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  1. Dan, Would selecting the "toggle" function not do this for you? You would have to use a "Binary text/switch" function versus a standard button. Creating a button with the toggle function ON would allow you to touch the button on the HMI once causing it's (MB) bit value to go high and remain high. Touching the same button after that would make the MB go to its low (OFF) state. -Arnie
  2. In my fruitless search for an affordable, decent looking HMI housing for the V1210. I decided to build my own. Pictures attached. The housing was built with the idea of being able to mount the screen to an extendable articulating arm, and potentially mounting two V1210's side by side. Let me know what you guys think. The inner/smaller square frame will allow for sturdy mounting of the screen/housing using both or one axis. There may already be something on the market that can do this, but I'm not aware of any. -Arnie