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  1. Joe Tauser

    communication issues

    Interesting - that is a special OEM controller off an air compressor- https://meiinternational.com/collections/compressor-air-dryer-controllers/unitronics I'm guessing you bought this on eBay or Amazon and can't go back to your supplier for any assistance. You may locked out of uploading, as this is an OEM product. Tell us what driver files the system has assigned to your Gold X USB converter. Hopefully it has the Prolific PL2302 chipset - the FTDI chipset doesn't seem to work too well. @Flex727- the crossover flat cable is needed only if you're using a MJ10-25-cable adapter. If he wired the cable directly then the above connection diagram is correct. Quite frankly the best solution would be to get the Unitronics-approved USB adapter and programming cable. They're not expensive- MJ10-22-CS35 USB adapter RS232-CB1 programming cable What country are you in? Joe T.
  2. SCPI commands are just another kind of serial protocol, so the commands themselves aren't a problem. The question is whether or not the USB to GPIB converter will work as a stand-alone gateway or if a driver is needed. Joe T.
  3. Empirical data is the best data. The spec sheet says the module will go to 32 kHz, so I would hook one up and put a scope on it to verify this. You can also send an email to support@unitronics.com to get clarification. Joe T.
  4. Can you upload your program with what you've done so far? Then we can have a look. Joe T.
  5. Joe Tauser

    RJ45 to wifi

    We actually cut a thick (high-power) USB-A extender cable in half to give us a USB "socket" and then pigtail out the cable and connect the wires to a real DIN rail 5V power supply. Joe T.
  6. Nice request. You've put everything in the post we need to know about your problem. Thoughts that come to mind- 1. You are rolling your own Modbus TCP code and using the V130 as a standard. You've stated that it is mostly successful, which is good. If two things talking don't work the way you think they should, test one or the other. I would recommend installing a Modbus slave program on a PC and testing your code on that- Here's one I found with a quick search- https://www.modbustools.com/modbus_slave.html Then you can determine which is wonky - the PLC or your code. I have a bought-and-paid-for Modbus simulator that has proven invaluable over the years when I'm banging my head on why the PLC won't work in ModbusLand. It's usually because of some misunderstanding on my part of the PLCs Modbus idiosyncrasies. 2. The question of a V130 not doing Modbus right bothered me and I happen to have a V130 with an Ethernet card handy so I put a little slave program in and fired up my simulator. I set it up to write 16 "1"s to MB's 1200..1215. My simulator is 1-based so I start at address 1201- There are 16 "1"s in the value field separated by commas. It wrote the data properly to the PLC. So here's the command string - Very similar to yours, except what's that crazy "02" in front of the "FF FF" data? (The first part of the line is a time stamp, and this program doesn't show TCP packet data in the monitor). In your post, you mention a "dummy byte" in this position as part of the "hack". That's no dummy byte. You list several documents above, and you've demonstrated that you understand Modbus TCP is it really an old-school Modbus frame encapsulated in a TCP packet. There's one more document you need to consult, which is the original Modbus definition from Modicon- http://modbus.org/docs/PI_MBUS_300.pdf For your specific case, jump to the example on page 45- As you can see, your "dummy byte" is a required part of this command for Byte Count. It's mentioned in the 6.11 definition image in your post but it is not included in your "Simple Test" table. Hopefully this helps. Joe T. V130.vlp
  7. Joe Tauser

    pantalla negro

    The examples can be found here- https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/Support/UniLogic/UniLogic_Example_Projects.zip Let us know if you have any trouble. Joe T.
  8. Joe Tauser

    shaft resolver

    Generally the first two inputs on the main control can be configured for a quadrature encoder. But you haven't given us any information on your system - do you have which PLC you'll use specified yet? What is the make and model of your shaft resolver? Joe T.
  9. Joe Tauser

    Fatal Error

    This is most likely the source of the problem. The screen you are seeing is what happens when an inductive pulse finds it's way back into the I/O module and kicks the PLC's watchdog timer out. As kratmel suggests, install reverse-biased diodes across where the solenoids are connected to the I/O module. It's probably happening when you release two or more solenoids at the same time. Look at this post- http://forum.unitronics.com/topic/2735-flyback-diode/ And here's an explanation with pictures- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flyback_diode Joe T.
  10. Joe Tauser

    MODBUS APeriodic Indirect Trigger and Group Trigger

    I poked at the Modbus TCP slave configuration and arrived at the same conclusion. If you click on a field and the little pencil icon appears then it can accept a tag. Otherwise it needs a hard-coded value. Yes, it would be nice if you could indirectly specify the ID. Post this request in the "We're Listening" (sometimes) section of the forum or send it directly to support@unitronics.com. Joe T.
  11. Joe Tauser

    pantalla negro

    Translated- hello, I connect with PLC + HMI both powered with 24VDC, through the UNILOGIC program, the issue is that the screen looks like the previous image (the image is connected PLC + HMI with 24VDC, the problem is that you can not see nothing). The problem is with I can not see anything from the HMI screen, Any suggestions or help? Can you upload your program? Joe T.
  12. Joe Tauser

    pantalla negro

    Translated - Hello, I would like to ask you for help with the following problem. I have an unistream 15.6 "USC-P-B10 unitronics HMI screen, which has a built-in PLC on the HMI screen, the problem is that when feeding with a 24VDC source, the screen turns on but stays attached as it is attached to the image. Second, try to power the HMI screen without the PLC, and it throws an error that says: "CPU ERROR DETECTED" which gives two options to restart the screen or ignore. When ignoring, it leaves the screen stuck and when restarting, the same CPU error appears again. ANY SOLUTION OR RECOMMENDATIONS? PD: Download the latest version of UNILOGIC version 1.25.60 You can't power the panel without the CPU, as you've seen. I'm guessing from the picture that the screen is blank when powered up. Have you tried connecting to the unit with UniLogic? Who did you buy this from? I'd go back to them. Joe T.
  13. Not really. All the function blocks in the Vision were written by the Creators from the ground up to run on a microprocessor. Look at the barely-functional-in-today's-world Email block in the Vision. When it was created in 2005, SSL did not exist and it worked great. Along came SSL with a whole new set of rules and now their festive little block doesn't work anymore. Only four sockets. A joke of a webserver. Remote Access with a custom program via one of the sockets on a port that no IT department will let you open because it's in the wild. The UniStream platform actually has two CPUs - the panel is a Linux box and the "CPU" is another processor that runs a PLC logic solver as a thread on the panel. So all the functions that PCs do as mentioned above have been offloaded to an operating system that is supported by a much larger community that can keep up with the networking and security changes and requirements. All the other players are doing a similar thing on their HMI products - I know for a fact that AB PanelView Plus and Siemens Win CC run as a task on Win CE. I don't know what OS Weintek / Maple Systems uses but it is similar - an HMI program on a dedicated CPU. So the Vision series will continue to be a logic solver with a screen. Which is fine. Joe T.
  14. You are correct, sir. I have asked literally half a dozen times if the OS of the Vision could be pared to make room for new functionality. It's not going to happen. What I've noticed on the UniStream side of the forum is a large percentage of the questions have to do with non-PLC topics such as networking, serial communication, databases, remote control, and so on. The shift is for everything to be some kind of Internet appliance, and the Vision really isn't capable of that. If the masses are screaming for cake, they're not going to buy potatoes. Follow the money. Joe T.
  15. I'm guessing you want to show total run time. I'm not sure what this means. Anyway, program a minute pulse and then count the minutes while the pump is running in an ML. You can then divide it down for display in hours or whatever else you want. Try programming this and post your code. Joe T.