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  1. RS232 data read

    The MJ10-22-CS25 is a crossover cable, which will work. Post your code so we can see if you've initialized the port properly. Joe T.
  2. Understand that all data (including strings) is stored as an integer. Each character requires 8 bits (one byte), and two characters are stored as hex in a regular 16 bit MI. That doesn't mean you have to decipher MI values into hexadecimal string values. The data table search and string HMI elements will do that for you. Read the Help on how Data Tables work. They are a little daunting but very powerful. You can enter data into the table on your PC, but don't forget to download it. It doesn't go down when you download the program. You may or may not want additional screens to enter data on the PLC. Experiment with your code on a live unit until you understand them. If you have questions, post your code. Troubleshooting ladder logic with words is hard. I've attached an example. Joe T. Data table lookup example.vlp
  3. Analog output to rexroth vt3006 card

    You're going to need an external converter to create the +/- 10V. Unitronics analog outputs are single ended. Post your code after you've beat on it a while and we can review it. Joe T.
  4. RS232 data read

    Don't be afraid to post your code with specific questions, such as examples of the data you are trying to send and receive. All the enhanced Vision series PLCs deal with serial data the same way. Joe T.
  5. I always roll my own, too. Way more flexibility but it takes a while. Joe T.
  6. Cool. I've been round and round with the Server/Client quandary in my Modbus TCP adventures in figuring out Master and Slave. One way works. The other doesn't. Joe T.
  7. Some of the features in the V700 are still tied to legacy resolutions established for the V350 and V570. Send your project and request to support@unitronics.com and see if they can help. Joe T.
  8. Configure it as a Server and see what happens. Joe T.
  9. Is socket 3 configured as a Client or a Server? Just for grins, you may want to use a port above 20000 for the Pi. Joe T.
  10. Multiple Protocol Scans

    Your Protocol Config in the posted program (thanks for posting, BTW) grabs COM2 in three separate places. I have never tried this, but I don't have a good feeling about it. It probably hogs the port for scan blocks associated with the same name. Since Protocol Config Send to printer is last, that's probably the only scan block that works. There's no rule that you can't call a Protocol Config multiple times from ladder logic on an as needed basis. I would start troubleshooting this by creating a program with only one Protocol Config at a time and seeing if the associated Scan block behaves. Joe T.
  11. That is the official Unitronics USB->serial converter available from your distributor. You can use any converter that has the Prolific PL2303 chipset. A bit of Unitronics history - when the V570 first came out it had that USB port on it covered by a sticker. It was supposed to be supported by a future Visilogic release but that never happened for that particular hardware revision. Joe T.
  12. calculations with time

    Look into the RTC data type in variable definitions. It can be operated on like other variables in math blocks, but you do have to specify the .hour, .minute, or .second element. Joe T.

    He's probably talking about the OS. Unless something goes horribly wrong (like disconnecting the cable or powering down while updating) the data and PLC program will stay intact. But the question is, "Is it possible?" Yes, it's possible if one of the above mentioned things happens. But you should have a backup of your program. Joe T.
  14. I couldn't find an exact data sheet on the 670900020, but if it's gray code you'll need one input per bit and decode it in your logic. What is the output voltage level? What is the output resolution (number of bits)? The Eltra looks like it can be powered from 24V and can connect directly to the high speed input of the V350 (I0 and I1). The -T38 is probably a good choice depending on how many inputs you'll need for the absolute encoder. Joe T.
  15. What are the specific manufacturer and model numbers of your encoders? Joe T.
  16. I don't know when this new version was posted, but I encourage everyone to go get it. A not-insignificant update is now THE LADDER NETWORKS ARE TWICE AS WIDE!!! Joe T. Voices-from-heaven-2.mp3
  17. Anthropomorphizing PLCs

    My name is Oxy. Oxy Moron. People call me by my last name all the time. I'm very popular. J
  18. Change of my HMI status on screen

    Is the logic to change MB 53 in a subroutine that ceases to be called? Something is getting unhooked here. Post your code so we can see the rest of the story. Joe T.
  19. V700 & Cell connection

    What do you want to get over the connection? Data? Remote Control? Remote screen displays? Do you have a particular modem in mind? If you want a remote Ethernet connection I'd recommend a cellular Sierra RV50. Not cheap, but they work. Find a company that has technical help available and pay the fee they want to provide premium support. Well worth it, especially for your first time. What country are you in? Joe T.
  20. U90 Scaling

    As Aus states, you have to do it twice. SI 80-85 are system operating buffer registers and there's no rule that says you can't refer to them again. You just have to move Analog input 1 out before you start cranking input 2. Also, don't hang everything on the rail in one net like that. Believe it or not, the network may not compile in the same order you placed the functions in and it may not work. If you chain the functions together in series you are guaranteed solve order. And activate SB 80 last in a separate network, after you've loaded the registers with the data you want. Example attached. The raw input analogs are mapped in the hardware configurator to MI 10 and MI 11, and the scaled outputs are in MI 20 and 21. Joe T. Two analog input scaling.U90
  21. V 9.8.64

    This may be related to the problems I'm having accessing programs on a network drive. Are you running Win 10? Joe T.
  22. IO-R08 Relay Module - Output LEDs

    Ah, AliExpress! Explains the $17 price tag. I've bought some stuff off this website and haven't had any problems. Just don't be in a hurry to get your stuff. Have you had issues with the product being available and then disappearing into the Ether? I had that happen on a Bluetooth receiver board I put in the old radios I restore. Joe T.
  23. Connect terminal 5 (GND) of the drive to the 0V terminal on the PLC. Connect terminal 18 of the drive to I6. Scale accordingly in your logic. Joe T.
  24. File's name in SD

    Exercise completed. Good job! A+ Thanks for posting your solution. You may want to note in your register descriptors that the filename will be contained in ML 6 AND ML 7 since you specified 8 characters. Joe T.
  25. File's name in SD

    The name will be a string that is the ASCII equivalent of the values 8 characters long. It does not do a literal translation of the decimal number. You will need to enter the values in hex. One byte is needed per character, so an ML can hold four characters. In your example, the name would be held in ML 4 and ML 5. I wouldn't have them power up to zero, as ASCII (0) is a null. The ASCII table is in the Unitronics Help and can also be found at asciitable.com. So for your example - 83178 - the ASCII characters needed in hex are 38 33 31 37 38 00 00 00. So ML 4 needs to contain 38333137h and ML5 needs 38000000h. I'll leave the rest to you as an exercise. Let us know what you come up with. Joe T..