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  1. Hi Emil, well ... we use GPRS quite wide in our company - mostly to connect two points. Using our APN with cards logged in to it makes the connection save and whats more important we can check the traffic in the APN. Other point is that we (the company) need instant access to our projects. GPRS modem is connected with PC/laptop via PCMCIA slot directly. About public IP - thats the whole point, in order to connect to V560 (via router) I need to know its IP (static IP) and we don't want the IP address to be known and accessible to other users. Also the nature of the object is limiting Internet connection, and GPRS is the most efficient and cheap solution in that case . The worst thing about GPRS is the ping rate. Ill try to tweak Web Server to make it more stable. Emil, as I understand it correctly to access the Web Server, Socket 0 needs to used with port set to 80 and to set communication with VisiLogic - Socket 1 and port 20256. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Cheers
  2. Hello, I would like to use V560 as Web Server AND to be able to remotely change the PLC's configuration via Ethernet port. The current equipment set is as fallows: - router with possibility to connect to Internet via GPRS (SIM card with static IP and dedicated APN) - V560 connected to that router - PC with GPRS modem and SIM card in same APN as the SIM card from router. At first I have connected V560 and my PC to one local network in office and configured PLC like this: -SB2->PLC NAME(V560)->TCP/IP CARD INIT->TCP/IP SOCK INIT (as Socket 1)->TCP/IP SOCK INIT (as Socket 0) Socket 1 - so I can download/upload PLC's program via Ethernet port Socket 0 - for the Web Server All works like it should when it comes to local network. But when I want to log via GPRS its not so good. Connection is made using APN with both SIM cards logged in to it. From my SIM card in PC I am able to ping the other card sitting in GPRS Router (Edimax 3G-6200n)). The external IP of my router is XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX and I dont need to do any Port redirect to connect to Web Server. In web browser I just put the SIM card IP (routers external IP) and I see the Web Server page. When I do Port Redirect I am unable to connect to Web Server. There are no Port Limitations on router. At least they are not enabled. So my question is: what if I want to connect to more than one PLC using one router. How to redirect ports properly so I can have access to Web Server indirectly. Other thing about Web Server is that when viewing the page via GPRS it often hangs, I mean that I have no access to it but STILL I can ping the SIM card and I can view WEb Server locally (when connected to routers LAN port). What helps (and thats the funnies part) is to to soft Reset of PLC (using Reset Option in VisiLogic or from PLC's panel). For your info there are 10 lines in Web Server config, I've also changed the logo (small 74x22 GIF, 2kB size). What can be wrong ?? Second thing (as mentioned earlier) is that using same equipment I want to be able to do changes in PLC's program remotely. I've tried to connect just like when both PLC and PC were in local network in office. The only thing I've changed was the IP from local (port 80 set in TCP/IP INIT FB) to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX. Unfortunately VisiLogic does not give the ability to set the port so the IP address would be like: So the question is: can I change the port number in INIT FB for Socket 1?? And how should I set the router and/or VisiLogic/PLC for remote download and upload PLCs program. Best regards
  3. I did all what was mentioned earlier. What I didn't mention is that I had problems with VisiLogic 9.2. It crashed with no reason several times (during ladder edition, hardware setting, etc.). So ... as I said I've tried with different PC (but also D820 and dock station). It had no Unitronics soft earlier. Fresh install of 9.2 and ... tadaa ... PLC was detected as previous AND the upgrade was not interrupted at any step. All went as it should. So case closed Earlier I had no problems with my RS232 and I am using a lot of PLC stuff via RS232. So maybe previous VisiLogic release had something to do with it ... dunno. Anyway I hope this might be helpful for others. With best regards from Poland
  4. Hi there I have similar problem with V560. During the 1st attempt of upgrade only step 1 was accomplished (the erase step ) and the PLC hung on step 2. After power down and up the screen is now black and I hear "pic pic". It happened when V560 was connected to DELL D820 via dock station. I can still connect to PLC, and I can check the OS version, but upgrade always ends at step 2 with Check sum error. The point when it happens varies (30%, 50% even 70% of progress). Now after reading above posts I've tried with direct connection to laptop. Unfortunately, with same results. Ill try with another PC but I'm skeptic about this Any suggestions ??
  5. Oh well ... got it fixed . Silly me ... by accident I have switched variables used in configuration FB. I was referring to different Data Tables. Anyway thanks for interest. Topic to be deleted...
  6. Hi, I'm working on project where I need to display 5 trends. In !Main Routine I'm setting trends for all variables. All data is stored in Data Table, and each variable has its own table consisted with one row. The main program runs two pumps depending on conditions. If operator wants to display trends from pump 1, V280 opens new screen and should display two trends about pumps work and malfunction. Same thing with second pump. The 5th trend i linked with water level displayed separately. So I have 3 screens and 5 trends. To configure, fill and display I'm using FB (trend config, trend loop fill and trend loop draw). When whole machinery is set to start all conditions to start pumps are checked and fill loops are activated. When it comes to display trends draw loop is activated. It look like that: !main subroutine -> trends configuration all condition check -> trends fill loop for all variables (5) display 'pump 1 trends' -> jump to 'all condition check' then pump 1 draw loop display 'pump 1 trends' -> jump to 'all condition check' then pump 2 draw loop display 'water level' -> jump to 'all condition check' then water level draw loop Now ... the problem is, that if I'm working with one trend, lets say 'water level' its OK. But when it comes to fill all 5 trends and then drawing them. Its strange - sometimes 'water level' is filled with 'pumps malfunction' but after uploading project (after changing other things not linked with trends) the situation is different - 'pumps malfunction' is filled with 'water level'. Ill remind that all fill loops are located in one subroutine and when it comes to display particular trend new subroutine is called and from it program jumps to subroutine where conditions are checked and where fill loops are located. Program jumps back to subroutine which contains draw loop. Am I doing something wrong? Or V280 has limitations with filling and drawing trends. THX in advance PS. sorry for my English
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