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  1. Thank you very much! I will not "play" with a $300 equipment to save on $20 level translator.
  2. Thaks Simon, I was hoping that lack of galvanic isolation would help me in this case (so the current can complete a circuit through: VOut0 --- +valve --- valve coil --- -valve --- VOut1 --- internal generator --- 0V (AOut1) ---lack of galvanic isolation --- OV (Aout0) --- Internal generator --- VOut0) But since I'm completely unaware of hardware implementation of these internal generators, and PLCs altogether, I will not question your judgement Since I'm over my budget with this project I'm going to aim at the cheap, safe solution which sould be analogue isolator that you mentioned as an option. Thank you again!
  3. Hello! Let's say that I already have hardware but it does not meet my current needs (not in papers at least). I have V570 with V200-18-E2B snap-in. The problem is that I need an analog output that ranges from -5V to 5V, but I only have two analog outputs that run from 0-10V. So, here's my question: Is it possible to connect VOut 0 to positive terminal of control valve (valve that i need to control with -5V to 5V) and VOut1 to negative terminal of that valve - thus completing circuit through Analog outputs (making one output source other sink)? Note: This can be done with one 0-10V output and one relay with two pairs of NO and NC contacts, but the process requires fast and frequent switching between positive and negative values on the output... Thanks in advance! PS If I missed forum section please let me know.
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