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  1. Joe Tauser

    Test High Speed input / output

    This can certainly be done. I looked through the examples and didn't find one for this application, but it shouldn't be too hard. Look over the data sheets and determine which outputs are high speed and then connect one to one of the inputs. Take a swing at it and post your program so we can help. Joe T.
  2. Cellular router for the mobile locations - Sierra RV50X. Joe T.
  3. Joe Tauser

    Multiple PID Loops

    I have written a program running 24 PID loops which worked fine. You do have to provide a separate memory allocation for all the MI's (including the auto-tuners) for each one. Post your program so we can have a look. Joe T.
  4. Joe Tauser

    Support for 3G Modem

    Send your modem model and any other details that may be helpful to support@unitronics.com Joe T.
  5. Joe Tauser

    help needed for programing

    This is much easier if you put Ethernet cards in all your PLCs and network them. Then give us an idea of what you mean by "control them all". Do you want to see or change data on all the PLCs at the same time on one PC? If so, then hotwires' suggestion on some HMI software is the best way to do it. Joe T.
  6. Joe Tauser

    VNC operation does not set General.Touched Bit

    Understand that the forum is not the official Unitroncs support channel - it is manned by volunteer users and sometimes gets visited by Unitronics employees. I suggest forwarding your bug to support@unitronics.com for an official response. Joe T.
  7. Joe Tauser

    Unitronics on TV

    I have the Netflix.
  8. Where did you get a virtual PLC? Joe T.
  9. Joe Tauser

    Unitronics on TV

    Screenshot, boys. Screenshot. Joe T.
  10. Send your application to support@unitronics.com and they'll have an official look at your problem. Joe T.
  11. I am a distributor. There is a two year warranty on Unitronics hardware. I'd contact your supplier. Schematics are not available anywhere, so this is a risky endeavor at best. Joe T.
  12. Stay out of Info Mode for this sort of thing. You can use sockets to have up to four simultaneous Ethernet connections to the same PLC. If you really need to change the IP address you can re-init the card from logic - there's no rule that the card can only be initialized on startup. Post your program and I'll hack it up for you to show you what I'm talking about. Joe T.
  13. It sounds like your V290 has failed. Do you have a spare? Joe T.
  14. Can you post your program so we can see the rest of the details? Joe T.
  15. The commons of the sensor and PLC power supplies must be connected together. Can you post an electrical drawing of your wiring? Joe T.