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  1. Also look at SI 103 .. SI 108 which are internal timers to close socket after a period of silence. Try disabling your timer networks and setting SI 105 to 600 to achieve the same results. If your system is the Master use SI 109. If you open the Help and search for "SI 105" you can navigate your way to a more thorough description. Joe T.
  2. You can have up to four sockets on a Vision. But that's not your problem. To use the SMTP protocol the mail sender must also be capable of SSL (secure socket layer) encoding to use outlook: Almost all of the email services (gmail, etc) have gone to SSL which was conceived and implemented after the Vision product was released. I have brought this up to the Creators and this is a complex problem that is not going to be added to the Vision OS. So you can't send email from the Vision unless you have your own non-SSL email server. You'll have to go to a UniStream if you want to send email this way. Joe T.
  3. I do not. I probably wouldn't promote it if I did - I get very suspicious of people who don't respond to my questions. Joe T.
  4. No, not really. It's just something I do for my logical mind - "don't scan until after you configure". Joe T.
  5. Leave Socket 1 mapped to port 20256 and don't use it in your program. Visilogic uses these for programming over Ethernet. Actually, the default is 502 but it can be any port. And the Master and Slave don't have to be the same, you just have to know what the number is on each side. @Edilson Adriano Lucas - you didn't post any documentation links to cfw011 so I didn't dig into the specifics of it's communication. I'm guessing from looking at your program that you've already figured out the register map. I hacked on your code a bit for the socket assignment. I picked port 503 on the PLC side using local Socket 3 to talk the the VFD on it's port 502. If all this port / socket stuff sounds confusing that's because it is. Especially for someone new to Ethernet communications who's trying to understand Modbus and wondering why the PLC can't talk to whatever they want because their computer has no problem with this. The UniStream series buries all this under the hood and is much easier to configure. Anyway, off my soapbox. You have to get what you have working. Let us know your further questions. Joe T. TestModbusCFW11_JT.vlp
  6. I've never had any luck getting the Data Table RAW function to work. Have you played with the regular data table read row function? Look in the Help under Examples and navigate your way to the Data Table directory. If you have questions post your code. Joe T.
  7. You're experiencing the "Lost Window" phenomenon, most often caused by doing development on a dual-monitor system and then switching to a single monitor such as a laptop. Short answer - press "Alt-Space" (together) then release and press "M". Then you can move the window with your arrow keys - just try holding different ones until it shows up. It's an ancient Windows key trick that still works. Check out this page: https://winaero.com/blog/how-to-move-a-window-using-keyboard-only-in-windows-10-and-other-versions/ Joe T.
  8. To format the number in the data table, select one of the actual data elements and right-click- Choose Format, which opens the Number Format dialog- + 1 on the Row Height adjustment.... Joe T.
  9. It is not possible to dynamically position an image in UniLogic or load it into a data table. Unfortunately, the end user is going to have to settle for something simpler that you can achieve with the tools we have. What they want requires a development environment with more graphics horsepower, like .NET. Joe T.
  10. Call the A. TUNE CONFIG block with a normally open SB2 powerup bit. The config block is stomping all over your other PID blocks because it's always "configging". Joe T.
  11. Read all the Help on Data Tables to create something to show your log. Joe T.
  12. I'd pack the bits into an MI or ML in the PLC first. What model of PLC are you using? Does WinCC have a method to convert an integer to a bit array inside itself? Joe T.
  13. An M90 is not a communication powerhouse and it's obsolete. The PCOM protocol (available elsewhere on this site) is the only way to talk to it. It sounds like you are comfortable making web pages. True? Options: 1. You could theoretically roll your own interface in a C program with the protocol and hooks to your html front end. A LOT of work. 2. You could upgrade the M90-T to an M91-2-T1, which can talk Modbus. Then you could find a free SCADA software package like VTScadaLIGHT and make your screens using their tools and talk to the PLC. This is the easiest solution, but you don't get to run html in Chrome this way. 3. Convert the whole thing to UniStream and host the web pages on the PLC itself. Joe T.
  14. Thanks for the follow-up. I was looking at compatibility mode for a different program and it works by running a virtual machine inside Windows. What you've proven here is that it slows things down considerably, which is good to know. Joe T.
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