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  1. Joe Tauser

    Jazz JZ20-J-R16-Y database

    @Flex727 - the old M90's have a 1024 register "database". You had to use special system functions to get to it. Joe T.
  2. Whenever you have a question on why a program does something please upload your program. Joe T.
  3. Joe Tauser

    V350 & IoT/ MQTT

    MQTT has been rolled out in the UniStream family. It would probably be easiest to start fresh with that product. Joe T.
  4. This has come up before with Win 10 - download the latest driver directly from Silicon Labs: https://www.silabs.com/products/development-tools/software/usb-to-uart-bridge-vcp-drivers Joe T.
  5. Joe Tauser

    Unilogic V 1.24.48

    I had an older version on this computer and just downloaded and installed 1.24.56. I then downloaded the latest examples (v1.24.48). Most of the examples were created with older versions of UniLogic, but I was able to open them. What is the exact problem you are having? You may need to download the latest version of UniLogic. There were a couple of bugs when they went from 1.23.n to 1.24.n. Joe T.
  6. Joe Tauser

    IO Module Structure Tag

    There is information in the Help under Hardware Configuration such as "I/O Modules: Status and Error Messages". Each module has it's own list. Other than that, the tag descriptions are fairly verbose. Is there something specific you are looking for? Joe T.
  7. Joe Tauser

    Jazz JZ20-J-R16-Y database

    So are you saying that you downloaded the program and there is indeed a database in the Jazz? That would be good to know. Joe T.
  8. Joe Tauser


    @Yunchag- Hopefully you have the equipment in hand to test your work. Read the Help on how CANbus works if you haven't already. Look at the example program for the EXF-RC15 as I posted above- Help->Examples->Version 900->Project Examples->Communications->EXF-RC15. Configure your V350 and EXF-RC15 programs to the best of your ability and post them here with an explanation of what you want the -RC15 to do. Then we can help. Joe T.
  9. Unfortunately, the Complex webserver was code donated by a user and not written by Unitronics. It is full of locked subroutines, as you know, that manually respond to incoming tcp strings. "Complex" is an understatement. I'd start by looking at your socket configurations and make sure port 80 mapped as in the original example. If you want to post what you're working on we can have a look. If you really need your controller to be a webserver you need to migrate to the Unistream series Joe T.
  10. Joe Tauser

    m91-2-ua2 Temperature in ladder diagram

    You configure the analog input to a thermocouple type and assign an MI to it. The temperature will be returned in actual degrees x 10. Post the PLC program you're working on. Joe T.
  11. There's a difference between errors and warnings. The program will still download if you have warnings (yellow exclamation) but not errors (red)> Warning 46 goes away if you set the power-up value of SB 168 to "Set". Error 73 will never go away. Unitronics allows you to do loops but also reminds you not to be an idiot and spend too much time in any one loop. Error 702 is a hardware definition problem. What exact problem are you still having? Joe T.
  12. You're limited using a serial port to initiate commands to either a Protocol Send Block or a Modbus Write block. Neither allows you to attach a file, but using Protocol Send you could send one line at a time. Joe T.
  13. This post belongs in the UniStream section. Please start a new thread next time. Yes, UniStream can host web pages from itself. Look in the Help under "web server" Joe T.
  14. How did we go from analog input programming to asking for a sample SCADA system? @alagbawale- this is how we make our living - programming this sort of thing. I was under the impression you were open to trying to learn programming on Unitronics. A SCADA system is quite a high level project. We do not give away samples. Joe T.
  15. First you need to scale your analog input that you have your RTD connected to. What are the specs on your RTD transmitter? From the -T20 specifications: You've mapped MI 0 to Analog Input 0. So at 4 mA MI 0 will return 204, and at 20 mA it will read 1023, which is the output from the 10 bit A/D converter. You need to know what real temperatures that corresponds to and us a LINEAR block to do the scaling before you feed it into the PID block. Read the Help on how this block works. A common spec for an RTD transmitter is 4/20 mA = 0 - 250 C. Here's how the LINEAR block should look for this scaling: The PID CONFIG block should only be called once at startup, and the input should be the scaled temperature: You have to put values in the input parameters before the PID block will function. You can use the power-up values to eliminate setting them with the program. Now the big question - do you know how PID works? The output of the block will be an analog value that will span between the Control Value high and low limits. I put some in for you, but if you don't understand what they mean you need to spend some time reading ALL the Help on the block. You'll probably have to convert the output to some kind of time proportional signal to drive a discrete output. You'll also have to run Auto-Tune or set the P, I, and D parameters manually while it's running. Joe T. Termotunel JT.vlp