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  1. You can use "Mark" property with the coil MB that the button triggers.
  2. Thank you guys. I am out of town for a couple days, but will get on it this weekend.
  3. I don't have anything connected to it at the same time. I have all 4 sockets initialized so I can try to connect on different ports. I had it working like two years ago and all I remember that it took me forever to get connected (which doesn't reflect the difficulty level by any means) and it disconnected as soon as I left my WiFi range.
  4. PLC IP port 20256 connected to my NetLINE 10/100 switch my pc is connected to the same switch and connects to the plc with no problem. When I use the remote app on iphone IP port 20256 PLC name set correctly. Why is it not connecting. My phone is connected to my home WiFi.
  5. I've tried it on another computer and it works now. It saves on schedule or when I manually request, but does not send out the email. Is there a setting how often it sends out?
  6. I am trying to log the data table from the plc. I've set the port (Ethernet) and set up the site. When I click run, I have the call succeeded status, but I also have a window pop up run-time error'429' ActiveX component can't create object. When I click OK, DataXport closes. what an I doing wrong?
  7. So as it turns out T-> ASCII works. T-> A-TA (only runs when machine is on) B-(offset in vector=0) C-HH:MM E-(elapsed) ASCII MI to column type string (length 10) Reset TA when SI32 is different from stored. (stored when they start the machine)
  8. So with the data table I can show current date, current time, (RTC To ASCII) then I deduct 600 (6 hours) from SI 31 to an MI then with Num To ASCII I can Plug that MI into the data table. These all work. Now I have to figure out how to plug in the machine run time. I have a TA preset to 24:00:00;00. On the plc screen I have that timer set as type current, display elapsed and after 12 min , it will show 12 min on the plc and 23:48:00;00 on the ladder timer. With the T To ASCII it will show 00:00. What would be correct was to have the machine run time in the data table?
  9. You can tell I am not good at networking. I am using a MacBook Air with windows 7 running on parallels desktop. (Windows run very stable on it) when I was changing the pc's IP address, I've picked the wrong local area network. I have a usb to Ethernet adapter (since the MacBook does not have a network port) LAN is my WiFi. I needed to change the IP on LAN2. It all works now. Now stop wasting your weekend time on a dummy like me.
  10. I have it in the right port. The expansion port is used for my EX module. I have another Ethernet card. I will try it tomorrow. Thank you guys.
  11. Request timed out. packets: Sent =4, Received =0, Lost =4 (100% loss)
  12. Plugging it into a switch did not make it work either. I remember that last year I was able to connect to it by plugging the PLC into my home network and I was able to connect to it from my phone with the mobil app (only when I was home. As soon as I was out of my WiFi and my phone switched to att the remote app connection stopped). It really puzzles me because it should work. I've watched the tutorial videos on it and it should be simple. Card init then socket init and it should work. I've tried a couple different cables also.
  13. So PLC set with SB2 to IP mask GW socket 0 port 20256 tcp slave the info screen on the V1210 shows same settings as I has set in the ladder socket 0 port20256 TCP Slave initialized & Not Connected protocol type Pcom status 2-TCP Listen Rx Tc 0 When I try to ping it command promt '' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
  14. Thank you gents. We stepped into some sticky brown stuff today so I have to do it next week.
  15. Can't seem to figure it out. The pc is 200 ft away. It is a dedicated pc for collecting data from the PLC No network access. Thanks in advance!
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