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  1. Looks like terminal 11 has a wire. It has to be connected to 0VDC for PNP. ...........never mind.
  2. I use a MacBook Air since day one. Installed parallels desktop and running windows 7 on the virtual machine. The windows 7 is set up with no internet connection. Runs without ANY glitches. Check my emails and web on the Mac side, do the plc stuff on the windows side. The battery lasts 7-8 hours, it is way more durable than most pc (hard aluminum shell) weights 2.2lbs. I use it in a very dusty environment. The best setup in my opinion.
  3. Interestingly everything windows related requires a single tap. Only the plc screen in remote operator need a double tap. We can live with it.
  4. Thank you. The 2in1 touchscreen laptop I've got has one annoying issue. It seems like a fairly common problem. If I use a mouse or the touchpad I can use single click to set MBs. In tablet mode it requires a double tap. Can't seem to find a solution for it. It's like they don't wan accidental touch/click so the first is for positioning and the second is the actual click.
  5. Thanks Joe. This was way less painful than I thought. Set up a Samsung 2 in 1 Set remote operator to startup and also set teamviewer so I can access it any time.
  6. I have a project that runs on a V1210. The control cabinet is on the first floor. The machine has a second floor platform 8' high. The operator can't see and touch the screen from the platform. I was wondering if I could use another V1210 on the second floor as a slave screen so they could see/control everything from there also. I have an extra screen that I could use. The operator has a clear view from there to the whole machine so there is no danger doing this. There are no moving parts outside of the machine anyway. Thanks in advance.
  7. I would say it is possible, but the snap on module will be awkward to din-rail mount. I would also be concerned about noise pickup with the flat cable. You could use the expansion modules instead.
  8. My practice is that I run all the subroutines all the time. When the automatic is running it disables the button that could call the screen that has all the manual buttons. When I am on the manual buttons screen and any of the manual controls are on it disables the back button from the manual screen.
  9. I have a couple different size vision series sending data back and fort with UniCan. Works great. I think you can go up to 62 units.
  10. I agree with Flex727. I've learned visilogic by watching the recorded webinars. They are the best for beginners.
  11. So the double image issue with a binary image is kind of solved by using -p- and -n- to refresh HMI when that output is on/off. For now I just use a binary image/switch to to show red off and green on instead of the rotating fan. I know I am a quitter, but I have another fish to fry and I don't want to stop the machine during production time. thank you for all the help!
  12. I will try these later today. There is nothing wrong with functionality. Both machines work fine. Making the second machine logic with mb1000 + helps so I know right away which machine component I am looking at. Same with the 15 programs. Mach 1 is program 131-1131 Mach 2 is 231-2131 depends on how many cycles in the program. Easy for the operators to see what's going on.
  13. Getting frustrated with this. I have a machine (for years) with 15 displays for different length operations. They all have a light blue background with a bunch of buttons on them. I also have a rotating fan as a display of machine on rotation (list of images by pointer. Setting up another machine with the same PLC (v1210 with v200-18-e3xb). I've made another 15 screens with the same system. Duplicated all the MBs as the first logic, but instead of example mb33 the same button for machine 2 is mb1033. They also have a different Screen background light green so the operator can see easily which machine screen he is looking at from far. Here is the problem. The rotating image will not show of the green screens no matter what I do. Transparent background checked or not, draw on back color or not. Even if I delete it and try to set up a new image or if I try list of images by range they will not show. Also the binary images show on and off at the same time (valve closed blue and open red popped up) but only on the second machine screens. What am I missing. It is a fairly good size program with 60 screens and well over 1000 rungs in 16 subroutine. Thanks in advance!
  14. AI0 looks like voltage input. AI1-3 is current if I read it correctly. https://myzone-kza3sadj.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/IO-A14-AO2-5408-0061-2.pdf
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