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  1. Linearizing Analog Input

    Don't linearize into a float unless you really need to. Change your output to an integer type - in your case the maximum of 10,000 will fit into an INT16. Then you don't have to do any conversion for the compare function. Joe T.
  2. Linearizing Analog Input

    X is the raw A/D input. Y is the scaled output. It's not as simple as assigning 4 and 20 for the input. The UIS-WCB1 module contains Analog to Digital converters that read the electrical signal and convert it to a number that is passed to the PLC. The Specification guide is located here: https://myzone-kza3sadj.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/UIS-WCB1-SPEC-9-151.pdf You'll see under Analog Inputs that the resolution is 14 bits. This means that at 20 mA the module will return 2^14, or 16384. 4 ma represents 20% of this, or 3277. So here are the values you need: X1: 3277 Y1: 0 X2: 16384 Y2: 10000 Joe T.
  3. Problems with UIA-0800N analog input modules

    It sounds like your 0V reference is floating between the scale and the input module. Is the ground from the scale head tied to the ground of the panel? What type of scale head are you using? Joe T.
  4. FB Protocol config error

    MI 30 is showing "-1" because the incoming stream doesn't match the defined Protocol block message. You didn't post the details of the definition for variable 2, but it's probably choking on the "+" sign. I personally don't use the predefined Unitronics protocol variables for the reason that the incoming stream format has to match EXACTLY or the Protocol Scan block will kick it out. Try adding a second variable that is a Stream variable 20 characters long, and set up an entry on the Memory tab at the bottom of the screen so you can see what's received. Then you can use the String functions to parse out what you need. Posting your code would be helpful, too. Joe T.
  5. It was definitely looping if you were calling sub 1 from sub 2. The watchdog was timing out. It's best to call all subroutines from the Main in a simple program. Joe T.
  6. Translated: Hello has everything I bought a water treatment station with a unitronics automaton and training program. The company has to close. I have the instructions with the ps connection (terminal block of the station.) On this station there is pump1, pump 2, a neon uv. A clogging pressure switch, a bladder balloon pretossotat, a water meter, a disconnector tank with high probe , Medium, low, I can send you cordially schematic jerome So what is it we can do for you? Joe T.
  7. Project Navigation Tree

    They are the same thing. I think the Creators thought "Navigation" was a better word than "Explorer" in the version changes document but that didn't get communicated to the the object namer guy on the software side. Anyway, there is indeed a new category called Static under the display object collection but you have to drop a static item (line, circle, box) to get it to appear: It makes it much easier to modify your display, especially in the case of lines. That particular object is a bear to re-select once it's been dropped. Joe T.
  8. Accumulated timer for more than 99h

    Don't use a timer. Make your own. I posted a program in this thread that demonstrates this- You should be able to modify it to meet your needs. Joe T.
  9. Modbus RS485 Master multiple inputs

    Twisted pair wire. There is wire specifically made for RS485 but I've found Ethernet cable works, too. I looked through the UniLogic Help and there's really not much on hardware connections. I'd recommend downloading Visilogic and searching it's Help for RS485. The Visilogic Help is much more thorough on this topic. With that said, it's really not this forum's place to be a teacher of basics like RS485. We just use it as a means to an end. It's on you to at least Google the topic - there's much more complete information available on websites of companies that make their living selling communication hardware and converters. Joe T.
  10. Modbus RTU and Danfoss

    I split this request off of this thread, which contained a lot of information regarding talking to a Danfoss drive from a Vision controller- It also had a post by me with detailed instructions on how to get started with the software and hardware tools needed to troubleshoot Modbus communications. Miguel - start by looking at the Example Programs in the U90 software. They're under the Help menu and there's one for Modbus Master. You'll have to figure out which registers in the FC51 you need to write to. If you do a little research and post what you find here we can help. Also, upload any PLC programs you've done with questions. Joe T.
  11. SMS from M90

    You're going to have to be more descriptive of the problem to get help. Please elaborate. What is the model of the Visiontek? Did this ever work or is it a new problem? Upload both your M90 and V230 programs. Joe T.
  12. Vision to Samba

