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  1. Thanks, will attempt now that I know it most likely can be done, Greg
  2. I have a V700 as the scada panel. It runs on a drum and poles the slave for integers (Modbus IP) . This is working well with a cable. The question is can I use 2 wifi routers to connect the two plcs No pc, No internet needed. Thanks Greg
  3. When making a uni-downloader file for a customer, one option is what OS to incorporate. How do you know which OS in the u90,OS directory is the new one? Or just rely on date stamp? JZ 20-R313 Thanks
  4. Might want to look at the video by Dan on FB, sets up Bar Code Reader.
  5. Just wondering who out there might have some experience with the BACnet Gateway from Unitronics. Alex at support has been a great help, but I was looking for other input. Thanks
  6. Dylan Have you followed the directions that are posted at Unitronics in regards to version 7 and 8. I think this is the correct link http://forum.unitronics.com/index.php?/topic/664-can-i-use-visilogic-with-vistawin7/. I have windows 8 64 bit and Unitronics support got me up and running after we followed the aforementioned procedure. Have not had any problems with 9.6 (or any of the other software) on windows 8. Greg
  7. Okay, my turn to ask for some help.... I am trying to use the advanced web server on a 130-xxxxx. All I want to do is to connect to the plc ethernet get the web page and see/modify the state of an MB and a TD. I have accomplished viewing the status (which I change on the PLC screen) but I cannot figure out how to change/toggle the MB bit, or TD value from the browser. I am using coffee-cup html editor(should not matter)- In Visilogic I have set up the editable field- compiled in SD utils - etc. Thanks
  8. I always feel safer using a reverse biased diode to protect against the collapse of any magnetic field from a coil. The reverse polarity can be ramped up considerably. The floating pulse can cause problems. (this is on DC, with AC you might entertain a snubber circuit).
  9. She did a nice job, you might try running the project optimizer in visilogic. The window on the bottom will point out some "tidy up help"
  10. I have totally forgotten how to select a particular HMI screen to be the one that comes up first on PLC startup. Thanks
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