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  1. Hello, Since I moved to a new PC with Windows 8.1 FR, I regulary have to reinstall Visilogic that I can start it! I get the following start error message : UnUtGlb1 Un compression Fail. Impossible to continue! I have to reinstall VisiLogicSetup_9_6_Build_00 again with run as Administrator. I also allways start VisiLogic as Administrator. What are the possible causes? Many thanks in advance for any help. Otto
  2. Sorry, if I asked my question in this Topic! Yes Visilogic seem to work correctly if I start it as Administrator! You are right I didn't turn USC off, only disable it just to not have any messages. Many thanks for your quick help and wish your a merry Christmas and happy new year. Otto
  3. Hello, I also just bought a new PC with Windows 8.1 (in French). I made a new installation with my login (I'm Administrator) but did have had a lot of problems! I uninstalled VisiLogic 9.5.0, deleted all directory's. I logged now as Administrator. Make a new install. Now I could load my Projects. If I go back to my user profile and start VisiLogic (also as Administrator), I get a lot of error messages. Like: Recouver Project (165) VisiLogic was not shut down properly. Or 14Invalid Tools collection index Error 2006 Programm crash!... I like to use Visilogic with my user profile! I a
  4. Thanks for your help. Where do I have to send the files?
  5. Hello I find the way to create the urc file with VisiLogic complicated. I like very much to find out why I get this error by downloading the Images. I checked all my pictures. Every thing look very good. Does VisiLogic have a log file to find out exactly the problem? Regards Otto
  6. Hello, I just saw the new line UniStream from Unitronics. Look very nice. Will be the UniLogicTM Studio also be compatible to the older Vision family? My dream, that I can use the Remote Access to Access your PLC from anywhere at anytime. (iPhone, etc....) Regards Otto Berne, Switzerland.
  7. Hello, I have a problem with V570 and the V200-18-E3/4XB Snap-in IO Module I tried to connect a PT-100, but the MI still show me the value 32767! Jumper for the analog input 3 are set to 12=B, 13=A, 14=A See also the PDF. Many thanks for your help Otto
  8. I created the URC file. But, the Remote Operator need a UR2 file?. VisiLogic create only URC file. If I open this URC file, I get the following error message : "The ur2 file you've tried to open seem to be corrupted". Really strange this corrupted image problem. I can see all of them in VisiLogic and in many viewer!
  9. When I try to download the Cache File form the PLC, I get a error message by download the images. Read Image from PLC stop at 66 of 72. Error message in french. It tell me somting like "Index of limits....." Many thanks for your help Otto
  10. Many thanks for your help. Yes, the solution was to use the function NUM to BCD. Now I can compare the current time to a MI variable. Regards Otto
  11. Hello, I like to compare the real time clock to a MI HEX value. How can I convert the SI31 variable to a MI HEX value? I tried with RTC to UTC but did not work (See picture) Many thanks for your help Otto
  12. Hello, I’m new with VisiLogic. I have to compare a MI and a SI value. In fact I don’t understand why I have in a HOUR function a big value in MI “to” time and a small value in SI 31 for “System time” for the same time? Example: I have to switch something off at 23:15. The MI show in debug the value 8981, but the SI 31 shows me for 23:14 the real time like 2314! How can I compare this two value? Regards Otto
  13. Hello How can I detect if the date changes. In fact, I like to reset some value if I'm not anymore in the same day. Many thanks in advance for any help Otto
  14. Hello Joe, Many thanks in advance for your help. Link to download my first projet with VisiLogic. Regards Otto PS: Link removed. I found a solution
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