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  1. Joe Tauser


    Your Modbus block is timing out. Take a look at this post- Also, post your .vlp file rather than trying to describe your problem. It's much easier to look at your code. Joe T.
  2. The M-210 was discontinued long ago. None of the currently available software supports it. Contact support@unitronics.com - they may be able to help. Joe T.
  3. Joe Tauser


    I'm guessing when you say "a PTC sensor with 2 wires" you are talking about a thermistor. The PT100 input is designed for a 100 ohm DIN RTD - 100 ohms at 0 degrees C, 0.385 ohms/deg C. You'd actually have better luck designing a circuit to provide a voltage or current output based on the specifications of your sensor and the temperature range you are interested in. Joe T.
  4. You're going to have to contact the company that made the machine to fix this. Joe T.
  5. Upload your .vlp file. (Post your code) Joe T.
  6. Set up a list of texts by range. If you look at my State Machine example you can directly tie the step pointer to the text display. Joe T. @Jeff164 I (and the other codgers) are always happy to look over and help with code you've written. I was anticipating a "Please send me an example step-by-step" response, and that was not fair to you. I apologize for my un-earned gruffness.
  7. Define "Selector". If you're talking about something like an HOA switch, I've put a graphic by pointer object on the screen and placed small invisible boxes with touch properties right at the corners of the graphic. Then get a picture out of the Unitronics library of the selector in each of the positions. When you touch one of the corners or the center of the graphic, the PLC logic writes a number to an MI corresponding to "Hand", "OFF", or "AUTO". You can then use equal blocks looking at the MI to set coils in your program. No, I'm not going to post an example, yet. If this is something you want to do I want you to try to make it. Then post your code (.vlp file). Also dig into the example projects under the Help menu. There's a lot of good stuff in there. Joe T.
  8. You have to have a copy of the PLC program (the .vlp file) with the data table in it. Do you have this? Joe T.
  9. Joe Tauser

    8AI/0 for M91-2-T38

    You're supposed to call SB 80 last (in a separate net) after you've loaded SI 80 .. 84. If you're variable isn't changing fast your code will work fine, it's just kind of backwards. Joe T.
  10. Yes. If you want to post both .vlp files after you've changed them we can be of more help. Joe T.
  11. Please clarify this. The screens you show are from Info mode, which you need a password to get into. It is used to view and change the raw memory of the PLC. If your workers were screwing around here you have a problem we can't fix. Typically the application has input on the various screens, which are designed for the data the programmer wanted changed. Where exactly were your workers changing data? Joe T.
  12. Do you have the plc program? It will be a file with a .vlp extension. Joe T.
  13. You've already mentioned that you set the jumpers - they are correct. Verify you have +24V on terminals VA and 0V on the other side of the module. As a sanity check, put a jumper wire between T+ and T- on channels 0 and 1. This should give you ambient temperature in tenths of a degree. Let us know. Joe T.
  14. The V130 has four sockets. Socket 1 defaults to port 20256, which is what the app uses. You can initialize the other three to TCP slave connections, but each has to have a unique port number. This means four things can communicate with it over Ethernet simultaneously but each thing needs to use a different port. The only Vision that has more is the V700, which has eight. UniStream does not have this limitation. Joe T.