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  1. 200' feet from the V1210 to the first V130 then another 100' to the second V130.
  2. Thank you for the replies! After looking at a couple vebinars about UniCan I've realized that I have two V130 that need to send scale data (MI) to one V1210. Looking at the installation guides I can't find the wire gauge required. It only says shielded twisted pairs.
  3. Thank you. Looks like I have to sit down and figure this out. Luckily I have a couple v1210s to play with.
  4. I have a V130 with a scale. I need to display the weight of the scale (MI) on another plc (V1210). Is there an easy way to do this? The other PLC is 100-150 feet away and they need to see the weight of the V130 scale. Thanks in advance!
  5. Are you using the USB port. I found them unreliable. I have 14 Unitronics PLCs at work and the usb port on 3 of them stopped working. Bought a usb to serial converter and use the serial port for downloading. No more issues.
  6. The drum sequencer is great for this. You can make a bunch of different drums and call them as needed.
  7. Yes, it is photoshopped. Big part of the screen is empty and it would be nice to be able to move and resize the output window there. It would also be nice to upload at least 500kb files. The 160kb limit screams 1995.
  8. Have a 1 min timer start when you press a desired button on the home screen. When time expires and home screen is not loaded, set home screen.
  9. I use several rice lake SCT10 signal conditioners and I prefer them over the unitronics units because they have a display on them. I have them facing the operator who is loading the machines (they are on loadcells) and the analog 0-10V signal goes to the PLC to use for the logic. The SCT10 is $400 so it is a bit more than the unitronics unit.
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