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  1. If you configure Port1(or Port2) as RS232 pin 2 and 5 are "0 volt reference". I am missing such "0 volt reference" in the case when the port is configured as RS 485.
  2. Sorry the title should be RS 485 on Vision 570!! According to the specs RS485 port (Port 1 or 2) are electricaly insulated. According to the RS485 recomendations I should connect sygnal ground of all devices on a multy drop network. Where is the sygnal ground of Port1 (or Port2) when set as RS485?
  3. Tank you very much for your clarification! As stupid newbie I should ask again. Does your statement above means that a Vision PLC could be master for another PLC and at the same time slave for SCADA if PLCs and SCADA PC are in Ethernet network?
  4. This is absolute newbie question. Is it posible several VisiLogic PLCs to be Modbus slaves to SCADA master and the same PLCs to support Remote PLC DataCom. PLC and SCADA computer are physically connected by Ethernet. The reason for this is that I do not want exchange of data between PLCs to go via SCADA computer. I
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