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  1. Today I changed SD Tool Formatter from 1.0.14 to 1.0.16 installed with SD Card Suite 2.0.58 and now everything is ok.
  2. Why I must wait to long time to format my 8GB card with Unitronics SD Card Formatter ? I have another problem with card. In V1210 OPLC SB217 is not set on true after formatting and installing card in OPLC. What can be reson ?
  3. How to make full backup of plc ? I would like to give for my customer full backup of plc (compiled code) but with no source code.
  4. I have uninstalled VisiLogic, delete all folders and after installing VisiLogic has too big font. I known that is problem with my OS because on my virtual windows 7 on virtual box everything is ok. I'm sorry for confusion.
  5. It doesn't occur with specific project. For example when I try to open file with project created by previous version than it also font are to big on noticication window. http://fastwork.pl/karol/unitronics/visilogic_font_to_big.png
  6. My settings in os (win 7 64 bits) are following: http://fastwork.pl/karol/unitronics/WindowsFontsSize.png http://fastwork.pl/karol/unitronics/WindowsFontsSize2.png And setting font size to 100% and display fonts to 100% not resolve the issue. What can be wrong in my os ?
  7. On my laptop I have full hd resolution 1920x1080 and there are some problems with displaying windows. Fonts are too big and windows are not correct displayed
  8. Thanks Saragani for help and samples. All it understandable. I was wondering if alarms also can have paging option like trends. What is the maximus file size for alarm.ual and trend.utr ?
  9. Thanks Saragani for Your answer. Are there some methods for parsing read file ? What is maximum size for alarm.ual file ? How can I read file with alarms to show them from the newest to the oldest ? Do I have to read all file to memory and later invert all array with alarms ?
  10. How to read some files from sd card ? I think that ual file where size of one logged alarm is 512 byte length. Its very simple to decode data, description etc. I don't know how can i transfer file ALARMS/alarm.ual to local computer by ethernet.
  11. I know about SD Card Suite but I would like to show logged alarms on sd directly on wins.form in visual studio Can someone share same sample ?
  12. I don't know why but remote access works faster when I used old sources from 2011 year. When I try Remote Access 9.5.0 than it work slowlier with the same communication settings.
  13. When will be released new version of remote operator with correct alarm display support for v1040/1210 series ?
  14. I would like to read saved trend into sd card and show them directly on form in .net. Can anybody give some example in c# ? Maybe it will be easiler to save data for trends on sd card i.e. csv file by program in unitronics.
  15. How can I read logged alarms from sd card in .net ?
  16. My plc V570 is connected to network with 10Mbit speed. I forwarded port 20256. When I use another connection i.e via 3g than I can connect to V570 but I have to click on screen n-times to change screen or to enter value When my plc is in the same area (lan connection) than I have acceptable connection but from time to time I also have to click i.e twice. What kind of pararameters should I change to speed up my remote access connetion ?
  17. Are the sources of remote access relased for publicly ? I have old sources from 2011 but from time to time on V1210 application crashes when there is connection via ethernet. After crashing the application plc can response for ping command but I can't connect to my plc any more. I have to reset it by manual power off i power on. What it can be the reason ? OS or old communication driver (dll).
  18. Where I can find working current version of sources for remote operator / access ?
  19. How can I use this Remote Operator .net control ?
  20. Is it possible to connect / obtain only specified screen from plc ?
  21. I have been using old sources of Remote Operator from 05-06-2011 to make 'remote desktop' from shortcut. I don't know how can I configure it from typical "Remote Access". Old sources in generally work ok but from time to time suddenly application crashes and restarting my application doesn't resolve the problem. It's neccessary to power down and up plc V1210.
  22. Hello How can I make configuration in remote access to connect to specified plc with only one click ? I have tried to do this "Session - asdl" but after resetarting OS this option wan't saved. I also tried to do this by using .dll libraries. In generally it works but from time to time the connection is lost and user have to reset plc by power off and power on.
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