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  1. The JZ20 series has a built-in USB port that uses the SiLabs CP210x driver. Did you try plugging a USB mini cable into that port? It will show up as a different COM port on your device manager. Joe T.
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    Actually..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_Guidance_Computer The V130 has more horsepower than this. I listened to this book about the space program on audio- http://www.craignelson.us/books/rocket-men/ The actual landing of the lunar module on the moon was done by the astronauts. The landing site initially selected wasn't what NASA thought it was - it was full of boulders and Neil Armstrong had to manually fly the lander sideways for quite a distance to clear them. There are just some circumstances with too many unknown variables that a computer can't handle. J
  3. Are you continually calling the configuration block? It should be called only once but always scanned - the Help says both Config and Scan should be in the Main routine. Post your code so we can see what's going on. Joe T.
  4. Post as much information as you can on your external keypad - manufacturer, model, data sheet, schematic, and anything else we'll need to help. Joe T.
  5. Understand that this is a volunteer forum. You can always send your questions to support@unitronics.com. When you ask for help, you'll get a quicker response if you post a link for the manual of the device you're trying to talk to. This is professional courtesy; otherwise we have to go digging to try to help you with something you bought from another vendor. If we have time. So this is what you should have put in your post- http://files.danfoss.com/download/Drives/Vacon-100-Modbus-User-Manual-DPD00156D-UK.pdf I do appreciate the photo of your com cable - it is made correctly for RS485. Did you enable Modbus protocol in the drive? (pg 23) Unitronics Modbus is zero based, while a lot of devices are 1-based - try reading address 2102. When you activate your test bit, does status MI 2 go to 5 or 0? Did you try swapping the A & B wires on the RS 485 port on the drive? Joe T.
  6. If you don't get a response on the forum you can send your request to support@unitronics.com. The forum is mostly manned by volunteers. You need to be more clear in your problem considering you are mixing a Visilogic program for the RC15 and UniStream program to control it. Where exactly is the status 5 occuring - in the RC15 or the UniStream? Attaching your programs is also very helpful. Joe T.
  7. I don't think the JZ-RS4 is isolated. You're probably connecting your 0V terminal to their ground via the communication cable. Connect 0V from your system to the common on the DC power supply in their system with a wire and see what happens. Joe T.
  8. You can't access the object's coordinates from logic. You'll have to use a list of images in kind of a cartoon animation. Joe T.
  9. An IR camera is no where near as accurate as an RTD probe due to variances in emissivity of the surface being looked at and the setting in the IR sensor. In fact, an RTD or thermocouple is to calibrate all IR devices. I'm not sure how you're using the Fluke 289, as it does not have 4-wire lead compensating resistance. I would believe what the RTD module is telling you over the other two instruments. Joe T.
  10. You can't. I've asked for the font size and row height to be user settings. Hopefully soon. Joe T.
  11. Your best bet is to send a request directly to Unitronics - support@unitronics.com. The forum is mostly manned by volunteer users- if someone as done it they can help you but you may not get a quick response here. Joe T.
  12. @cmarcus - Did you write a specific and separately running program in C# using the .NET driver to hook into an SAP system? Joe T.
  13. I don't know enough about SAP to answer that. What are the methods used to link? Joe T.
  14. Famed Unitronics user Ash Neilson developed this a few years back and I'm guessing from this post it's back on the market and you can actually buy it. His original website is no longer working but apparently you can get it here - https://www.plc-apps.com/products/virtual-plc-simulator You'll notice the developer website and the contact link don't work. I've tried contacting him on the old link and never gotten a response. @hEllberg - this is NOT an official Unitronics product and if you need help with the simulator program itself you'll have to deal with the supplier. I really do hope that the simulator works for you. Keep asking questions about the programming of the Unitronics PLC and we'll do the best we can to help you understand. Joe T.
  15. No. The UniStream does not have a shell built into it that users can access. That would allow someone to create all kinds of havoc with the under-the-hood PLC file structure. The closest thing is the VNC server - I have not tried logging in from a VNC client on a linux box but it does work with a VNC client on an Android phone. Joe T.
