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  1. I'm coming back...

  2. Hello, Are there some news about the work in progress? thanks CltOff
  3. You're right. My question was too general. I try to explain better. If I've developed an application and my customer is asking me the sortware documentation I've to create a document that describe the data flow diagram from Input to Output passing from decisional points. Normally it is a boring work. If it could be possible to have in automatic mode the data flow diagram (maybe checking routines that has to be included in the report an routines that hasn't), it should be easier to generate software documentation. I know that isn't an easy job... but asking is "free of charge".... I know that using the print options it's possible to create a report, about the application, but isn't easy to "read" and it "discovers" too much the implemented application. I hope now I've been more clear. Attached some data flow examples. Best regards CltOff
  4. Hi to everybody, is there a way to obtain an automatic Application "data flow" report, to use for a software specification (even if at basic level) to give to the customer? Best regards CltOff
  5. Hi Cara, where I can find (and download) upgraded "manuals"? I wrote a post some months ago about the "Users Manuals"... and in the official position there are still the ver 12/04. Best regards CltOff
  6. Visilogic manuals available on the web site are really "old" (12/04). I think that an update is necessary. PrtScreen examples with new Vision Series PLC. HMI examples with touchscreen PLC, Trends, etc New features not available on old PLC. PID Server and deeper or different explanation of PID use and configuration. and so on CltOff
  7. First of all tks for your answer. So if I use MI variables inside a "Formula block" I haven't to take care of intermediate calculation (exept for overflow on 32bit) because they're done in 32bits and not in 16, and if I want max precision on integer part of the result I have to do the division at the end of calculation. If I use ML I have to take care of intermediate possible overflow... If I want the best result I've to force some MF -> calculation are done in MF -> overflow quite impossible... But in that case, if I'm using all the 25 MF available in the PLC, do I risk to loose some data? CltOff
  8. I've used [] instead () because if I use B with ) it becomes an emoticon when I speak about intermediate calculations, I intend the calculation done inside the PLC. I've read a post in wich Phil Salkie said that all internal calculation about formulas are done using 32bit. If this is true the problem I've posted isn't really a problem... CltOff
  9. Hi to everybody, I'm using this banal formula Y=A*[100 - B]/100 where A and B are MI A goes from 0 to 4095 (MI is perfect) B goes from 0 to 100 (MI is perfect again) Y goes from 0 to A (MI...) all seems to be coherent with the use of MI, but is it true? In other terms: if I look at the intermediate calculation I find an A*[100 - B] that in case of (for example) A=4000 and B = 0 will have a result equal to 400.000 that isn't compatible with an MI. My question is: when I use formula, have I to take account of the intermediate calculations? tks CltOff
  10. The ans at the first question: --|MB1|--+--|/MB3|--(MB4)-- --|MB1|--+ (MB1 or MB2) and (not MB3) then MB4 =1 else MB4 = 0
  11. Perfect! This is the answer I'd have wanted. Best regards CltOff
  12. Using a V120-22 in the FB's I've both the blocks (PID Auto-Tune and PID) and inside this all the related sub-functionalities. Using a V570 in the FB's I've ONLY PID Auto-Tune. First of all why and wich is the difference? After, but more important: if I want to use a V570 but I don't want to use the auto-tune procedure (I want to use only the normal pid configuration and then the PID-Run) how have I to proceed? Thanks a lot. CltOff
  13. I'm trying to create files for UniDownLoader but I've some problems. Maybe I'm using the wrong procedure... could someone write me the right way? I tryed to use Project Create proj file but it doesn't work off line I tryed to use Tools UniDownLoad Designer but it ask me files that I don't have Thanks CltOff
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