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  1. That is all so true Kratmel. I had a variety of very old Toshiba laptops for the same reason, but they all slowly had their screens fail. I replaced them with other units I was able to pick up 2nd hand, and still use them to this day. However, I have also had great success in using DosBox on my Win7 laptop. With careful setup it operates all my DOS programs perfectly, all from the desktop. Even to the point of using a usb-serial adapter. So the old laptops are there as backups, but for the most part I can now do everything involving the older stuff I work with on the one laptop. As for your comment that "Microsoft update is a small worm...." it isn't a small one, it is a huge one. It consumes vast amounts of network resources (worldwide), changes things for change's sake, in doing so often creates ever more steps to arrive at where you want to go, and overall appears to be made and styled to cater only for the dumbos out there. Whilst making it exceptionally difficult for those people who are actually capable of using a computer correctly to tailor it yet keep it as they want. Every major update is essentially a complete reinstallation and it always breaks things, resetting a myriad of personally tailored settings. Totally arrogant behaviour. I'd love to see the M$oft execs' reaction to their BMW/Audi/RollsRoyce service centre constantly changing their engines, tyres, dash...entire car to something far different from what they originally purchased every time the dealership (without asking) took them in for a service! "But it's now a T-model Ford". "So what......it's what we have decided you need to have!" End of rant. 😩 cheers, Aus
  2. Initially you need to be going to this page: https://unitronicsplc.com/support-technical-library/ and scrolling to I/O & Com for Vision, and then looking at the IO-LC3 guides and also, more importantly, the guides listed under "I/O Expansion Module Adapters". The I/O modules connect together thus only using the one expansion port via the adapter. Before committing to anything have a good read of all the manuals for the possible options. cheers, Aus
  3. Hey Visco, isn't this what sharks love to do whilst cruising their coastlines, looking for "diver software"?...... Those lovely yummy things that also are a little bit crunchy on the inside! Yum yum. 🦈😀 cheers, Aus
  4. Greetings Qassim, basics first please. For both the pressure regulator and the pressure sensor, what types of signals do they work with? 0-10 V? 4-20ma? PWM? What PLC & I/O are you using? Can the system mechanically tolerate immediately changing to the new setting, or does it need to ramp? cheers, Aus
  5. A quick reply before shuteye! What you are wanting to do is "ramping". You will likely find that your drive can do this for you....most variable speed drives can......so that all you need to do from the plc is tell it the most basic instructions like stop/ go /direction. This method does make it easy. However, if you want to do it all through the plc, an example would be to use a MI (linked to the drive output) that starts at 4000 (for example) and you subtract 1 from it every few scans to reduce it down to the 0 output that has the drive turned off. You then ramp it up the same way for the other direction. Depending on your scan rate you might achieve what you want doing this every scan, but you may also need to do the subtraction every 2nd, 3rd or however many counts the scan time/ramp time maths works out to arrive at your ideal ramping speed. To adjust the speeds to other ones, you would have the same sort of thing in place....the current MI output is the start point, and another is the target which gets ramped to and then once reached becomes available for the next speed change input. Don't forget emergency stops in all of this!! cheers, Aus
  6. Yes...Odd. It has happened to some other users and the cause is not really known. I don't know whether the Creators have had another shot at it since this post. Ask them anyway http://support.unitronics.com/index.php If they have found the cause pls let the forum know. cheers, Aus
  7. Ausman

    Honestly...W10 annoys me

    Well...the latest edition has again thrown me big spanners in works and is further proof of how the M$oft people seem to not live in the real world. I have a puter on a site that I can boot and access remotely through something else on the network. It has to be on W10. 1803 has got a new "feature" that stops the puter being registered correctly on the network. The fix, which I eventually found out about, is to dig down into services and find "Function Discovery Resource Publication Properties" and turn it to Automatic. You will find it defaults at Manual. And whilst you're there, turn on the Host above it, too. Simple?.. .......Well...think about it........the system would boot but wouldn't show up on the small network that is set up that then lets me access it in a special way. So thanks, Msoft, for making me do a 2 hour trip each way to spend one minute changing something back to what is needed....all because you have again decided what is best for the customer without asking them. There is so much wrong with this O/S. Things that took one click in W7 can take 5 now.....all in the name of "progress" or "we make it easy to use". I think half the trouble is that the youngies using it don't have any idea how older versions did some things so well, and just accept it. As for "Function Discovery Resource Publication Properties", to me that is just further evidence of the world going crazy. It's a bit like "Waiter" turning into "Mobile Customer Sustenance Delivery and Optimisation Service Provider". cheers, Aus
  8. Visilogic and Unilogic are 2 different systems. What PLC are you using? cheers, Aus
  9. More information is needed. Your AC drive should have a list of all the registers within the unit that will then let you set up communications with the PLC. Post the registers or a link to the manual. cheers, Aus
  10. Ausman

