If you have 2 screens with Excel spread across both, and a file only in the minor screen, when you open it in your laptop voila! Magically it has ceased to exist, even though Excel is there on screen. It can be very frustrating figuring this out and I well remember many years ago tearing my hair out on this one. Restore from backup, still not there, says it is running, but where is it blah blah blah. In this case the fix is to drag the excel window mostly off screen the right way to be able to enlarge it in the missing direction, and then go from there when the file eventually shows. All the while muttering things like "Are you for real, Msoft? No "auto-compensation/alignment? Yet you constantly ask me multiple silly inane confirmations but don't get something like this right?" 🙄 cheers, Aus
  8. I'm wondering whether this might be a buffer issue. Perhaps you are doing an action(s) that involves a buffer(s) and you don't have quite enough time between the various elements for the buffer to clear properly. Over time this might build up to the point of tripping the memory message. I am thinking this because the RC15 is based on CANbus and I have had instances where I have run operations under Unican just a shade too fast, and it works OK for days and then fails. Increasing timings by tiny amounts fixes the issue. But understand that this is purely pie in the sky conjecture. cheers, Aus
  9. And further to Flex's comment, don't forget the easy trap to fall into. If your read isn't successful and you have a number of retries set up in your modbus config block specs, you need to allow for all those retries to run through at the specified port interval + a little bit more. cheers, Aus
  10. Just a quick snap fully proving one of the laws of cable pulling. Law 1). At any time doing cable pulling whilst working alone a long distance into an extremely awkward environment, needing access techniques that would make a Vegas show contortionist proud.... subclause a): Any cable that needs to be unspooled for a successful draw, no matter how neatly laid out with all twists removed on a reasonable surface, will roll over on itself in the most inconvenient location and loop around a ground protrusion that is metres away from the original track........ Grrrrr! I have had this happen quite a few times in my life, the worst during a Cat5 pull that caught on a tiny twig 5mm diameter 10mm high sticking out of a concrete seam. Ruined the 50m of cable...had to start again! And before you ask....sometimes the situation means it is impossible to draw things from a spool. cheers, Aus
  11. I hate to be contrary here, but doesn't the AI4AO2 only work on 24v? In the long dim past I remember getting into trouble trying to do a fully 12v system with a mix, as some of the I/Os would only work on 24, not 12. cheers, Aus
  12. Also, read this post and my answer underneath it, and all the other referenced posts/topics I mention in my answer. My "virgin" installs method works well. It takes a little while to do, but is worth it in the end. Post: cheers, Aus
  13. If you look in the Help file (in U90 ladder) you will find all you need. In the main index Content\Communications. And in Examples\Modbus\Modbus Master for an example. Believe it or not, Help files are an excellent primary source of information, and where we all got the knowledge from in the first place. If you have further questions once you've built your own program based around the examples then we are glad to help. cheers, Aus
  14. My brain often has this problem. The gremlins disturb the train of thought so much that I end up doing 20 other things before I get to the issue I started on in the first place. But the other 20 were necessary as well, they only showed up because I started on the first thing. 🤯 I'm curious to know if stripping the plc down so that all "connections" are undone and then redone during reassembly will fix this. If it's in an aggressive environment then perhaps any of the connection types has corroded/worn a little, and a disturbance might fix. Pls try, and report back if you can. cheers, Aus
  15. NOT all Visions, as I sadly discovered after spending ages trying to get a 130 to work. cheers, Aus
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