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    Depending on the usage, they may have beat the ENTER key to death and that particular key has failed. If you can go on site, go into Info Mode and check whether SB 53 comes on when you press the ENTER key. You can not re-assign it. They should probably replace the unit. Joe T.
  2. Can you give us an example of the decimal value you want to round? Joe T.
  3. How to reset "Store direct"

    Sounds like you need to program a small sequence, now that you've told us what you're trying to do. Your button becomes a START button, which cycles the cylinder through it's movement. I've attached an example. I edited your I/O to have one button and two switches. You don't have to hold the button while the cylinder is moving. And you can't stop it mid-stroke - I'll leave that as an exercise for you. Joe T. P.S. @Flex727 - You know I love my state machines. test_analog-out_BL_JT.U90
  4. Problem with analog output

    Not the answer you wanted to hear, but I'm glad they reported back that there is problem with the module. At least you know you're not crazy. That way, anyway. Joe T.
  5. You're looking at a basic recipe program. This can be fairly easily done with a data table. Have you had a go at starting a program yet? Joe T.
  6. I couldn't pass this up. Joe T.
  7. Definitely the answer is no. I had a conversation with one of the Creators in Israel about this a few months ago. Something to do with the complexity of SSL and the Vision OS memory already being stuffed to the gills. You have to use a UniStream to get SSL. Joe T.
  8. Windows 8.1 invalid class

    I updated all my Win 8.x boxes to Win 10. There is still a way to do that- https://www.cnet.com/how-to/microsoft-windows-10-free-upgrade-offer-assistive-features/ I'm pretty sure you know this, but did you run the install program as Administrator? Joe T.
  9. Problem with analog output

    Did you actually forward your code and question to support@unitronics.com? The Unitronics home office is closed on Friday and Saturday. Joe T.
  10. Re-saved in 9.8.65. Joe T. Large Filter JT.vlp
  11. If the binary value output from your conversion code is working you can use the Vector - > Bits to Numeric function. Post your code so we can have a look. Joe T.
  12. Need to see the rest of the loadcell config and how your hardware is laid out. Please post your code. Joe T.
  13. Flex - You don't have any provision to remove old data. Your moving average will keep growing. Or if your new data is less than 100 it will be ignored. That's why you filter a lot of values. A couple of big-ish values shouldn't affect your average. Unless they're ridiculously large (bigger than the filter total), in which case you need to filter more values or put in logic to handle them. This has come up before so I chopped some code up from an old project and put it in a stand-alone file. I ran it with a data size of 100 values, but it can go as big as the MI table above 1000 will allow. Joe T.
  14. Analog Input Error

    Are the sensors loop powered or do they have separate power and source the signal to the module. Tell us what you have - manufacturer and model number. Put a meter in series with the analog input and read the actual current. If the sensors are sourcing the signal, you may have a ground potential difference between the module and the sensor. Joe T.
  15. Usually you set up a heartbeat bit. SB 147 does not guarantee that the Master was successful. The Master does a write and sets a bit in the PLC after it does a read. The PLC sees this bit and notes that communication is OK. Then it turns it off. The heartbeat bit is also running a timer. If the timer times out you know there hasn't been communication in a while. Joe T.