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  1. Joe Tauser

    AWS Greengrass Connectivity

    I do not (I had to look up Greengrass) but I am not a Unitronics employee. Try sending a query to support@unitronics.com to get an official answer. Joe T.
  2. Does this happen when you're trying to download a program? Joe T.
  3. Go the support@unitronics.com route and ask that it be forwarded to Israel, in which case the Creators will see it. Joe T.
  4. Joe Tauser

    AWS Greengrass Connectivity

    Not an out-of-the-box solution. The closest thing we have right now is MQTT. Joe T.
  5. Joe Tauser


    Posting your code would be even better. Joe T.
  6. please i need a brief info on subroutine.

    how it works and affect programs.


    1. NahumS


      What would you like to know on subroutines? What PLC/SW are you referring to?


  7. This can be caused by noise gremlins getting into the CPU via the I/O module. Do you have any VFDs in the system? Joe T.
  8. There are no system operands which contain this data. The MAC address method I've used returns the address of the PLC (contained in SDW 22 and 23) for router security configuration. Maybe the Creators know if a way to sniff the incoming TCP packets using the TCP_RAW protocol. The IP of the Master could be extracted from that. Joe T.
  9. They're talking about Port 1 on the PLC, which the USB port on the PLC takes over when you connect a cable. Your PC has mapped the adapter to its COM 3. In other words, you're OK. Go for it. Joe T.
  10. Make sure the OS is updated. There was one a while back that had a clock issue. Joe T.
  11. Joe Tauser

    Activation in UniStream

    I know nothing of the hardware activation. Can you elaborate? Otherwise, your points are well taken. We'll tickle some of the Creators to see that you are heard. Joe T.
  12. This is a question for the Creators. Cut and paste your above post and send it to support@unitronics.com. This forum is not an official representation of the Unitronics staff, although they do weigh in from time to time. Joe T.
  13. You've just repeated the PCOM protocol guidelines from the documentation. https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareUtilities/Unitronics PCOM Protocol.pdf So this tells me you're trying to implement a PC program to talk to Unitronics. This protocol is published to be embedded in a higher language program. But there are other easier ways to communicate with the PLC - the OPC Server, Modbus, and the .Net driver. I don't have the sample program you're looking for as I don't code at that level. When I want to talk to Unitronics with a PC program I use Visual Basic and an embedded Modbus control I purchased for $259.00 US. Way easier. What is the rest of your story? Joe T.
  14. Joe Tauser

    UNIOPC + Modbus RTU (COM port)

    This was bugging me so I asked support. Here is the response - So UniOPC does use PCOM. You would want to remove the Modbus logic if you're using UniOPC to a Unitronics PLC This is a muddy part of the Help. It is referring to an OPC server provided by somebody else (such as Kepserver) that uses Modbus as its protocol. Also known as a "Modbus OPC Server". This is not what UniOPC is. This is their way of telling us not to call Modbus continually from ladder logic if the Unitronics is the Master. The times are bases on the PLC model. Don't use 0.0 time. I can tell you from experience that you have to wait a bit between slave calls - I usually wait 0.1 seconds. Joe T.
  15. Joe Tauser

    UNIOPC + Modbus RTU (COM port)

    I have never personally used the OPC server so I can't speak from direct experience, but I did look at the OPC manual. The OPC server is a program that has been around for a long time, and I don't think it uses Modbus. I didn't see anything in the manual about setting up the PLC as a Modbus slave. The OPC Server probably uses the Unitronics PCOM protocol, and by using the COM INIT block and Modbus Config in the ladder logic you blocked the port to PCOM commands. As an experiment, try deleting COM INIT and the Modbus Config block if you still want to try it. Joe T.