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  1. Dear Gabriel and Simon, Thanks for the answers. Using now Read Holding Register (03), and using MI's. Using the Num to Bits function. Want to have all the info to perform checks. Regards,
  2. Dear all, I am dealing with a project to control a VFD altivar 312 with a V130-33-T2. It is my first time with a PLC, have choosed unitronics, because I think that it is a great piece of equipment with a good cost. My problem is that I do not understand how to read a register from the VFD; I want to read ETA status word (W3201), it is a 16 bit register. Every bit gives the most important information on the current status of the VFD. Then I will use these bits to perform a check, give information on the display, and make decisions. Reading the projects examples, I understand how to configure the V130 as a Master. Understand how to enable the port com and how to enable the modbus. But do not understand how do I have to read the register. I have done the following: Slave ID 3 Slave start of vector 3201 Read: vector lenght 1 Master: Start of vector MB100 Status messages MI0 Total sessions DW0 Acknowledgements DW1 And this is what I do not understand, the 16 bits will be stored in MB100 as an integer decimal number, or every bit will be stored in MB100, MB101,...,MB115? Thanks a lot for your answers, the learning curve is hard in the beginnings. Regards,
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