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  1. A Big "Thank You" to linxchas!!! Thank you for taking the time to look at what we are doing and for the tips to correct it. We got the latest version of the .Net driver and installed it and it corrected our connection problem. Dan
  2. linxchas, may we send the snapshot to your email address? thanks, Dan
  3. Thanks linxchas, We set SI 105 at 50, and are only trying to connect 1 at a time. Same results. SI 8 matches the PCOM. I have tried to attach a snapshot from Wireshark, bur I get an error, "You are not permitted to upload this kind of file". thanks
  4. We are using PCOM. SI 102 is 6, 143 is 0, 147 is 14 when not connected, is briefly 6 when connects, 149 is 5000. TestComm.txt
  5. We have a V350 and a V1040. Both have basically the same ladder logic for connecting to a server. The 350 connects as it should. The 1040 appears to connect for about a half a second even though the ladder logic should keep it open on a 5 sec timer. The server is getting data from the 350, but not the 1040. The server program looks good for both. The only difference I can see is the model of PLC. We can go online, download, etc., over ethernet, so thats good. Any suggestions anyone? Thanks, DanWinder 4.vlp
  6. We are having problems running Visilogic on one of our desktops. It has Windows 7 Professional on it. We have already tried un-installing it, disabling UAC, and then re-installing. Sometimes when trying to run it, we get "The application is already running" or "Runtime Error" then it shuts down. A few times it did open, but when trying to go to another program, it crashed and would not re-open. The PC has Avast virus software. Our network has recently been changed so that we log into a domain. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Dan
  7. Big time thanks to Joe for his support, even thuogh sometimes I bug him when I am in a crunch, he always comes thru with an answer.
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