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  1. Copy the text of your post and send it along with your program to support@unitronics.com Joe T.
  2. Does it have contactors in it or external inductive loads? A VFD? Joe T.
  3. I looked at the program you posted on Monday and noticed that your SD Create Line block was stomping on itself - you had the beginning of the vector at MI 15 and the number of bytes register at MI 16. You have the Max vector length set as 100 bytes, so you have to have a block of 50 sequential MIs that you don't do anything else with. Pick a block high in the MI memory - it doesn't matter where. I use the drop-down box in the MI selector to put the same descriptor on several MIs at once- Post your latest program that was used to create TEST33.csv. Joe T.
  4. Joe Tauser

    PLC not Calculating Totals properly

    The data type on either tag may be different - we can't tell this from your picture. Either post your program or post a screenshot of each tag definition. Joe T.
  5. It sounds like you haven't configured your hardware. Attach your .vlp file. Joe T.
  6. Your Send block in Net 8 of the IN routine is configured to only send 8 registers - hence only the first ATC8 module's data. I changed it to 16. A Send can only handle 16 registers, but there's no rule that you can't have more than one Send block, so I added a second one for the third module. I see you left the Send block in from the example, which collects the non-existent digital inputs and places them into MI 2000. You don't need this Send or the Struct, so I disabled them. Feel free to delete these nets from the Example if your application is working. UniCAN can be confusing. Go through all the Help again to get a better understanding of it. I'll leave it as an exercise for you to add the third ATC 8 module. Joe T. P796-EX-RC1_Hospital JT.vlp
  7. I opened both the files and there is only one line. Are there supposed to be more? Also, type out in your post what a line is supposed to look like in the .csv file. Joe T.
  8. Don't call the Read and Write functions continuously. Once per read or write is enough. I reconfigured your table and gave you some buttons to run through it to manipulate the row pointer. Study each network and open the Read and Write Row tables and look through them. If you want to display a string you have to specify a vector of MIs as each one can only hold two ASCII characters. Joe T. test JT.vlp
  9. The Modbus section is in appendix B. Please verify that you have set the switches and parameters according to pages B-1 to B-5. Verify that you have the jumpers on the V350 set to RS485 as outlined in the V350 Installation guide. Tell us what the VFD slave ID is set to (C072) and verify your serial cable connection - the drive is an RJ45 8 pin and the PLC is an RJ11 6 pin. Pin 5 of the VFD cable should go to pin 1 of the PLC cable, and pin 6 of the VFD cable should go to pin 6 of the PLC cable. The jumpers and PLC cable diagram are on page 7 and 8 of the V350 Installation guide. Then tell us exactly what you want the PLC to tell the drive. Referencing pages and commands in the Hitachi manual would be helpful. Joe T.
  10. I'm not understanding what you're saying here. Joe T.
  11. Something isn't right - the delimiters you're specifying are not appearing in your excel sheet. Post your program and one of the .csv files it makes. Joe T.
  12. I asked you to post your program and find a link to the needed Hitachi Modbus documentation. I'm not going to go digging to support a product I don't sell (Hitachi). And you you need to upload your .vlp file to show that you are trying to solve this yourself as well. Joe T.
  13. I stand corrected. Maybe I should stock some Gaffer tape and put a JTA / Unitronics part number on it. Joe T.
  14. Your RC15 program isn't including them in the STRUCT collect block, as I only saw DW 22 and DW32. So they're not being sent. UniCAN is a one-way transmitting protocol - the V1210 can't "read" the RC15. What exactly are the addresses of the Run bits you want sent back to the V1210? Joe T.
  15. In net 2 you have Socket 0 Connect four times to different IP addresses. You can't do this - the socket can only connect to one at a time. And you have to close the socket each time. You should also use a positive transitional for this, as the Socket won't talk while it's Connecting. It looks like want to talk to the valves every 5 seconds. You also don't have a coil for MB 435 Socket 0 Close. You may need a short delay (0.1 s) before switching IP addresses to another valve to let the Modbus finish. I put this into one of my State Machines as this is what I do for fun on a Saturday night and this is a good example for other users. The pointer / Equal block method allows more control. I did this in VisiLogic 9.8.79. Let us know if it works. Joe T. sample1040tcpip JT.vlp