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  1. My question is straight and simple. -I need to know the best ways and the right program to access an Oplc trought the web. My client will need to have an access to the Oplc instaled at their client plant from their office. -i know that there is a lot of way to go trought this process but I need to know where to look first with the already available unitronics programs. now, in lost in helps files and documentation, if someone can give me a little hint, it would be helpfull. Thanks in advance
  2. I have finally found what was wrong and how to stay connected to my drive. I a set a Node guarding beat of 1 sec pulse (My network is only between a master and a slave so the fast timing is not critical) I have a sync pulse of 100ms pulse beat. (sb 7) Now I have a drive that stays in operationnal mode. With my setting, i have found out that cycling the sync fonction is usefull only if the data gather from the drive (drive status) need to be constantly refreshed. It was my case here. If you don't need the drive status constantly, you can use the sync on demand. At every sync, the drive send is pdo ( from the drive programation ) If you have a lot of node in your network, you have to calculate the frequency of the sync in function of this fact A node can send only one TPDOS between each sync pulse and recieive only one RPDOs in the same life time. If a node send two tpdos in one sync period, the communication fail. So, you have to calculate how many time it taking to your node to send data's and makes sure there is enough space in your sync period. The exact calculation is an hard process and is needed only if you have a very active network and can be find in CANINMOTION site (where all the can standard are describe. The only thing i can say about Canopen Protocol is this, everything must be perfect to work and if you cannot understand what is happening in the network unless you have a sniffer and, you have to be armed with a lot of patience if you want to dig in this stuff. Still, once it is working, it is a fast and efficient way to communicate.
  3. I' m currently working on a canopen comunication between a XVY Gefran drive and a vison 290. I have been through a lot of trial, search, reading an error. Now I'm able to keep the drive in operationnal mode. That is a lot considering there is no true help anywhere on the matter. The Oplc can do every NTM process I can retrieve SDO but still The PDO's doesn't seem to be sent or received It may come's from the drive itself but It may also come from a bad setting in the com Function Block. I wonder if you can give me a full example of a Canopen communication it would be great I don't care about the drive, i just need a visual of the windows (TPDO rx, RPDO, tx, NTM, EMergency) of every node. I need a good example to makes sure that the problem don't comes from the OPLC Also, the drive I'm working with need a sync for the PDO to be sent but i don't know if it is better to be cyclic or use the sync block at every time I'm sending stuff. The work will be on a flying shear so it will be also cyclic. The manufacturer says that is drive work on a 4ms based multiple ( the cycling time must be a multiple of 4) the 100ms pulse (SB 7) could be easily used to cycling. (My node guarding is at every second with a life time factor of 3) Do you think it will be best to use a cycling of the sync or not. (I can deactivate the sync time) Thank in advance Jonathan Tremblay-Lessard Promelec Inc. 514-334-0330
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