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  1. Many thanks for your response. As the existing Samba SM43 is already equipped with an Ethernet card to control the existing external I / O's, the Samba can not be equipped with an RS-232 card. This means that the barcodescanner should also run on Ethernet TCP / IP based to be able to be integrated. Since the scanners are very expensive are about 5,200 € (Sick CLV690-000), I wanted to know once if someone has experience with it before I buy such a scanner. Now I think that I will tread the more inexpensive way. I will replace the SPS with a VISION 570 and then use a barcode scanner with RS 232. However, I have to convert the entire existing program of the SM43.
  2. I am to connect a Samba SM43, which is equipped with Ethernet module V100-17-ET2, a barcode scanner and process the scanned data. Does anyone have a tip for me as I can realize this? Ich soll an einer Samba SM43, die mit Ethernet Modul V100-17-ET2 ausgestattet ist, einen Barcodescanner anschließen und die eingescannten Daten verarbeiten. Hat da jemand einen Tipp für mich wie ich das realisieren kann?
  3. Hello, Thank you for your quick response. I have found my mistake. Modbus I have set correctly. I am trying to control with the Mobus an inverter. This accepts the command only when a number of bytes currently being used as bytes consist of a MSB and LSB. So I SI143 set to 10. Now the inverter is running. Greeting Cook
  4. Hello, I want to write two coils with the coils Force Command 603 Unfortunately, I can not. I'm probably not the right structure. I would like to describe ID 2, coil number 0001h and 0002h with MB1 and MB2. I have selected the following structure can you tell me what is wrong? Greeting Cook Please forgive my poor English.
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