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  1. Thank you, but I need a maximum of 0.2 ms, for the beginning and end of PTO or PWM outputs ??? (fast labeling machine)
  2. Hi, does anyone know: How is the response time of "immediate read physical input" ? V570 + V200-18-4XB Klijo
  3. How to reset current position DW? - PTO or high speed output (step control)
  4. Congratulations on "CHOICE AWARDS WINNER" I'm working on my 42nd project (Vision570)! Klijo, www.kolman.hr
  5. Thanks! servo speed is ok with electronic gear ratio (EDC Series AC Servo) I.K. (AutoGuru) :D
  6. In the "Hardware configuration" IO-D16A3-TO16 for High Speed Output (PWM) are onli two parameters: Operand for Frequency MI - where is ML ? Operand for Duty Cycle MI - there is not MB for Run PWM ??? - How PWM works on IO? ** Configuration: V570, V200-18-E2B, IO-D16A3-TO1 I want to run three servo motors
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