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  1. I can't see should I answer to you. Visilogic version is 9.8.9 build 0, nd OS V430 is 4.2, I mean. And, please, how to provide the code for review? Please, instruction!. Best regards.
  2. MB35 is triggered via button on the main screen. In monitoring I can see that "show alarm" block is activated. Yes, alarm is active...
  3. Hello, In V430-J-TR34, For motion control of servo system I used PTO functions. For moving function I used Relative with appropriate velocity and target position. In PTO read status function block I can see current position, velocity, etc... But, for real situation I can't solution. I'll describe with concrete data: I want to move object for 1500. Current position (in read status block, ML1), for example, is 10000. After moving, current position will be 11500. But, during moving happen stop and current position, for example, is 10600. With new start I want to move object to positon 11500!! move only 900mm after stop. I tried to used location ML1 in estimate, but that not work. On other side, I can't reset ML1 location too. All location from READ STATUS block are unavailable for any calculation or another function in ladder. Please, can someone hlp me how to solve it. In attach is red status blok with their parameters. Thanks.
  4. Hello, In an my project I use V430 PLC, and I want to use built-in alarms. Following the example in Visilogic helps, I wrote logic. But, In real, I can't activate alarm display. On the pictures, you will be able to see how I done it. Please, have anybody idea where I make mistake or exist something else in this case.. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello, is there function for shift register in Visio? I mean, on rising or falling edge of specify signal this function execute on this way: the first store bit MBx on the first position in register and after that shift for one place. Or I must configure (make) on other way?
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