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  1. I had the same issue, however mine was my fault... Timers were saved and loaded up on start up and then stored and recalled on start again, if they changed Needless to say instead of loaded the saved number, I saved zero, and all my timers went away!
  2. Thanks guys I guess I will find out if Flex is a genius
  3. Good Morning I have a new project in which my customer wants the system to scan a barcode, connected either via serial or ethernet and then record the barcodes scanned. That bit is no issue, was going to use a data table and store all of the scans done, and use the last entry to give him a total. However he has just thrown a wrench in what I had planned as he wants the details on the screen too. Not only that he wants to show a totalized list of the barcodes scan with a subtotal for each barcode scanned during the day, and I am not sure how to created that on the PLC. And I
  4. Good Morning I did this (and do this) using a data table and a sensor at both ends After the camera is triggered, store a bit in row 0 of a data table to "say" either " good read-0" or "bad read-1" and then increment the row in the data table, so the next trigger comes into the next row. Then at the reject end I read row 0 and if that bit is true I set the reject, if false I unset the reject (just to be safe) at the end of all that I delete row 0 and decrement the row works like a charm and no encoder needed. also, major benefit is that you change product sizes, i
  5. well I found a workaround! Had to extract the exe file with winrar, then go into the extracted folder and then double click the welcome.exe file all smoothly from there! All that work to start PLC coding
  6. Sorry about image size, wouldnt let me upload anything larger here is a link https://www.dropbox.com/s/cascwlo9zjgt3z2/oops.jpg?dl=0 It is while trying to install It reads the package content then fails
  7. Good Morning Just tried downloading and get an error message Not enough room on C drive I do however have 0.5 gb available I ran as admin, and turned of my antivirus. Trying to install on Windows 7 64 bit professional. Any thoughts??
  8. Ok. Tried that in the strings library it shows Hebrew ( I think) however on the screen it shows differently. Looks like O’s with accents and umlauts
  9. Good Morning I have a customer who wants to change between Hebrew and English I know how to actually change between language, done it many times with English/Spanish Its how do I get Hebrew to show up in the Strings Library? Thanks in advance
  10. Sorry for the delay You are correct Joe, its not a good idea because it didnt work I had to set one on power up and then unset that and reset the one I wanted at the correct time! Makes sense now I think about it, but who thinks??
  11. Sorry. Typo. Put it down to old age V200-18-ET2 was what I had issues with
  12. Just for everyones info turned out that the ethernet cards V200-18-E5B were bad, all three of them, despite them being brand new Got new cards in worked without a flaw
  13. Good Morning I have a program, in which I need to receive using RS232 from 2 different units (One is a hand held scanner, and one is an Inkjet printer) I have configured both protocols correctly and I see in info mode that the PLC is receiving them, but the strings they are receiving are not being sent to the correct place (I don’t see where they go) In the main program I set this My thought was that when I set MB0 the plc would get the code from the barcode scanner and when I set MB121 the “from printer” code would be received As y
  14. Hi Cam Turns out that even the basic program, just initializing the card and then opening the sockets, the PLC isnt doing anything However when I run the same program in a Samba it works weird PLC is at Unitronics now being dissected I guess,, I have 2 doing the same thing!
  15. Hi Cam SB150 does nothing at all, just sits there looking at me. SB151 and SB153 are both on, so I know I have an ethernet connection and on 2) that is my intention at the moment, will be changed if I can ever connect!
  16. Good afternoon I am trying to send files through ethernet from the SD card. I have downloaded the FTP client example, and have modified it a little bit so it may work in my application. I will soon be modifying it again, so that it automatically connects, but at the moment I am happy to do things manually (well I would but I cant get it working.) What should be happening, is that I scan a barcode, which then creates a CSV file on the SD card (that bit is working!) Then what happens it takes me off to the FTP page. When I press the connect button, it is meant to connect me,
  17. Very strange My customer had the same thing happen yesterday on a V350 with an ethernet snap in installed
  18. Not for nothing but your thumbnail of the RX port shows com 2 and your ladder is SB135 com 1 maybe thats why?
  19. Orpsys You are right, this is an old thread, took me a while to remember this one Yes I got it working in serial and ethernet and used data tables for the Fifo Dave
  20. Flex Hit it the nail on the head.... my photocell had a bad connection as soon as I fixed that, it worked like a dream Thanks guys
  21. Good evening I am trying to use a timer to let me know when a carton running down the belt is too long. I know the exact speed I am running and the length the carton should be, therefore I know how long the timer should be set for I have a photo eye to detect the start of the box. This is what I assumed would happen If the photo eye is made for too long I would get the TD timer to be true, therefore if it was true I could make a bit and ah ha there was my proof it was too long. Tried this, didnt work anyone have any thoughts? Thanks
  22. Ok. Now tell us what you are doing Where is your info coming from Post your code?
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