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  1. I was finally able able with help of you all (Many thanks) to enter the Info mode. There I found the PLC name and the possibility to configure the network IPC/IP settings. I have now my application uploaded to the PLC and can continue. Thanks for all your support.
  2. My question is how do I come into the Info Mode. I have a kind of info screen but that is only a static screen not reacting on any touch. As described in my first post.
  3. The way I tested the communication is pressing the Get OPLC information button. And that responced with the problem. I finaly did remove the battery from the v570 and get to the state that there is no application loaded. The IP address is changed but I still am not able to get connected to the v570. I expected the PLC Name to be defaulted to the serial number of the PLC. I am able to ping the PLC but downloading the ladder stuff and HMI pages is not possible. See also my other more detailed topic
  4. I have a V570-57-T20B PLC and I can not get connection to it via the network. I have the PLC directly connected to my Win7 PC. To solve the problems I removed the battery and wait serveral minutes and started the PLC. No the boot ends with Stop reasons : No Application when I keep the screen touched during the boot then I come in an ohter screen. That shows: +-------------------------------------------------+ | V290-19-xxxx / V570-57-xxxx | | BOOT Touch Request | | 002.001.01 Mar 29 2009 15:18:56 | +-------------------------------------------------+ CANBus : TCP/IP : Sub Net : COM1 SETTINGS: 115200,8,n,1 COM2 SETTINGS: 115200,8,n,1 STATUS : Countdown Aborted © Copyright by UNITRONICS I can not do anything from this screen. From my PC I can ping to And if I switch the PLC off then the ping fails. So the connection works. However when I try to connect via VisiLogic it fails. There I specify the Same IP addres Protocol TCP and Port Number 20256 and PLC Name the serial number. JE4500785 When I try to connect then I get the message: Communication Driver Error (210) Communication over TCP/IP could not be established due to one of the following: * Cable connection are not secure. * Incorrect TCP/IP setting (IP address, Protocol type, Port number). * The connection is currently being used by an other application. Check your cables and TCP/IP settings and try again. I am stuck. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Hi all, I am new in the working with these types of PLC's. I have a v570 and started to make an application. To find out how my application is working I tried to download it to the v570 PLC. The v570 is connected via a network cable to my PC. I booted the v570 with keeping a vinger on the screen. That results in a information screen. But the only thing I got there is the IP address and some serial communication settings. So I configured my network according to this information. I was able to ping to the v570. However downloading my application didn't work. It needs somehow a PLC Name. (And I do not know what to fill in there.) And I found in other disscussions that it should be possible via the information screen to update the OS and to callibrate the screen etc.... But in my situation it just shows the IP and COM information and nothing else. And it does not react on screen touches. How can I get my software in this PLC???? And how can I get the current configured PLC Name???
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