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  1. This is all a good result, but Mitchell, please note that you posted in the Unistream part of the forum. There are dedicated forum areas for different model types. The initial responses here were based somewhat on you using Unistream, which then turned out to be Vision after all. When you have another little hiccouph which we'll gladly help with, please ensure it is in the correct area. It's bad enough the regular responders getting confused as to where they are, let alone those asking the questions! 🤔 cheers, Aus
  2. Tozo, just ensuring that you have gone through everything in the help files. https://www.unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareHelp/UniLogic_Knowledgebase/index.htm#Getting_Started_With_UniLogic/Welcome_to_UniLogic.htm Comms/Windows USB drivers which brings up a raft of info under the header Windows USB Driver Installation. Also, me not being a Unistream user, is there a System Bit/Integer/Thingamebob that works the same way as SB314 in Vision? I can't find any references in Help, but perhaps such a thing exists? cheers, Aus
  3. It is, (edit not exactly, Windoze calls it this incorrectly). Perhaps install the native usb driver in Visilogic as the default, over-riding Windoze's info, and try again. So many things these days that appear usb aren't, they are serial with an inbuilt converter. There are myriad references on the forum to correct drivers etc. edit, sorry, left a bit out. After putting the driver in with Visi, try it on some Vision units to see if it works. It might be a hiccouph in your virtual system that is upsetting things....not the driver. cheers, Aus
  4. Mitchell, perhaps you haven't yet found the far right area of the toolbar, called Help. Using all the myriad files and direct information there, as well as experimenting progressively on evolving concepts that you want to do, is a must. Please remember that this forum is mainly answered by volunteers. cheers, Aus
  5. Flex, didn't we also discuss here that Unistream automatically adjusts raw values ranges for 4-20 ma readings against 0-20 etc? Unlike Vision? cheers, Aus
  6. There is an issue with the forum site at present that has appeared in the last few days. It has been brought to Unitronic's attention and is apparently being addressed. It would seem that there has been some updating on the host's site and this has upset some layout and font references. cheers, Aus
  7. I asked how often as all things SD are slooowwww. If you try to do something too quickly on top of a previous request, you'll run into trouble. SI66-69, 330-333, SB217-219, 324-329, 346-349, 352, 358, and any others I've missed can all be used to ensure things go as wanted. Sometimes for newer cards that are natively too big for manager to like, I have resized it's partition and then it's happy. cheers, Aus
  8. That is curious Swervo. I know it seems quality on some SDs these days has dropped off a bit as capacity goes up, but wondering if perhaps Unistream is writing to it far too much? Perhaps constantly, but invisibly in the background for some reason? cheers, Aus
  9. How often/what time interval? And Alex, pls note another reference to SD cards becoming much bigger off the shelf than what the card system was first brought up on, and this possibly creating issues. cheers, Aus
  10. I have mentioned this site privately to others on the forum, but perhaps in these times everyone here deserves to take some time out, and have a laugh in finding all the weird and funny things us Aussies say. http://www.wanowandthen.com/slang.html
  11. To me the easiest thing to do, and also make it easy to read later, would be to have internal processing (likely using another data table) of the employee barcode so that it ends up as Employee "X", be it a much simpler number or a name. This is then much easier to add into the table in the first place. Of course, this method depends on how many employees there are. Up to hundreds? Not so bad. Thousands? Getting awkward! 40? Piece of cake. All done through one screen that scans the number and then lets editing happen to the name, with admin password restriction in place. Wheneve
  12. Hi JohnZ, I suggest that you have a good read of this pinned topic/post. Using Version Swapper correctly can be a bit tedious to set up correctly, but once done it works fine. For correct use all versions are initially treated as completely stand alone. http://forum.unitronics.com/topic/662-how-do-i-use-version-swapper/?do=findComment&comment=17317 cheers, Aus
  13. Just out of interest, what happens to the scan times during these changes? cheers, Aus edit add after Flex below. The reasoning behind the question is that it is possible that although the count looks regular on the screen, it may be that in fact it is being stopped then started every scan/few scans due to some other factor that is working on/off repeatedly.
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