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  1. I was able to create two RS485 slaves under the Master tree without a problem. You may have master and slave reversed in your mind where you are defining "slaves" under the Slave tree, in which case you are telling the UniStream that it has to be a slave with more than one personality. Which will not work. I think your configuration needs to be fixed. Upload your program so we can see the rest of the story. Joe T.
  2. Where has the time gone....? I haven't looked at the forum for a couple of days. Must have been in some kind of CoronaComa. Anyway, yes, you should be able to get near 400 Hz with the 1.25 ms interrupt routine. Don't forget to put your counting logic in the routine as well, as just reading the input doesn't guarantee that the main program will see it. My usual response- write some code and upload your program so we can see what you're doing. This does NOT mean screenshots. This thread has followed the usual path of wandering posts postulating about what may work. Engineers and Programmers (often the same thing) these days seem to want to avoid the real solution to the problem - hook it up with the proper tools and see if it works. The proper tool here is an oscilloscope monitoring the pulses while you look at it online, which will give you concrete information as far as pulse widths and frequencies. General rant directed at the community-- "But my boss won't buy me a scope!" This is a cop-out. Invest in yourself - a USB scope with the bandwidth required for PLC work is less than $100 on Amazon. What does that cell phone cost you? Joe T.
  3. I'd send a request to support@unitronics.com for this one. Joe T.
  4. Yes on the 24 hr time trigger. The facility (client) must ask for the data. This is the script your IT guy must do on whatever interval you want. Handshaking and triggering the transfer needs to be figured out between you two - maybe write a small file on the SD card when it's ready that he polls your server and looks for. He can delete it after he's read it. But this is a matter for your guy to decide - my experience with IT is you can't tell them anything about their job if you're not one of them. Feel free to post your program if you start getting into specific questions. It greatly improves the answer accuracy. Joe T.
  5. Server - it's the one "serving up" the files. Setting it up is under PLC Communications->Protocols->FTP->FTP Servers. I think you can probably handle it from there. To test it, put an ftp program on your PC like FileZilla and log into the UniStream to see all your files. Your IT guy should be able to handle getting the files off it. Unless you're the IT guy, then that's another topic. Joe T.
  6. A Samba really doesn't have the horsepower to push a servo system. I would use a V700. Don't shoot yourself in the foot based on price. Other than that all you need to do to drive servos is add a CANbus card and download Visilogic 9.8.90. You can add an -EX3 snap IO card for up to four thermocouples on the V700. Joe T.
  7. I am grumpy about 70% of the time, but I do appreciate your kind words. I can definitely post a smile emoticon. Joe T.
  8. OK, now you've confused the hell out of me with your logic. Do you mean that the input goes low (NPN type) on a pulse? This is why I always ask people to attach their program to their post. We know nothing about MI 63 other than what you've shown us. Let's talk it through.... Rising edge of I0 (count pulse) -> If MB 17 is off reset the count (?) to 0 -> Turn on MB 17. MB17 will be on for only one scan. So MB 17 NC will always be TRUE and your count will always reset. Am I missing something here? Joe T.
  9. Here's an example in Visilogic where I calculate a flow rate for a dispensing gun given the time it's on and the weight of the product dispensed. There are two guns in the system. Gun 1: ML 7 is a scratch register that contains the result of MI 21 x 6000. I immediately use that value in the DIV block. Then I don't care about it anymore. The STL View shows how the PLC actually solves this network: The line following the MUL instruction is STore the output of it in ML 7. This happens immediately, and the PLC retrieves it in order from the same memory location (ML 7) it just wrote it to. This also shows why it's a good idea to look at the STL View when a network doesn't act how you think it should. It will show the real operation flow. This is also why you shouldn't get overly complicated with your networks. You don't win any prizes for cramming a whole bunch of logic into one net. Gun 2: There's ML 7 again, holding the result value for only the few microseconds that I care about. I can use this same register as many times as I want for this purpose. This same scratch register technique applies to Jazz or any other brand of PLC. Move the data into your working registers and then move it out. Joe T.
  10. What you're describing does indeed sound like there may indeed be a hardware problem. Search the Help for "bootstrap". Get your PLC into this mode and try loading the OS and then follow Flex's suggestion. If the loaf reappears, you probably have a bad PLC. Joe T.
  11. Enable the FTP server on the UniStream. Then you can put a script on your server to retrieve it. Joe T.
  12. Not at all. I do that all the time for intermediate calculation buffers. The only time I put different MIs in the middle of a calculation is on the rare occasion that my code doesn't work perfectly the first time and I need to figure out where the problem is. Joe T.
  13. These are what we use- https://www.nktechnologies.com/dc-current-transducers/dt-3-wire-current-transducers/ You can take the 50A sensor and wrap five turns through it to get a 10A transducer. Joe T.
  14. Unitronics does not sell gearboxes directly. In the US, they recommend the follow gearbox supplier: http://www.apexdynamicsusa.com/ They have a multi-language option on their webpage, so I'm guessing they are international. They have included the Unitronics motor part numbers in their configuration tool. Joe T.
  15. By this I mean upload your program with your post so we can see the whole thing. Joe T.
  16. You change the value in the CV output to a digital output using PWM. Check the Help on that and then post your program with any questions. Also, look at the Help on "power-up". You can set the value of and MI when the PLC powers up - you don't need all those Store blocks. Joe T.
  17. You need to go into CANbus land using EX-RC1s for this one, even if it's in the same panel. Each EX-RC1 can support 8 modules. I just did a test configuration with 8 IO-AI8s, which will give you 64 inputs per drop. You can have up to 59 EX-RC1s talking to one master, although I've never personally done more than 4. Joe T.
  18. Just show this to someone in marketing...... Joe T.
  19. You can't always get what you want. RS485 is designed to be a multi-drop parallel network, not a star topology. It sounds like you've already empirically determined how many com modules you can hang off the back of a UniStream. Let us know what kind of sensor you're using. The obvious alternative is an Ethernet connection of some kind. If that is not an option then kratmel has suggested the best solution with a multi-port serial server. Joe T.
  20. If you look in the Help under the Modbus functions, you will eventually find the Slave Address tables. Here is the one for registers- ML 0 = 7000h, which translates to Modbus register 428672 + 1 = 428673. Hopefully you can handle six digit Modbus register numbers. Joe T.
  21. A frequency of 1 Hz (as kratmel pointed out in your post from yesterday) is way too slow for PWM of a motor, whether it's designed to handle it or not. We still don't know exactly what you're doing. Please post the latest version of your program. Joe T.
  22. Let's go to a lower level. Are you able to download the program via the USB cable? If you can attach the program to a post we can have a look at your configuration. Joe T.
  23. No. The ladder logic between the U90 and the Vision series is similar, but the HMI is totally different. You have to re-design how the screens work and flow on the Vision. When I've moved a U90 application to a Vision I just sucked it up and had both applications open on two monitors, re-entering the logic from the U90 manually into Visilogic and then making new displays. Joe T.
  24. It doesn't cost anything, but your pound of flesh to use the software unencumbered and unmolested (AKA "registered") is your user information for marketing. Nothing is TOTALLY free. It's a fair trade, and you only have to do it the first time you set up UniLogic on a computer. Emailing Support should get you a registration key. Joe T.
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