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  1. This is a good opportunity for you to check out the Help in Visilogic. The forum is mostly staffed by volunteers who are very helpful but also expect users to do a bit of digging on their own before they throw questions out there. Joe T.
  2. Tip - you can hang a subroutine call on the rail. You don't need SB 1 - this is not a Japanese PLC. Joe T.
  3. No. It's a little complicated and has to do with who is the Master and who is the Slave. The port number must be unique to each socket. Port 502 is the industry standard for Modbus IP but you can change that number on the Unitronics side. The port number is local - it took me a while to get my head around this when I first started playing with Modbus IP. Being a certified PLC dinosaur, most of my Modbus experience was with serial RTU where you don't have to worry about such things. But each Master socket can have a port number totally different than the port number on the device you are talking to. Remember - the port lives on the device. In UnitronicsLand, you can use any port number you want as long as you keep track of them. They're like slots in a massive mailroom. It looks like the PLC is always the Master in your application. So... PLC Master Socket 0 Port 502 asks for data from device 1 (socket unknown and not important) Port 502. PLC Master Socket 1 Port 503 asks for data from device 2 (socket unknown and not important) Port 502. I know. Clear as mud. And don't forget to leave port 20256 assigned to a socket so you can still talk to the PLC. After you've beat your head long enough on a Samba spec a V700 on your next project and you'll get 8 sockets. Way more headroom. Or migrate to UniStream, where Modbus is easy. I always ask people to post their code so we can have a look at things you're maybe not showing us. Joe T.
  4. Unitronics temperature modules return units in 0.1 degree increments, which is why your temperature appears to be 10 times too big. Add this to your logic and point your graph at MI 1 - Joe T.
  5. The input tag parameters are pretty much set in stone when you define a function, so I'm going to guess you don't get to make the array length dynamic. Maybe one of the Creators can chime in and verify. Is there a reason why you can't define the larger array as the input parameter and then not fill it all the way? It would add extra code, but you could initialize the array to zero before you loaded it and passed it and then figure out where in the array the zeros start to determine size. If the function is not overly complex I'd just make two that fits your needs. In PLC land we often have to make due with the tools we're given. Joe T.
  6. Clarify what you mean by "password time expired". Do you mean the password itself needs to be changed or the time the password screen is up has timed out? The password saving in the data tables is fairly straightforward. Look at the Help and download the UniLogic example programs - there are four data table programs included that may be helpful to you. Upload your program attempt so we can see what direction you're going. Joe T.
  7. Use a different socket and a different port. Socket 1:20256 is the default programming access and the V280 may be stomping on it. Try Socket 2:20257. Is your terminal program expecting a CRLF (0D0A) ETX at the end of the string transmission? Did you try adding a TCP/IP Scan block to your program and sending data back down? Joe T.
  8. @Lucas Btech- posts aren't visible until they are approved by a moderator. I deleted your other identical posts. I'm not sure where you came up with mailjet - I searched the forum and didn't find any other references. You need to use a non-SSL email service with the Vision series. Search the forum for "SMTP2GO" for what people have done with that service. This topic has come up more than once. Let us know what specific questions you have. Joe T.
  9. If you get the Pro version of the PLC (-B10) you can serve your graphics up via the Webserver and achieve your dreams. The HMIs in this case are PCs running browsers. Joe T.
  10. I totally forgot about that section, although when I look at it now I have "Timers values" checked and it still asked me. I'll do a more thorough analysis the next time I do this, which will be soon. Thanks for pointing it out. I still want the audio notifier. Then my computer can play this when it pauses.... Shrek repeat Joe T.
  11. You don't need any logic. Enable the VNC server on the USC-B5-B1 (it's under Password Management). On your USP-156 go to UniApps, turn on the VNC client, and point it at the IP of the USC. Let us know if you have more questions and post any programs you're having trouble with. Joe T.
  12. For starters, do you have the same model (V130-33-TR20)? How exactly are you connecting between your PC and the PLC? What exactly does it say on the screen? What operating system is on your PC and what version of Visilogic are you using? Joe T.
  13. Based on the values on your screenshot, MB 34 didn't come on so the INC block was not called. SI 37 is equal to MI 4095 so the Not Equal block is false. Joe T.
  14. Visilogic should run fine on XP. Post a screenshot of the error or let us know what the error number is. Joe T.
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