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  1. I can not understand, there is a description of the file format UTR? Maybe what that means to read it using JavaScript.
  2. The customer wants to see the trends in real time. And view the history of a trend over the web, without using other applications. Because he will do it with a mobile phone
  3. So for me to Javascript and need to know the file format. And to understand its function.
  4. )) I want to congratulate the company Unitroniss with good achievements!
  5. Michael_P, thank you for such a quick response .. )) The fact that the project Web Server Application V350.vlp developed by a third party. All strategy covered by a password. I'm afraid I can not understand what the operands for what, and if I can change their address .. I think that for such applications as Web Server, DHCP client must be present .. And I hope that the developer Enhanced Vision PLC WebServer will understand this and will add to the project DHCP .. Sorry for my english.
  6. I welcome you Guru Unitronics. Please tell me where you can find a description of the files with the extension *. Utr (encrypted data charts)? I need to figure out how I can read the file with html, and the plots in a web browser. To create a web server, I plan to use Enhanced Vision PLC WebServer (Web Server Application V350.vlp). Will be important for me any information. Sorry for my english.
  7. Good evening. Please tell me whether there is a standard means for combining two Unitronics Visilogic projects? For example how do I bridge the two projects V570_DHCP.vlp and Web Server Application V350.vlp V570_DHCP.zip
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