  16. There is no webinar on this topic because it is outside the scope of what Unitronics should be expected to cover. You have to have IT skills to do this. This is why IoT drives me crazy, as you have to really know what you're doing to make it work and the implication from vendors is it's plug and play. The short version is you need a static IP of the site where the PLC is installed. This IP should be that of router connected to the Internet. Then you set up the Network Address Translation (NAT) table inside the router to point the ports Unitronics is looking for (usually 20256) at the local IP of the PLC. Look at the specific Help on your router on how to do this. Joe T.
  17. Use a NO contact of SB2 in the main routine to call the display you want. Joe T.
  18. I have a customer asking for this. As no one truly knows how to link to an SAP system (they just know they want it) we are using .CSV files created on the SD card as a data interface. These files can be read and written by a another system using the UniStream's ftp server. Joe T.
  19. Look at the Help on Clock and Email and take a swing at it. Post your program and we can help you. Note that the Email in Vision series PLCs only works with non-SSL email servers. These are getting very hard to find in the public domain - for example you can't do it with gmail. Joe T.
  20. Calling a UDFB is done from ladder, and you can call it from a positive transitional. It will only solve once if you do so and the references to any bits passed to the UDFB will be transitional by inference. If you need transitional functionality then you use a function (AKA subroutine) that is called continuously from the Main (Function 1). What exactly are you trying to do? Joe T.
  21. I have found the Vect. Linearization block most useful in Visilogic for dealing with applications involving temperature. For example, how do you get rid of that pesky decimal point on a whole thermocouple module in one fell swoop? Here's how- So when I'm translating this application to UniStream I discover this block is missing. The Help on the UniLogic describes how an array can be passed as a parameter, but it doesn't mention that only one element of the array can be passed. I spent a fair amount of time trying to specify my thermocouple structure as the input argument to the Linearize block to no avail and eventually contacted support. No, you can't pass a whole array. So having learned my lesson from the PWM block I went looking in the examples. Sure enough, one of the Creators had wisely made an example app containing the "Linearize Array" UDFB, which is set up to handle a 16 element array. Make sure all your variable structures and data types match when you're using any UDFB. On top of removing the decimal, my customer made the totally unreasonable request of being able to convert all the temperatures from F to C from a button on the screen. Fahrenheit rules the world! No, wait a minute, it doesn't. Anyway, here's what I came up with using the UDFB- Remove the decimal. Notice that the convert F to C block does it automatically- Now the first time I did this, I realized that all the user setpoints were still in the units entered. So we have to convert all those, too. I do like how the input parameters are easily recognizable and editable using the UDFB. And good times where had by all. Joe T. Linearize Array.ulle
  22. Take a step back and verify your electronics. You may have a ground potential difference, especially if the transducer and the PLC have different power sources. Disconnect the thermocouple. Hook up your transducer in series with a DMM and measure the current. Hook the thermocouple back up and see if it changes. Joe T.
  23. @Hasmukh - Kudos on your chutzpah posting an AB question on the Unitronics forum. You realize Unitronics has more bang for the buck than AB, right? 😁 And an Omron HMI? That's just painful. You should be able configure both serial ports as DF1. Years ago I had to make a SLC 5/04 with only one port talk to two HMIs. The port mux I used is no longer available, but what you're looking for is a "serial port multiplexer". You could pony up the cash for one of these- https://www.prosoft-technology.com/Products/Gateways/DF1-Master-Slave/DF1-Serial-Port-Expander-Gateway I also found this- https://www.conferenceroomav.com/kramer-/vp-14.cfm?gclid=Cj0KCQjwyoHlBRCNARIsAFjKJ6AxlKz6kFB4Wz9GMkwcu4BAH3B4CcTiddT_ms7-RxFUpNEXpuNvzQ0aAlpIEALw_wcB Joe T.
  24. So is your flow sensor a pulse or an analog input? Your logic indicates both types. Either way, tell us the scaling for more clarity. Joe T.
  25. This feature has been asked for recently. +1 on its handiness. All posts need to be approved by a moderator until Cara decides you are worthy and mature enough to approve your own posts. Joe T.
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