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  1. RS232 data read

    There used to be a specific communications pdf within the Unitronics documentation download, which I think would be good for you to have. But I can't find it online now. The nearest I get is the online version here https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareHelp/VisiLogic_Knowledgebase/VisiLogic.htm And then click on Communication and drill down. The disappearance was discussed in part here: However, I have temporarily attached the old pdf for you to download direct. Will delete it within a few months due to the size limits. cheers, Aus VisiLogic - Communications.pdf
  2. Hi Justin, Never used one, but although this isn't a specific answer, you perhaps should have a good read of this topic; There are many relevant posts in this topic that might help you out in controlling it directly. However, and this is a big however, quickly looking at the card's specs I think you will be easiest retaining it as the intermediary. You will definitely need to wrap your head around how it works before starting any programming work. Hopefully, others here will have better knowledge of the device, or other ideas. cheers, Aus.
  3. FTP Client Issues

    Hmmm. For 3 to be duds would be very annoying! Cara? Does this mean there is a bad batch everyone should be made aware of? cheers, Aus
  4. Wiggle your cabling connections whilst trying to do comms, or even redo them, just to make sure the "miraculous cure" is not an intermittent physical issue. cheers, Aus
  5. plc locked

    Have you referred to the help file under "Downloading a Project". In theory you can go straight over the top of the old program. Don't forget the advanced tab. However, there is also the facility that lets you lock comms completely. If you don't have the original file, or have done this and not stored the password, you are in trouble. Scrnshot of help section attached. Perhaps the creators can help? cheers, Aus
  6. Why isn't 6 afraid of octal?

    Ummmm, is this because 7 ate 9 and thus isn't going to eat 6? Geeesh, I thought I was obtuse! cheers, Aus
  7. U90 Scaling

    I haven't done this for a while, but essentially just do it all again in another net. SB80 works on all the 80-84 etc within that net. And I have SB80 at the end of the net, instead of the start. cheers, Aus
  8. IO-R08 Relay Module - Output LEDs

    I've used the 16ch relay versions in the past to drive 24VAC components without any issues. Supposedly fitted with Omrons, and certainly looked genuine but who knows. These days Aliexpress has far more range of stuff in this regard....like Kiki's example. The one thing that I was worried about was they seem to like using MOVs on AC stuff. But still going fine, oldest in use is 4 years. I buy from there regularly. Generally shipping arrives to Aus within 3 weeks. I am wary of using my personal payment cards on their systems. I have a dedicated "no-name, top-up as needed Visa" I only use there. Never had any issues anyway, but I don't mind those numbers being stored on their system as it hasn't anything in it until I need it! cheers, Aus
  9. (No, not a mythical creature bombing raid!) Hi all, I just did some major revisions to a project and needed to do some intensive watching. In setting the watches up, I remembered that I have long thought it would be great to have a drag and drop from the main ladder type of thing for adding operands into a watch. It can be mighty frustrating going through all the steps repeatedly when choosing a lot of them. Given that the up/down arrows already exist to move operands within a watch, it could be set up to simply drag it into the general operand area and it is then put into position like the current method does. No real precision needed for the destination, if this is done. cheers, Aus
  10. Meet in the middle

    HI again JayC, I was going to have a look at your vlp, but owing to hearing here about some issues with 9.8.64 I can't open it because I haven't upgraded yet from 9.8.31, and don't yet want/need to. So others will have to chip in on this, which I'm sure they'll do soon. Could you perhaps post a screenshot of those nets? cheers, Aus
  11. Couldn't agree more. No matter how many times I have meandered around the program, the forum still brings me useful info I have completely missed. cheers, Aus
  12. Hi Joe, I note your comment about Explorer access being fine, so although this may not be the answer, my W7 32 refuses to connect correctly to one of my NAS's until I have accessed it via Explorer after booting. Importantly, even though I tell the system to remember the logon settings, it asks me for the NAS's user and password every time during this first Explorer access. Once that is done it all works fine. This need is for both normal windows access and also using FTP. It can be confusing because a lot of access through other paths simply doesn't work without any advice coming up at all, and if I've forgotten the "logon" bit it is headscratch stuff. But once I do the explorer logon it all comes back, with everything working perfectly until next restart. Wondering if perhaps your sequence of doing things is fixing the problem? Or a forced manual logon might cure things? cheers, Aus

    Hi again Nikola, glad it's working. Your 15 minute timer method works fine, but I always use the RTC for logging that also relates to time, as it gives you a consistent reference point for observations of your logging. In theory you are logging to look at your data at some stage later on. So having this relating to a definite time of the day makes things easier to manipulate, and gives a more consistent approach for displaying your data. It's not a major issue, just a personal preference I have evolved over the years. There is also the chance of your 15 minute timer gradually shifting it's 1/4 hour relative to the RTC, owing to the way timers work. cheers, Aus

    Hi Nikola, I might be wrong, but a quick look at this and it appears that you don't have a means for the DT(s) addressing to be renamed sequentially each write. You should check your current saved writes as I think you will find that the data is changing every 15 minutes, if variations in conditions have occurred. Also, you may find that it will be better to be referring your 15 minutes to the RTC, instead of a timer. This way it will let you graph things in a more sensible way for later interpretation. There are a few ways to do this based around using SI31-35, which can also be incorporated into my first comment. cheers, Aus
  15. Not connection between SM43 PLC and APP

