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  1. It would appear that the August cumulative update is breaking a host of things. As well as issues that it appears to be creating in Unitronics land, I also had the link below drawn to my attention. Tread carefully on any update installation and always have a full drive copy to go back to...not just a restore point etc! I cannot believe how M$oft appears to be so blase/arrogant about the effects such significant changes will have. It is the same attitude as previous A/Vs I've had in years gone by, where they let a problem in and then try to unsuccessfully fix it, rather than stopping it getting in in the first place. cheers, Aus https://www.i-programmer.info/news/177-windows-8/13017-visual-basic-problems-from-windows-update.html
  2. I have never worked with Factory IO and can't do physical trials. And I am mainly a 485 RTU user. So this is a bit of a learning curve for me as well, just for interest's sake. 1. You want the PLC to be master. I still come back to the setup naming conventions above where it looks like you have Factory IO is a master as well. 2. OK. Thought it would be part of a bigger network. 3. All ports throughout your program. Inits, etc. Pls post your latest program, as I am still working on your original and agree with Joe's call on the connect. Lastly, and likely the most important observation, to my TCP/IP modbus inexperienced eye you are trying to do things using Calls with wrong naming conventions and means of doing things that are Unitronics unique. Your R/W mix is still calling the Factory IO as slave, and apart from this error, this procedure I did not think possible other than b/n Unitronics stuff. You will likely need to break it up into separate calls. cheers, Aus
  3. More later, but perhaps the issue is incorrect ID relationships in the config. You have the plc identified in the config as Network ID 255. Will discuss more tomorrow. cheers, Aus
  4. I've had a quick squiz over the ladder (after working through the hiccouphs as I still use 9.8.65) and to me some things stand out. 1. Your socket init is showing as master, so backtracking to my previous notes, make sure the relationships are correct. 2. Your card init is showing the gateway as the same address as you have in comments for the FCTORY IO. I don't know the quirks of Factory IO but think this might be an issue if you're not getting a DNS resolution. Can Factory IO do this, or should you be referencing your router? 3. For interest's sake, try making the ports the same. And ensure that Factory IO is set to work on said ports. cheers, Aus
  5. Happened to be on and saw that Russ was also online, but alas.....still no response. ๐Ÿคจ cheers, Aus
  6. Lucas, pls refer to this Topic below. It would appear that the latest W10 updates have broken something and the solution for now seems to be an update uninstall. The Creators will no doubt have to look at this issue and do a fix. cheers, Aus.
  7. Good, but not so good for The Creators who now have to figure out what to change, given the supposedly "critical" nature of the latest updates and you now not having them. @Saragani or @Cara Bereck Levy can perhaps advise the relevant team to look into it. It might be just your system's quirks. No doubt it will be the usual M$oft method of completely stopping some process until they figure out how to get around having a flawed process in the first place. To me it all comes back to..."If it ain't broke, don't fix it", and "Build it Right First Time". But I acknowledge that it is often hard for Non-Devious People to think along the lines of Devious ones! cheers, Aus
  8. OK. Time for me to get Zzzzz, but in the meantime ensure your A/V isn't interfering. And wait for someone else to chime in. No doubt my subconscious will think about this all night....thanks so much!!! M$oft has an annoying habit of breaking things with W10 updates.......and your system likely got one in the last few days if you let it. Patch Tuesday. cheers, Aus
  9. HI Joe, I NOTE that your Clients are demanding and that you are ever humble and giving things away. ๐Ÿ˜€ Geeesshhh you Yanks do weird stuff. Muk A Rownd wit tha Queeen's English. Almost as bad as HO calling a download an upload! But I get your methods of remembering. cheers, Aus
  10. Did you install using right click run as Admin, and then once installed also set the main U90Ladder .exe to run as admin as well? cheers, Aus
  11. Will do, but it will take a few days to do this unless someone else tries first. Just FYI, both the laptop and the main system I did this on are still on 7-64 Pro. And you guys are likely off the air until Sunday anyway, right? cheers, Aus
  12. That link you have posted for Factory I/O goes to what it says in big print is a Client, but also says it is a Master setup. That might be your issue. Ensure you do the config properly in Factory I/O for master/client locations. cheers, Aus
  13. HI @Saragani, (and all) you might recall messaging about this all working ok. Somewhere between this Topic's successful resolution, and the latest version available for download, this ability has been lost. I needed to download a copy a while back, and in using .66 it appeared to not be remembering locations. I did some checking once I had a bit more time available and the ability has indeed gone missing. And whilst you are fiddling with it's code on the download site, can you please make the program open to the previous window size, instead of maximised every time? cheers, Aus
  14. Yours ain't too shabby either, Flex! I have noticed that you like to have more of a bread crumb approach..but all you gotta do is follow em! Flex didn't need any help. You are both too kind. I'm having a hard, annoying week, so I try to stay away! ๐Ÿ˜  cheers, Aus
  15. We eagerly await the "duhhh" explanation! cheers, Aus
  16. Hi Orso, have you checked that the microSD is fully in place OK? Have you tried another card? Size/Speed/Capacity? Over the years I have had some that were faulty and needed replacement.....no amount of using manufacturer's programs would get them going. cheers, Aus
  17. And adding to what Joe says, if you look at the how Unitronics outputs 485 across the Vision system you would understand the 6 pin RJ11, and that you only use 2 lines. Aus
  18. I found this in one minute by googling Invertek VFD pinouts, going to the second suggestion that was the manual 82-P2MAN-IN Optidrive P2 User Guide V1.20.pdf and looking at the index, which clearly showed RJ45 connector pin assignment. Looked at other units and it appears they all use the same style. There is also a topic on the forum: http://forum.unitronics.com/topic/5597-v700-and-invertek-optidrive-e3-controlled-via-rs-485/ Aus
  19. It would seem that Russ doesn't want to be helped along the road to happiness? Russ? Russ? cheers, Aus
  20. So.......when it previously worked was it exactly the same PLC model as now? cheers, Aus
  21. Spider, I initially thought the same as Joe in that you should use a standard machine alarm stack light if the web display wouldn't work. However, from your description of the location I assume that there must be some sort of ethernet network from the underground location to the screens in use. If that is so, then perhaps you could consider using some type of remote I/O that works via network to relay an alarm signal that the plc could be made to do. This would be mirrored at the linked end, thus alerting the users to the alarm. A gizmo like this as an example, but not as complex given only one I/O needed, might solve the issue. cheers, Aus https://www.moxa.com/en/products/industrial-edge-connectivity/controllers-and-ios/universal-controllers-and-i-os/iomirror-e3200-series
  22. I might be dumb this morning, but what is your reason for using SB0? This seems like a block in the process to me. cheers, Aus
  23. Depending on how your "several users monitors" methods are set up, you could perhaps disable those comms during that time and enable again once finished? cheers, Aus
  24. Isak has touched on a potential help, but my experiences are perhaps relevant. A lot of the modbus things I work with often have +600 registers full of useless info for the end user. Sometimes I can read a whole series of registers into a vector and then pick and choose relevant items, but often the slave gets upset trying to do this if it does not use one of the registers in the range, and the entire thing falls over. I always have to trial reads initially using the PC to achieve the best compromise of lots of vector length and time needed to do this vs picking individual registers vs how many consecutive registers will it let me read in one hit variances for the slave in question. cheers, Aus
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