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  1. 4-20mA sensor to 0-10V

    A 500 ohm resistor is the way to go. Or a 470, which is easier to come by and not a huge loss of resolution. You'll be scaling it anyway. Joe T.
  2. SD Clone with OS Downgrade

    Totally un-Unitronics comments- I'm still running RS Logix version 9 - last of the key disks. Works great. SLC 500 hardware is an eBay purchase. Joe T.
  3. proportional valve

    I'd use a couple of Linear blocks controlled by a register you increment containing total seconds. What is your ramp rate in % per sec? Or, better yet, could you draw a picture? Joe T.
  4. Stopwatch in VisiLogic

    I did use 9.8.64. I'll inform the Creators about the reverse compatibility issue. Joe T.
  5. Stopwatch in VisiLogic

    Timers are good until you need to extract information, like machine down time. Then it's time to make your own so you can do whatever you want with it. Unitronics doesn't have a built in stopwatch picture, so I Googled "stopwatch image" so I had something to put on the screen. Then I put my time calculation registers on top of it. Take a look at the attached program. Joe T. Stopwatch.vlp
  6. Modbus RS485 and Yaskawa V1000 VFD

    This thread is not Yaskawa specific, but may be helpful- Joe T.
  7. analog input programming question

    I've attached a program showing how to do what you want. I always use two displays for user changeable variable - one to view and one to edit. Press the right arrow on the Jazz to get to the edit screen. You'll see that SB 30 (entry complete) will take you back. The logic is very simple. If you haven't looked yet, there are tons of examples under the Help menu item - see Sample U90 projects. Joe T. Jazz upper limit.U90
  8. I don't know when this new version was posted, but I encourage everyone to go get it. A not-insignificant update is now THE LADDER NETWORKS ARE TWICE AS WIDE!!! Joe T. Voices-from-heaven-2.mp3
  9. Can you post both your old and new code? Joe T.
  10. UIA-0402N Flow Meter Wiring

    Let us know the manufacturer and model number of the transmitter. We can look it up and help. Joe T.
  11. Samba Screen sensitivity

    Good out-of-the-box thinking! I can't tell you how many times an end user has managed to screw up my "perfect" creation. The worst offender was one who used his handy box cutter to press buttons on the touch screen. Joe T.
  12. USB stick (DOK) is not recognized by PLC

    Make sure your stick is big enough. At least 8 GB. Joe T.
  13. Modbus TCP/IP Slave Configuration

    Modbus is limited to 125 registers per transfer by definition. Break your table into smaller blocks. Joe T.
  14. Jazz online error

    There is an online mode - click the little eyeglasses button at the top of the programming software screen. It would also help if you posted your code. Joe T.
  15. V350 and InTouch TCP/IP

    We've run into this problem communicating over modems. Your packet timeout is too short on the PLC side. Little known SI parameter - SI 101 TCP/IP retries base timeout. Factory defaults to 2 (200 ms). If you're on a local network this is plenty of time. Our testing with two GPRS modems and Wireshark showed a typical initial packet transition time of 500 ms through the cellular system. Your PLC is hanging up on the SCADA system. Set SI 101 to 10 and see what happens. Joe T.