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  1. 1st thing is to check is that SB168 is set to do a power up value of 1. When you look at it in SBs, it is self-explanatory. But I suspect your problem might be something else. cheers, Aus
  2. Hi Alberto, have a look at my Linz calculator here: It works the same formula as the PLC, and might better explain the relationships if you play with the X & Ys. cheers, Aus
  3. Ausman

    UniStream 5" freezes with no reason

    What specific model, please? cheers, Aus
  4. Ausman

    Another funny little typo!

    Hi all, we all do typos now and then, but this one of mine gave me a laugh when coming back to a wiring s/s a bit later. Got to watch out for those miniature broomsticks! cheers, Aus
  5. +1 to All of Flex's requests, but your aim involving 0 - 1366000 as the output raises another issue. Depending on the type of input and the subsequent resolution that the system can measure, at even the best resolution available the output number is going to shift by about 83 each tiny change that the system can measure. If your system has smaller input resolution, then this is going to make this number larger, so is this big shift in output number going to be ok with what you are trying to achieve? ie It isn't possible to get your range to 1366000 shifting by +/-1.......it will be much larger steps. cheers, Aus
  6. Hi Stef, My view is that what you are asking is the way most of the people on the forum make their money from, so we are not simply going to give you all the code to achieve what you want, given it takes us time to develop such applications and often our solutions are very proprietary and innovative. In my case I would be breaking contractual agreements and I am sure others are in the same boat. That said, we are quite happy to help you through any difficulties you might encounter along the way of writing your own program. For pointers on how to do this, you should have a good look through the large number of examples you will find in Visilogic under Help/Examples/Projects that will assist you in this regard. Combine the various things you find in there into your one program. We all discovered the ins and outs of Visilogic this way, and still learn something new every day. cheers, Aus


    There is tow  water treatment skid identically Controlled by V570, and we succeed the communication with Laptop by serial, Unit 1 is working perfectly and Unit 2 has black screen, because no application fond, Please see the picture attached,

    My question is can we make a copy from unit1 to unit 2 Through the visilogic using "Burn upload Project" but we are not sure if there is no risk to loos the application.

    we tried to do it safely by carrying out the "import" but the message appear: this project cannot be uploaded because

    -the option burn upload project was not selected when the project was downloaded

    -due to incomplete data in the PLC


    Also we checked the SD card and he application not available.



    import app.jpg



  8. Ausman

    No keyboard on V430 Remote Operator

    OK, I read this and in puzzlement looked around in the program and also RAccess, and found another thing I haven't ever really noticed. Learn something new every day! cheers, Aus
  9. Ohh well. We are assuming the battery is good and actually making electrical stimulation. Could you possibly check that it is actually seating properly, with some delicate meter probing? And does SB8 change if you take it out? Clutching at straws now. 1). What is SB9 showing? 2). You haven't inadvertently got SB24, or SB300 firing off during shutdown? Actually do a search. 3). Actually DO an initialise and reset. I have had occasional very odd behaviour that an I & R completely cures....must be something to do with "left-over" data. 4). Is the plc on a nice supply or perhaps needing a filter? Or near anything doing lots of RFI? 5). Vectors over-writing the area? (Even though it is a pain, I always label everything to do with any vector work, so that I don't inadvertently use something in use) 6) HMI data entry fields aren't momentarily active somehow during startup, and writing zeros? 7) Is there expansion in use? Check/wiggle all connections. Good luck, Aus
  10. Hi John, have you lost the bit in your mind that has told you to look at the battery? Hmmmm? SB8, but also try a new one if possible. cheers, Aus
  11. And another few things: I'm assuming that the "24V power supply" actually has it's 0V connected to 2....your diagram implies it isn't. Checked your blue 0V connection line for continuity? Have you tried simply bridging with small test leads direct from your plc power to the inputs? And lastly I just noticed this, but very important!: "-24DC" ??? Is the "-" a typo or are you really referring to 0V, as in 24v dc + = 24V, and 24v dc - = 0V? If you are using the - terminal for your switch source, that is your problem.....you need to be supplying 24+ into I0 via the switch. cheers, Aus
  12. Hi GB, I am exceptionally bothered by your description of "0V from other equipment". If you don't have your 0s commoned, this could be the issue. Try it with just the PLCs supply as the power source for the physical switch, and only that supply's 0v in use everywhere...... And For Everyone's Information, I always ensure that all control gear is on the same phase. It makes it so much easier to avoid complex issues that can arise, including higher voltages than expected. cheers, Aus
  13. Ausman

    Unistream as HMI to AB SLC500 ethernet

    Hi Hots, I thought someone else might have chimed in, but alas no. So my thought is to do it all via modbus etc. But it would involve changing the SLC program to allow it to do bus work, which you may not like to do as it does fall outside your "keep it intact" requirement. However, I don't think it would be that hard to have enough talking going on for a perfectly ok solution the way you want. Essentially view the SLC as a modbus I/O. cheers, Aus
  14. Ausman

    Honestly...W10 annoys me

    And did you all know that CCleaner (and likely other's like it) will let you uninstall heaps of the bloatware that each big update installs, that Msoft won't let you? Get the portable version and it's not even an install. cheers, Aus
  15. Ausman

    ASCII characters to UTF16 or UTF32

    Was simply wondering if there might be a setting within the camera itself to alter what comes out of it in the serial stream. Perhaps there is a particular internal setting that will give you a more conventional ASCII stream. And that program "In-Sight Explorer...." appears to be the one that lets you access the camera's innards/settings. If this is possible it will save a lot of trouble. cheers, Aus