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  1. kratmel, I had thought of something like this, but didn't mention it because I was concerned about inherent pickup/dropout delays and inrush loads in using a cap possibly causing issues. It would be good to know through someone trying if it actually works well, and the best tweaked values. From your comparisons it looks like it would. It can't be a coincidence that the response time on the Siemens is 25ms running on 50Hz. cheers, Aus
  2. I agree. But I really hate lack of info on something and having to discover it for oneself, when it can be presented as plain as day in the first place. I once lost months and lots of hair because of inadequate manuals on a host of supposedly fantastic modbus modules that were constantly being updated by their maker. No correct support forthcoming...or it came out 3 months later when it was 5 steps out of date anyway due to another lot of changes. With modbus registers changing all the time such that you had the same mechanicals with fixed firmware using different registers for the same thing. Even in the supplied batch they were all over the place. The maker was no help at all....in fact I helped them a lot (for no gain) in trying to resolve the issues. "It doesn't do that" they would say. "Well, yes it damn well does. Look at this video". "Ohhhh, so it does" etc. Stiff poops for me. In the end had to change them all out to something else due to reliability issues arising later anyway. Which in itself was an issue during initial replacements with the original maker's stuff as the registers had changed again! Even "big" name makers can make crap stuff. I think it is often badge engineering. 🤬 cheers, Aus
  3. What I am alluding to is that to my eye the count is being added to each scan, the addition being reset at 1000ms. So there is something else affecting the count initiation...like an additional element that is making the count increase by 1 each scan when the sensor is closed. cheers, Aus
  4. Further to my ask above, look up SI0, scan time, when online. You will likely find that it will indicate that the 190 can relate to the input being counted every scan. ie scan time might be 5ms, say. On 5ms that's 200 scans/sec, but SI0 rounds things a bit, so you can see my point re 190. cheers, Aus
  5. I did! But Joe, you would not believe the huge price difference in Aus on those things. Greed coupled with hopeless service can be a nasty/frustrating thing to deal with. I often whinge that I can get the same components from a quicker responding, more diligent overseas supplier at way less price than I can get locally, including the high shipping cost from o/s, and they often arrive quicker as well. "Use our online form to do an order" Ring to check on no response a day later. "Ohhh, that doesn't work properly, send me your stuff to my direct email" is what I hear a lot locally. It can take a week just to arrive at a final invoice. All under the guise of "our prices are higher because we have so many overheads". Bollocks. More like "money for nothing", and useless at that. I know I've gone a bit off topic. End of rant. cheers, Aus
  6. If it is counting when the sensor is NOT changing state, which from your description sounds to me like it is doing, there is an error in your ladder work/physical config somewhere. Should only count on each change of state. cheers, Aus
  7. kpetro, have you changed the actual pressure and ensured that the readings over the full range are correct? eg....0 bar = 0 on the plc read etc. @Joe Tauser or @AlexUT I repeat that I don't work with UniStream, but could either/both of you please elaborate on why kpetro's numbers work when the info available in the spec sheet has the data format listed as 16 bit. Based on that info my thinking is that Flex's final answer is correct. But I am confused when there is also reference to 15bits in the resolution. How does one change this output behaviour? Is there more info somewhere else that fully explains all of this ie how you actually know what is coming out of the module? If kpetro is indeed getting correct correlation between actual and read, the card/module must handle things differently to what I would expect. EDIT: I just paid more attention to the 2' compliment and that might account for part of my ask. But it still doesn't explain why the numbers work for 4-20. cheers, Aus
  8. You could hook something to the Vision using Modbus. Plenty of (cheap) modules around that would let you do this. Cheers, Aus
  9. Flex is technically correct re 24AC as digital, but if you are needing to know whether a 24AC switched item is in operation, then you have a variety of options. One of the simplest is if it is already switched by relays, use the second pole set on the relay if it has them, or change the relays to give another pole. You then use the other pole to switch the DC signal. This does have minor drawbacks in that it is only the "called" action being monitored. If you really want to be precise, you should be monitoring the 24AC at the driven endpoint. There are many ways to do this ranging in complexity and cost. If the action is not hugely repetitive/cyclic/quick, then slimline relays/couplers will do the job. The AC turns them on, and they switch the DC signal. cheers, Aus
  10. Visco, I'm sure you could add in some words to the effect of "Beaming it Down, Scotty" during your test compressions, and "Up" for the releasing. cheers, Aus
  11. Cam, I only talk in Vision Land, but I have had similar circumstances. I've never been able to pinpoint it exactly, but it is something to do with the unit being physically accessed at the same time as being remotely accessed. In my case it locks up on whatever screen is in use. Everything the plc is doing still works, but it is simply locked onto the one screen and can only be reset through a power-off. I'd have a look at this sort of sequence and see if it is the culprit. I used to use remote access to manually test things on a site, whilst also at times interacting with the display itself. I don't do that anymore! One or the other. cheers, Aus
  12. Oooops, sorry. Missed that completely. Dumpkerfen! And I DO try to read posts completely. cheers, Aus
