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  1. Search the Help for "audio". Choose the bottom topic - Project-Level Actions. You can then define an Action with an Event Trigger (bit tag) to Play Sound. You will need to copy the mp3 file to the media directory of your project and it will be downloaded. Post your program after you give it a try if you need help. Joe T.
  2. Thank you for posting your program. When you make a statement like this, you MUST include specific details. What is the value of "the bits"? Do you mean the value in MI 22? If so, what is it? What is "not the correct voltage"? What does it do? What are you expecting? There are several instances where you're putting more than one logical statement in a net. Any time you start a rung, start it in a new network. You had three separate STORE blocks in net 24, which may have compiled in a way you aren't anticipating. I separated these, but you need to go through your program and separate the others in nets 4 and 20. I am very curious as to the purpose of net 22. This is why I asked you to comment your program - we can't read your mind. You also need to go back and read the Help on the Linear function - you're stuffing the registers MI80..84 but not calling the Linear function to activate with SB 80. You need to set this bit for every instance of the Linear function you use. Make some edits and let us know how it works. Joe T. PID_APPLICATION_JT.U90
  3. Where are you located? Have you done the electrical design yet? A bit vague. Have you put together a more detailed test description with examples? A test flowchart would be good. You may want to trade your SM70-J-R20 for a -T20 and use small external 24V relays. I've written this kind of program, and a couple of tests at 100,000 cycles each on an inductive load like a solenoid will destroy the teeny internal relays fairly quickly. Let us know. Joe T.
  4. This is mostly a volunteer forum. You'll have to hold your horses until the sun rises on our part of the world. It will be much easier to help if you comment your networks with questions and post your program. Joe T.
  5. It's not that simple. The analog output is controlled by a D/A converter in the PLC. Go back and look at the specifier's guide for the -UA24 under that analog outputs section. If you have the output configured for voltage then you need to pump a number from 0-4095 to the mapped MI. So a value of 2047 should give you 5 volts. This level of questioning indicates you need some basic instruction on how PLCs work. Can you work with the person you bought this from to get some help? Joe T.
  6. There's an example for Ping in the Help. The socket you use must be set to ICMP- If this doesn't work post your program. Joe T.
  7. I highly suspect the USB adapter. You need something for your PC that uses the Prolific PL2302 chipset. The USB adapter Unitronics sells is part number MJ10-22-CS35. I played with several lower cost adapters because of course I know better and I can most certainly find something cheaper online. Those Unitronics guys were trying to rip me off. They worked for programming but not for OS updates. Turns out not all serial modes are emulated in the driver by the lower cost adapter manufacturers. When the OS is updated, Visilogic shifts to ASCII mode and the cheap adapters go "Duhh ... what's that?" and cease to work. So get another adapter and let us know. Or do what I do and find an old Dell Latitude D630 with a real serial port. I have four of them (super cheap on eBay) and they are still my field computers. They run Win 7 just fine. Joe T.
  8. Need more information. Does your V130 have an RS232 and a USB mini port? If so, which one are you plugged into? How are you connecting to your PC? Directly to USB port or through a USB to serial adapter? If an adapter, what is the brand and part number? This is the question I was asking. Joe T.
  9. Exactly how are you physically connecting to the PLC? If USB is involved you probably have a driver issue. We need to know all the details. Joe T.
  10. Search the Help for "bootstrap". It will tell you how to get the PLC into a mode that you can reload everything. Make sure you are using COM 1 on the PLC. Joe T.
  11. It just so happened I found a page that explained data types and their capacities for the C language. Unitronics uses the same type of data structures as C (and other languages) for MIs, MLs, MBs, and DWs. Here's a big hint - MIs are two byte signed integers. I'm trying to get you to figure out why your encoder is rolling over to negative values when it passes 32,767. Knowing this will raise your Programmer Power Level. It's got nothing to do with the encoder. Joe T.
  12. It's also under Tools in the tree. I recommend you look at some of the PID example programs under Help-> Sample U90 Projects. Joe T.
  13. @petter You really should have started a new post for this issue, but it's already been approved. You can export the application to a USB drive using the built-in UniApps. This is covered in the Help - search for "uniapps" and look at cloning. Joe T.
  14. @kratmel and @Ausman - you gave him the fix without explaining why, nor tried to get him to discover the answer for himself. You have not taught him how to fish. Anyone who gets into a programming language and gets paid to do it really needs to learn the data types and their properties, whether it be ladder logic in a PLC or a language on a computer such as C. @kikitron Here's your homework - look at this page- https://www.tutorialspoint.com/cprogramming/c_data_types.htm Then come back and tell us why the encoder values were doing what you observed and tell us a better way to do it. Joe T.
  15. Don't even bother with the Z pulse. A Unitronics HSC input can't handle it, as I recently discovered. If you read the fine print on the specification guide, setting one of the inputs to "Reset" turns it into a regular input with the speed limitations of scan time. In other words, you can't use it to reset the counter. It goes flying by too fast. Joe T.
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