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  1. Hello, i have a project where i have connected v570 to a wavecom gsm modem. The gsm modem sends alarm messages for liquid gas levels. There is option if you send sms to the modem, it will send you feedback (status) message with all the measured parameters. After few days working the system stops sending messages. If I send sms to the modem i get the confirmation that the sms is received, but i don't get the feedback message. If I restart the PLC and the modem it will work few days and then the problem occurs again. During the problem the modem isn't busy.
  2. Hi, I have connected 3 V570 PLCs through ethernet on InTouch 7.0 SCADA. After some time working i get runtime error 111 overflow. Does anybody knows what might be the problem. I have tried changing the parameters in uni opc and opc link, changing the values of timeout, topic names etc..
  3. Alex, http://forum.unitron...y/image/167-al/ I would like to have something like this. It's simple alarms/events display (completely configurable) and it can show current or history events.
  4. Hi, I am working on project using V1040 and my question is Is there a possibility to create custom alarm display (current alarms and historical alarms)?
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