  13. You are trying to use 232 when the link is wanting to run on 485. To do this, you have to use pins 1 & 6 on the plc, and set jumpers accordingly. You may have to try swapping the lines if this doesn't work in the first place. As well, it would appear that the drive doesn't have the "normal" modbus comms settings that most of the gear I use does.......8 bits, no parity and 1 stop. You will have to find the best setting amongst all of the RTU options listed in the drive manual on page 4-56, and match these in the PLC's Com Init ladderwork. You should eventually find the one that works the best. For my stuff I always run on 9600, but in theory faster is possible. You again have to see how things go and find the most stable connection type and speed. cheers, Aus
  14. You might want to try what I describe in this post: http://forum.unitronics.com/topic/4342-win-7-and-others-update-quirk-affecting-excel/ I had really weird time behaviour and my cure fixed it. It's a long shot, but maybe it isn't Unitronics related at all. cheers, Aus
  15. Have you tried with no mouse connected and the touchpad and everything associated with it completely disabled? Hmmm...make sure you have a different mouse to put onto a usb in case all that somehow locks you out. Keep in mind that there are certain actions that are not mirrored correctly in RO. One example is access into info mode, it is immediate entry....no delay. Your issues don't sound like these quirks, though. cheers, Aus
  16. HI golzione, I just noticed this for the first time. This possibly may have something to do with the way you are handling the data. To me it looks like you are not clearing your data table each time it needs to restart from Row 1. What happens then is that the old row gets overwritten with the new information. In your case you have the data stored on the 7/7 over-written on the 25/8, and the data looks correct because it is simply a continuing record of your process. I routinely log stuff on a one minute/ 24 hourly basis, and set up my data tables accordingly so that I don't have to clear them. The next lot of 24 hours records over-writes the current rows right up to the last row of the table, and then the row counter is reset to 1 at midnight and things start again. At 11:59:10 PM the data table is copied to the SD so that it is permanently logged under that day's date. The difference here may be that you are writing direct, but the fundamentals of what I am describing may still be occurring. cheers, Aus
  17. Ensure when doing all of this that you check with task manager, each time you try to start the program, that there isn't a stray instance already running. Sometimes during hiccouphs it can remain running in the background and needs an End Process applied. This might account for your beep only. cheers, Aus
  18. Hi Deke, Did you use/vary the "Configure Proxy Settings" at the bottom of the rego window? Used the "Test Proxy Settings" button? Tried it as No proxy? cheers, Aus
  19. Something else to remember, the forum members who are direct Unitronics employees work different days of the week than many on the forum, as they are based in Israel. End of the week asks may go unanswered for a day or so. Cara is in this category. cheers, Aus
  20. @Cara Bereck Levy just in case you missed the above. kpark, to call more attention to someone you can use the format shown above. Start the name using "@" and the name list will appear where you can choose who you want. cheers, Aus
  21. Maybe slow, maybe not. I've seen this sort of thing where forcing the system to only run on one core fixes the issue where seemingly simple instructions seem to hang forever. Have you tried forcing the puter to one processor? msconfig Boot tab and Advanced Options, where you choose Number of Processors. Don't forget to reset to correct number when not needed. The CPU loading in Task Manager was always low during the issue, that's why it took a while to figure out....."What *** is going on?" Is this W10? If so, many compatibility settings that were in earlier versions have disappeared from easy use, but they still work with registry tweaks. The favourite for me is Disable visual themes, which makes a whole host of my programs again work correctly in W10. I'll stay tuned. cheers, Aus
  22. Found it...it was bugging me! And it sounds amazingly similar to Tyler's issue. But still check for another control issue as well. cheers, Aus
  23. Any differences between the reported capacity of the card on locked vs unlocked? cheers, Aus
  24. I recall someone like Kikis or Orso doing a topic about how they observed all the outputs turning on for a moment on boot, and they correctly saw it as the large problem it was. I couldn't find it with a quick search...maybe someone else or the original poster will chime in? I think it might have been within the last year, but time does fly. Perhaps the issue they observed is related to Tyler's one? That said, Tyler, given scan times and you saying that the issue is a "second" long, the On/Off time involved for 2 scans doesn't get anywhere near 1 second. It sounds like you have some other control working on the output, that you are missing. cheers, Aus
  25. Which are all in the installation sheets and Help files, easily accessed these days. Before the "easy" internet us oldies had to figure everything out from printed manuals and help files. Ring the supplier, have a chat and get sent by mail a big printed thing (or 5 of them), with the entire process taking a week or so and likely costing lots of $s. Even then it might mean another phone call etc. Youngies have it so easy these days! Sometimes I think that the best way these days for newbies on anything is to have no internet access for a week or more, and learn how to do basics through reading supplied manuals, experimenting, and trial and error. If I'm sounding grumpy then you have to look at it all from my side where many asks on this forum can be labelled PLC 101. But I also admit that in moments of lack of sleep/high stupids, I occasionally do the same thing! cheers, Aus
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