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  1. I feel sure that everyone has had this happen, but I just needed to have a rant/whinge about this constant real gripe after it happening repeatedly today. You can't help but wonder why they do it? More for the Customer Experience Improvement Program, given that it also records stuff about USB connections? And runs even though you specifically opt out. There is so much involved in CEIP that it is very hard to stop it all, and Msoft seem to constantly change things to get it going again if you have done so. I've mentioned this privately to some, but did you know in amongst all that CEIP does in W10, it also records keystrokes? cheers, Aus 😵
  2. Get a port monitor and do things on the PC to start with, noting interactions that work. Much easier than constantly trying things on the plc. Once you find what works, you're almost home. I think this needs to be looked at closely, too. You simply may not be getting enough signal change and it might have blown itself up due to working too hard? Hence only working for a while. cheers, Aus
  3. Did you install 8.80 using Right click Run as Admin, and also check that Visilogic.exe is Run as Admin as well once installed? Have you looked at the Pinned topic: http://forum.unitronics.com/topic/6069-vision-bricked-issues-and-how-to-resolve-originally-was-v570-57-t20b-j-bricked/ What are you using to communicate with the serial port? If it is a usb adapter, some don't work properly for the entire O/S update. cheers, Aus
  4. Did you install using Right click/Run as Admin, and also check that the U90Ladder.exe, once installed, is set to Run as Admin in Compatibility? If you did not do this, uninstall and start again. cheers, Aus
  5. For what it's worth, I've recently gone to 1903 64 Pro on my main puter and had a devil of a time getting my Shentek 422/485 Isolated converter to work. All the supposed revamped FTDI drivers that should now work would not play correctly. In frustration I ended up finding what I had on my "no updating allowed...go away Micro$oft" earlier W10 1803 tablet, as I knew that worked OK. Found the source file in my records, and on the thoroughly up to date (but now locked down!) system it all loaded fine and works perfectly. It was and I have zipped and attached the whole folder/file for use as needed. It all seems a bit strange that it works ok when it is supposedly way out of date, but it's a case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" So I ain't touching it any more! I guess what I'm really saying is that older drivers are worth trying if hiccouphs persist. cheers, Aus CDM v2.08.28 Certified.7z
  6. Use Revo Uninstaller Portable, let it do an in depth search as well. After that finishes, reboot and check if the "Unitronics U90 Ladder" folder still exists in Program Files (x86), and delete it if it does. Reboot and then install using right click, run as admin. If this doesn't resolve the issue, go through the above uninstall steps again with Revo etc. Once everything is again removed, do a registry clean with the likes of CCleaner, reboot and start again. At all installation attempts, always use right click/run as admin. After a successful install, ensure that the U90Ladder.exe is set to Run as Admin in compatibility settings. cheers, Aus
  7. To do the uninstall, use the portable version of Revo Uninstaller. Reboot before reinstall. You might also want to check out the comments & driver removal program mentioned in this post, but beware it is very powerful. http://forum.unitronics.com/topic/3454-usb-rs232-adapator-erro/?do=findComment&comment=12671 cheers, Aus
  8. + to Simon's comments, I save far more often! I sometimes set up a spreadsheet with a fill down done to let me change names easily using cut and paste of the next sequential name. I've mentioned this before, I used to use a program that was with Partition Magic, called Datakeeper. Since W7, it became unreliable/wouldn't work in it's operation. Sadly I have never found anything to replace it. It worked fine under XP. It could be set up so that every time a save was done within specified folders, it would do a backup of that file to another location. You could set up how many versions of the same file name were retained......1 to infinity (?)..edit..actually 99...I checked. You can understand how this was such an easy thing to work with. Do regular saves even only a minute apart, and if there was an issue you could go back to wherever you wanted to, all under the same name without anything else needed. The backup could also be zipped/encrypted for security. If you search around you'll find references to it, but only by associating it to Partition Magic. If anyone knows of something that works on current O/Ss and does exactly the same thing I would love to know about it. edit: In checking the number of retained versions, I was trying it on W10 in the vague hope it might again work. Sadly, it installs but won't run some critical components. 😭 cheers, Aus
  9. If you go back to the original O/S what happens? Is there an actual need to change it? If it works and does all that is needed, don't change it. And something left field, did you install Visilogic as Run as Admin, and have you got the program's .exe set to Run as Admin as well? I can't see that this would create the problem, but worth asking as sometimes the "correct" installation resolves strange comms issues. cheers, Aus
  10. Kratmel, I can't replicate what you're asking as not that many strings. As a work around you could perhaps export everything to an excel file, do all your mods and then import the result. Or perhaps increase the number you call, as it would appear that the window "just" misses it. ie call 140 to work on 135. Might make things a bit easier. cheers, Aus
  11. Not all Vision PLCs work with the Remote App. This info is squirreled away in the literature. Check that yours is in the list. If yours should work, is the plc on your home network as well? Sometimes wifi to physical LAN needs a bit of work in the router. If it is trying to get into your network from WAN, then you will have to do appropriate port directing in the router as well. cheers, Aus
  12. In the physical world, ensure that you have all the power connections done properly, according to the installation guide. Go through the entire 4 pages (5-8) of wiring connections to check this. cheers, Aus
  13. So can I! We're all so smat. ☺️ cheers, Aus
  14. Tozo, perhaps you need to change tack and consider using UTC. Storing UTC under certain parameters being met, and then doing compares when others are met lets you arrive at intervening times very easily. For OFF time, on initial start you simply do a compare to a stored UTC that is updated every second during normal running, and then derive the time from the result. You might be surprised at how useful UTC is against RTC in some instances. cheers, Aus.
  15. Have you got SB168 setting on power-up? If the link falls over for whatever reason..timeout.. blah blah, without this set to 1 it won't reconnect. What actually is the GateWay mentioned above as .001.001? Also, isn't Alex in his details above referring to a Unistream given he is mentioning 2 addresses for the plc end? And the .003 in his response is listed for both the plc and pc. Something not right there....think it might be a typo. cheers, Aus
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