    I/O Specification Equivalents

    Lots out there but one is the ADAM-4017+. Other people will no doubt have their own preferences. cheers, Aus
  11. Ausman

    I/O Specification Equivalents

    Hi Dierkens, As an example, have you actually dug down to something like https://unitronicsplc.com/unistream-series-unistream7/ and opened up the modules list which shows them all? (My personal belief is that some things on the new site layout are not as easy to find as before.) cheers, Aus
  12. Edited added comment: So does this mean you are able to run it under an XP VM, or you are doing everything under the VM and Visi doesn't work? If the latter I have had troubles with VMs ...meant to work but didn't. I recall reading somewhere you love to run all sorts of things on VMs running under Linux builds...I think! Have you tried running it under various Windows versions within the compatibility mode settings? Also, I have some programs that need registry tweaks that refer to compatibility modes that aren't actually shown, but still work with the correct registry changes. Try it as XP first, then go forwards and back from there. As well, it would likely be of help to support if you could find which update caused it. If it is indeed a wide problem due to an update they will likely need to make a fix. Msoft loves to break things that work ok via updating. cheers, Aus
  13. I've had a look at your program and it is completely full of Nulls. Something has gone wrong somewhere. Hopefully you have a previously saved version you can go back to. For this reason don't keep on saving progressive program builds (or anything, for that matter) under the same name. At the very least, alter them so that you have a rotating series of names that you work with on a FIFO basis. cheers, Aus
  14. Hi tm, so is this a swapper issue or just a single install? Did you do everything in the visilogic.pdf above your post? Regardless, as well as what is said in the pdf, run a registry cleaner after unistallation, then reboot before reinstallation. And then follow my advice in the sticky that is near the top of this forum and pay particular attention to my method of "virgin installs" mentioned in a referenced topic within that post. See how that all goes. cheers, Aus
  15. Ausman

    Error in region with no rungs

    Screenshot of the window, please. Aus
  16. Ausman

    Modbus RS485 Master w/multiple slave

    Perhaps the timeout and retries on the missing slave are upsetting whatever intervals you have set for the sequential reads from all the others. Carefully go through the total possible timing per read and ensure that you have allowed sufficient "overlap clearance". cheers, Aus
  17. +1 to all of Joe's comment. Also, check your original contract....you might have means to claim if you somewhere mentioned the original as the only build. cheers, Aus
  18. Correction, once did a Jazz into a rally car for distance/time computations via an inductive on a non-driven wheel. Worked fine. But this is way different to what you want! cheers, Aus
  19. Hi Kikis, never done this but have seen it done with other gear.......but doesn't mean Unitronics gear can't take it. But mobile machinery, especially a pile driver, generates big Gs. I vaguely remember Joe T talked about plc in trucks once when referring to noise on power supply or a 12-24 inverter, so this means he may have done it. But I'd really be getting onto HO for specific answers. If they say OK, to me the main thing is every component is solid state, very filtered supply, control in a steel enclosure, steel armoured flexible conduit, remote connections screwed connection Oring seal types, connections all well supported etc. The thing needs to be built for ease of maintenance as well as reliability. You probably have already figured this all out, but just throwing ideas at you. cheers, Aus
  20. Good. Please let us know what support say. Hope it is easily fixed. cheers, Aus
  21. Decision at 1015 makes no sense to me given the number relationships in the table at the top. I would be expecting the decision at 1014 if the values are 32-bit. Is this perhaps a typo? Or am I missing something? It wouldn't be the first time I've seen wrong info from a maker that completely screws up attempts to read things correctly. I'd be doing Joe's thoughts but as 2 steps, with the 2nd step being the decision block into the MI as you have already done successfully. But Joe does way more of this sort of thing than me, so will likely have a much better way. cheers, Aus
  22. Yep, missed that in the first net. Perhaps it is one of my stooopid days today. Next theory on the issue is that anything to do with SD card read/writes happens veryyy slowlllyyy. Try reading/writing to the card online and see how slowly it goes. Maybe you are running out of time and the card write is not actually finished. Trial making TD13 a minute and see what happens. And Edit...I just noticed you are using Append! Doesn't this mean that you have (60/6) x 30) ie 300 writes to the card? Which again gets back to my original comment about 64 files. cheers, Aus
  23. This possibly may not be the bug at all, but a true problem that is bringing up the same screen because of a genuine error. The bug incorrectly brought up this screen in certain circumstances of running. Yours sounds like a corruption issue, and I would be starting again from the very basics. cheers, Aus
  24. Try making TD13 in net 2 a positive transitional. At present it appears to be writing every scan if MB211 is on. Or change some of your other contacts to transitionals, so that they only work for one scan. The little people inside the PLC are running out of breath doing the same thing again and again and again. 🆘 cheers, Aus
  25. Further to Joe's response, use Modbus poll or similar on your PC to interrogate the device and see how the answers come back. Much quicker than trying changes on the 350, and then points you in the right direction. cheers, Aus