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  1. In hyperterminal an invisible carriage return is added. Try adding that to your Send message- If that doesn't work change your length to 2 and add a "LF" (0A) as well. Joe T.
  2. You do not have translate your command to ASCII codes. The Protocol Send block does that for you. Try writing the PLC program yourself and post your program here. Then we will look at what you've done and help. Joe T.
  3. Glad you figured it out. I hate computers. Modbus R/W mix is only for PLC->PLC communication. It does not work for external devices. Joe T.
  4. The IO Comm light on the -RC1 is on, so it thinks everything is good. But the PLC program is sitting idle. Your configuration looks correct Please post both your UniStream program and your RC1 program so we're not guessing at what's inside the programs. You can also open a ticket with support@unitronics.com Joe T.
  5. I've programmed many PLC brands, including Allen Bradly back to the PLC 5. I still do and have a current Tech Connect Contract. And I still get sticker shock if the end user specifies it must be an AB system. If AB is all you've ever known I can totally understand your frustration. The $3K RSLogix 5000 buy-in and the $900 annual country club dues go a long way for paying for a deep and thorough support system. UniLogic is a very different and powerful animal. It's still evolving. <rant> Strings and CSV Files and VNC! Oh, my! The real challenge is that many people are now demanding that their Programmable Logic Controllers act like a PC. But still program in ladder logic. Without nice features like included libraries for complex functions or API calls. So they come up with function blocks that try to cover the bases faster than their limited Technical Writing Staff can document everything. Test it. Ship it. Invoice it. We'll document it later. This is not unusual in the corporate world. Somehow we've got to pay those R&D people. With all that, UniLogic is still free and the UniStream is a really good bang for the buck. There's just pain from time to time. </rant> I'm guessing you already know that data tables are the easiest way to make a stack. If you use a DTI type data table and use the Insert Row to DTI instruction and insert your new data struct at row 0 it will push all the data down and drop the bottom one off. Is this what you're trying to do? Joe T.
  6. Go online and look at the IO tab -> RIO-RC Statistics Struct- Are the numbers changing? Joe T.
  7. Yes, I'm not happy about that missing from the Help, either. I have found answers to a lot of questions UniLogic functions in the UniLogic Examples. I'd highly suggest downloading them: https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/Support/UniLogic/UniLogic_Example_Projects.zip I have attached one of the examples from the "Strings" directory. Which block are you having trouble with? Joe T. UniStream_070_String_Tools.ulpr
  8. Don't call the Socket Connect continuously - it's not getting a chance to set the Socket Connected bit before you start the process again. Try putting a positive transitional you set yourself in series with the Connect logic. Joe T.
  9. Client = Master , Server = Slave. This is a confusing issue in our world as different people use different terms. I remember it as a Client is demanding and asks for things, an a Server is humble and gives things away. Now if we want to get into ways to remember the resistor color code..... Joe T.
  10. I do have a couple of preferred brands, but I can't always remember their names as I am not a true cigar aficionado. I just know where they are at the store and what the labels look like. Punch Gran Puro comes to mind. Considering a nice stick costs $7 - $10 each, I don't buy them often. My go-to is JR Cigars JR Alternative Rocky Patel Edge Toro Maduro, which cost $45 for a bundle of 20. So the daily cost is similar to a pack of cigarettes. In Missouri, not New York. @dhuggins88 - I think you're using 9.8.80 as I had a hard time opening your files - I haven't migrated to this version yet. Visilogic does not go backwards in versions well, and I have a ton of stuff done in 9.8.65. I'll have to put 9.8.80 on something so I can do forum work. It did let me view the file after much dialog box complaining about database versions and your code is simple and straightforward. And it's working. This is good. When you go to add several slaves I'd put one of my state machines in place, where you use a pointer and equal blocks to step through your calls to different units. Joe T.
  11. Joe T. will chime in later tonight - I need to light a smoke and take a look.
  12. There is a very high probability that you won't be able to upload the program. That's a permission set by the original programmer. What is your actual situation? I'm guessing from your original post that you're trying to connect to a machine and you don't know anything about Unitronics. What are you trying to do? Joe T.
  13. It so happens that we are an Invertek distributor in the US. We found you can actually power a Samba from the drive, which is really handy when all you have available is 480V. Here's what we did to get RS485 using a standard Ethernet cable- Joe T.
  14. I saw in your other post that you used a regular Ethernet patch cable to the EX-A1 - I've seen others do this and it works. It's not shielded and not recommended, though. Do you have another you can swap in? In the US, the EX-A2X is not expensive - $53.00. You'll also need an EXL-CAB295. If you're using this cable with the EX-A1 it won't work. Joe T.
  15. +1 to that If you want to upload your program we can have a better look at it. Joe T.
  16. Post your program and the exported offending excel file. We need this to see what's going on. It will help make Russ happy. Joe T.
  17. You need to add an output with a horn or light to notify them. Joe T.
  18. You have an ETX of 0D+0A, so I'm assuming the modem is putting a CR + LF on the end of the string or this wouldn't work. Your terminal screen shot seems to agree with this. The SCAN block looks for the first matching Index on an incoming data stream. As your Index 0 variable is a Stream type, it will be the one chosen. Having a second Stream variable does not solve the problem. The "Ack" on the terminal screen is a new string on a new line. Are you resetting the SCAN block (reset MB 2403) as soon as you receive any string? If MB 2403 is on, the block is locked and you won't receive anything new. I generally have code that copies the string out of the variable vector as soon as the Session Complete bit comes on, and then I reset the Session Complete bit to cock it for the next string. You could make an entry at Index 0 that is simply "Ack". Put your Stream variable at Index 1. That way, you could check the value of MI 2723 when MB 2403 goes high to see if you got the "Ack" message (MI 2723 = 0) or something else that is not "Ack" (MI 2723 = 1). If the incoming stream does not match anything in your table then MI 2723 will equal -1. You might want to post your code. Joe T.
  19. I deleted your other duplicate post - they don't appear until a moderator approves them. Yes, it is very possible to create a program for your short sequence. It sounds like you're new to ladder programming. Here's a post that may be helpful- Take a swing at writing the program and upload the .vlp file containing what you've done- we will be very helpful to get it working. Joe T.
  20. Not exactly sure what you're asking here - what's "proscan"? Joe T.
  21. Better yet, click on the Favorites button and show us that. Joe T.
  22. Translated- Hi. friends How can I delete the access code of a V570 PLC. When I programmed the PLC I put a password and now I don't remember it. Unfortunately, you can't. Has the original .vlp file been lost? Joe T.
  23. Translated- Good day. I am an Automation integrator. A client tried to update the OS of an OPLC V350 but it crashed. Now when it is energized, only a flashing sound is heard and then stops sounding, but the screen does not turn on. How can I unlock the OPLC to update the OS. The Serial of the OPLC is LM00F10V7 V350-35-R2. Thank you. It probably had to do with how he connected to the PLC when he tried to update the OS. Look at this post- Joe T.
  24. 1. The EX-A1 or EX-A2X does not appear when you configure your expansion (not "remote") I/O. This is a confusing feature of Unitronics. Don't worry about it - it will work fine as long as you have the proper EX1-CAnnn cable connected. 2. We haven't sold the EX-A1 for many years. The EX-A2X is the drop-in replacement and is an isolated unit. They work better. Joe T.
  25. For Modbus addresses that start with 3xxxx you need to be reading input registers. Then you'll have to deal with the floating point nature of it. Post whatever code you've started so we can have a look. Joe T.
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