    I've got your post looking a bit odd, seeming to have more photos but not visible, so perhaps my question is in there. Have you got your router ports/permissions set correctly? You won't get in if the router is stopping you. cheers, Aus
  16. Meet in the middle

    Hi JayC Don't use SB13........Joe's suggestion about the1.25ms interrupt is worth looking at....I use it a lot. It is dead easy to do and offers very precise counting. Even for "just folding linen", precise timing will make it even better. Have a look at my post with an example, not exactly what you need but will give you the idea, and also the discussion around:........ cheers, Aus
  17. Remote operator function keys

    Apart from trying the MB minimisation of transitionals I suggested above, it looks like it is over to the creators again. Perhaps it is a gliche. As I said, I think there are a few things that don't work quite right using any type of remote access, and likely due to timing constraints. Imagine a thing happening on one scan only being registered correctly. Hmmm....it should........but maybe it doesn't quite want to play correctly as it is easily missed. cheers, Aus
  18. I feel the need to point out that the 120 series has 2 native comm ports which will do this job without trouble. They also have inbuilt Canbus/Unican which lets live PC communication happen concurrently if needed, by going via another 120, which can be disconnected once the project is complete. Grist for the thinking mill. Think of it as having a spare for the job! cheers, Aus
  19. analog input 32767 TC

    Hi Boris, 2 things come to mind initially, which need to be known before further discussion. 1). The E3/4XB won't work properly unless it is correctly powered. You have done the jumper placements, so you must have the pdf/manual that also has the power connection requirements. It is very easy to miss some of the connections as they are in different areas of the manual, depending on what they power. Physically look at your wiring of the module terminals, if you see anything with a "V" without a connection, this needs to be learnt and corrections made. 2). Do an initialise and reset via Connection/Communication & OS/2nd Tab/bottom right after finishing everything. cheers, Aus
  20. Remote operator function keys

    All good thinking. To eliminate excess transitionals, you might want to consider having the function keys trigger an MB via a transitional in a permanently running part of your program. This way you only have 6 transitionals for any of the 6 function keys in the entire program. edit...or 12 if you have both types! You then use the MB instead of the direct key action, wherever you want, and have it subject to the same screen specific constraints. For a bit more insight into some of the issues encountered with RA, have a look at this: cheers, Aus
  21. Remote operator function keys

    Hi Leon, perhaps your wording above is wrong, but this is actually best done by having a positive.....using a negative will only load the page after the button is released. And looking at your screenshot, I think that you could do without any type of transitional contact....just use normal ones. If they are active the entire button push time it won't matter as you are still directing to your screen all the time edit...I just realised that if you are using the same button on the next screen this will become active....hmmmmm...put in a link to stop the button push once the screen has changed? Don't use that button on the called screen? hmmm. And FYI, my initial suggestion to try positives is that there may be some sort of timeout going on which is upsetting things when using a negative transition. Remote Op and Remote Access often don't behave exactly the same as doing things physically...that's why my suggestion of not using transitionals. Also, your statement about "function keys are also used on a page" seems a little odd. If you are using function keys on various pages, you should have discrimination built in to your program so that button pushes only apply to the items you want on that particular page. If you don't have this, your button pushes will be operating everything they are linked to throughout your program. cheers, Aus
  22. Remote operator function keys

    Hi Leon, Wondering if you have tried positive transition contacts instead? --|P|-- cheers, Aus
  23. VisiLogic and Windows 10

    Elsewhere I've been commenting about Hotwires issues re Win 10. My client's computer that was trying to update to 1703 had continually reset all the settings I had set to my choices. As well, it got stuck in a loop where it used endless Gbs of data again downloading the update each time it "failed". I only noticed because I got advice from the ISP that the limits for that site had gone way over normal. Huh? Gee......update history shows 6 attempts now....all failed. I have ended up downloading the iso file and applying this. It all went ok and the system is happily running on 1703. But not quite. Before the iso update was applied I found that everything was again ticked the way Msoft want it to be, so I again changed everything back to what I wanted. After the update I had to do it all again. Honestly.....hopeless. As well, control panel has now disappeared from the main links available, as they are trying to shift everyone over to the new style settings windows....which are soooo much better and easier to use...NOT! If you need control panel, which still exists but they are making it hard to find, running "control" from the run box is the easiest solution. cheers, Aus
  24. BSOD in Windows 10

    One of my client puters today flashed up, whilst I was online, that it had finished downloading the latest major update to W10 and was ready to install it. I forget the numbers and name involved as I was so focussed on what that might mean, which was: Bearing in mind my previous issues with driver updating being "Re-allowed" that I've mentioned elsewhere in the Win 10 topic, I immediately checked that driver updating was still not allowed and lo and behold it was turned on AGAIN. Along with a whole host of stuff changed back from my settings. Honestly, how can Msoft do this sort of thing? If you give me the choice, then it should stick. Edit...I have since checked and it is the Creators Update which will be 1703. For reference, if you don't know how to disable driver updating, go to Control Panel/System/Advanced system settings/Hardware tab/ Device Installation Settings/click NO (you horrors!...no that isn't actually written in there...I must have added that in just now!!) So the essence of this post is that maybe...Hots.....just maybe...your W10 has upgraded or done updates like I mentioned above, or even just the major revamp has broken something, all without you really knowing...... if you had it set for doing the update without telling you. Check your winver details. Cheers, Aus
  25. Visilogic 9.8.64 - Go Get it!

    I have now! Hopefully it will solve a lot of repeat issues we have seen in the past. Thankyou to the creators. cheers, Aus