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  1. Gabriel and Shane, Thanks a million for the input. As Gabriel suggested and Shane intuited, the output needed a (S) coil. It is triggering a 24VDC digital out to an external dry contact, so the one scan was not enough. I should have known it. I guess what tripped me up was not seeing the power rail change color like it does on my logging routine. After I added the incrementers, it should have been pretty obvious the code was working fine. I have posted the working resultant code, in case someone searches for this timer problem in the future. And I'm also posting a virtual craft beer for Gabriel since I have no way to get one to Colombia. Thanks again !
  2. Hey - thanks for the quick reply. The subroutine is running (called from main routine, no conditions). I added the incrementers, (wich is a great idea!), and they are working. The Net 1 incrementer runs when power is supposed to flow, Net 2 incrementer advances at the completion of the timer cycle. But even with the incrementer seeing a pulse in NEt 2, the timer state does not (visibly) change and the output is not triggered. I confirmed with the increment blocks in place that the manual trigger (MB310) does in fact trigger the output and increment Net2. It's got to be something funky with the timer....
  3. Ladies and Gents, I have a program where I am triggering an analytical measurement with either an HMI button, or via a timer for unattended operation. I have 7 other timers running in the project, all working flawlessly. Additionally, I feel that the logic I used for this is sound - it already works fine on my data logging routine. Attached are two screen captures, one of the ladder for the Analytical trigger (not working), and the working data logging ladder. With respect to T8, when in online mode, I can see that the contact conditions are all working as expected, and the timer is counting down from 1 minute to zero and restarting at 1 minute as long as my contacts are good. However, in online mode, it appears that the T8 contacts in Nets 1, 2 never change state to high conditions at T=0. The HMI trigger (MB310) works as expected. All ladder instances of MB310, Mb50,51, and T8 appear only in this subroutine. The HMI links are just for the respective MBs (one pushbutton each), and a timer entry for T8. I'm going crazy with this. I have got to be overlooking something so stupid and/or obvious. It's hot on the East Coast - I owe whoever can help with this a cold one..... Thanks, Rich
  4. Good afternoon all, I am new to the Unitronics line. I have what are probably a couple of simple problems, but haven't found the solutions in help or in the forums. 1) I am trying to set up a V350-35-TR20 with an IO-ATC8. I have added the module to the rail and configured 8 type K tcs (Addresses 32-39). These inputs do not transfer down to the Output Window (obviously, on the 'Inputs' tab). Also, in Hardware Configuration, the IO monitor only shows the available IO from the V350 (12 I, 8 O) - it does not reflect the additional 8 inputs from the ATC8. The D.O.s that are configured in the Configuration Editor do transfer to the 'Outputs' tab of the Output Window. What am I missing to see these inputs outside of the module configuration screen? (FYI - an EX-A2X is physically in the system, not shown in software) 2) I cannot copy the file that I am working on at work onto an external drive to continue working at home. Is this by design? Computer: Win7 64-bit Visitronics rev: 9.5.0 build 0 Thanks for any help! Rich
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