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  1. thank you for your reply. I was already thinking to do with uniDDE but i thought there is another way. i will work as it is with this. Thank you again.
  2. Hello to all. My name is George. I am using V280. I have successfuly done almost all things that are possible with v280 to many different projects. Usually before i post i search arount forum so that i found solutions from other users. These time no succes. So my problem, is how to import cell values from .xls file. And that is a project i have now. I use dataxport so i can export all the table to an excel file. Someone in the office of the company want to change these values from his pc and upload them to the v280. I havent still find a way to do that. Can someone advise me?
  3. Hello, I have a project in my mind that i will try to make an experement, but i would like some information. V280 communicates with its own expansion port with EX-A2X. This communication is been between this two devices is with unitronics special cable that can go maximun to 20m. This communication is been based to rs232 protocol? If yes then it could be possible to convert this rs232 to ethernet, with an industrial ethernet converter, and extend this to another location. Do you think that this is possible? thank you.
  4. Good afternoon, I am a wood working machine manufacturer from greece.I work many years with unitronics plc and i am very satisfied. I have start 1 new project that i want to use V280 or V290, with 3 inverter for speed control. The inverter is toshiba vf nc3 and i will use 3 of them. I dont want to use the contact option on the inverter and i want to use modbus rs485 protocol but i have never worked at the past with. Does anyone know the correct steps how to start or also an example? is it possible to work with hex for read and write?
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