    Sorry I'm late to the party- As UNICO2 has discovered, you can't go directly from a Vision to a Samba. This is not published anywhere, but Visilogic will not allow it. I spent a bit of time trying to get a V570 program to go into a Samba 7 with the same results. Here's what I had to do: 1. Export each subroutine individually 2. Export descriptors 3. Export all displays individually 4. Open a new project in SambaLand 5. Import everything I had exported 6. Copy and paste the logic from the Main subroutine. Don't try to export and import this, as by default every Unitronics already has a Main overwriting it locks things up. Maybe the Creators have a better way or can update Visilogic to do this for us. It seems like this should be something that's not that hard to do. Joe T.
  13. USB stick (DOK) is not recognized by PLC

    I bricked one myself when the UniStream first came out - I was using a 2 GB stick. Now I use 16 GB - they're fairly cheap. Joe T.
  14. Max # of EX-RC1's in a Unilogic Project

    Worst case you could program one of the RC1's to read another RC1 and then read all the data from the "sub-master". Yes, I know this a hack. Hopefully you can do it all from the UniStream. But I don't know. Joe T.
  15. I don't know when this new version was posted, but I encourage everyone to go get it. A not-insignificant update is now THE LADDER NETWORKS ARE TWICE AS WIDE!!! Joe T. Voices-from-heaven-2.mp3
  16. Modbus holding registers are indicated by the prefix "4", but it is not used in the actual address. Store "111" into SI 142. Joe T.
  17. Contact support at support@unitronics.com to get the files. Then you copy them to C:\Program Files(x86)\Unitronics\Unitronics Visilogic_C\Os\Vision\V120 In Visilogic, go to Connection->Commmunication & OS and select the fourth tab over - Install Operating System. The OS files you just copied should appear there. Joe T.
  18. Yes. If you haven't already, download the U90 software and search the Help for "Modbus". One thing to consider - you will need to add the RS232/485 COM port module. The added cost of this module puts the total cost of the Jazz close to the price of a V130, which has a COM port built in and a lot more power than a Jazz. Joe T.
  19. proportional valve

    I'm always happy to help someone who's been trying and takes the time to show or post their work. Your blocks look like they're backwards and you don't have the proper control register. Remember that a Linear block makes a straight line that progresses from Y1 to Y2 as the input moves from X1 to X2. Here's what I'm guessing you want, based on an analog output ranging from 0-4095 counts, some of the numbers in your blocks, and what you asked for in your first post: 20% = 819 counts 80% = 3276 counts Analog output to valve in MI 5 1. Ramp 1: 0% -> 20% over seconds preset stored in ML 0 2. Wait for a while - stored in ML 1 3. Ramp 2: 20% -> 80% over seconds stored in ML 2 4. Ramp 3: 80% -> 0% over seconds stored in ML 3 I made a state machine that steps through this sequence. The pointer is in MI 0. Take a look at the attached program. This was written in 9.8.64 Joe T. Ramp valve example.vlp
  20. proportional valve

    We need to see how the linear blocks are configured. Can you post your code? Joe T.
  21. Reliable modbus supervisor PLC

    The V130 COM port connection is documented in the Technical Library section- https://myzone-kza3sadj.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Vxxx_J_B1_INSTAL_GUIDE_11-151.pdf Joe T.
  22. Reliable modbus supervisor PLC

    The cheapest way to go is an M91-2-R1 - $230 US. RS485 is built into the COM port. You could also go with a Jazz JZ20-R10 ($140 US) with a JZ-RS4 RS232/485 com port ($99 US). If you don't need any I/O it will be much easier to use a V130-B1 ($269 US) which will allow you to use VisiLogic. U90 software is rather cumbersome when it comes to communications. Joe T.
  23. 4-20mA sensor to 0-10V

    A 500 ohm resistor is the way to go. Or a 470, which is easier to come by and not a huge loss of resolution. You'll be scaling it anyway. Joe T.
  24. SD Clone with OS Downgrade

    Totally un-Unitronics comments- I'm still running RS Logix version 9 - last of the key disks. Works great. SLC 500 hardware is an eBay purchase. Joe T.
  25. proportional valve

    I'd use a couple of Linear blocks controlled by a register you increment containing total seconds. What is your ramp rate in % per sec? Or, better yet, could you draw a picture? Joe T.