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  1. I have a vision 1040 and I have 2 ricelake scale indicators. I want to use both serial ports and serial stream the values into the 1040. I can successfully get com 2 to scale in but not scale 1. I'm sure it is my logic. Could someone give me a recommendation of what I could do different? I have attached a copy of my program. Thanks Perry printer2.vlp
  2. I have 2 AO6X analog output modules. One of them works fine 0 to 10volts when I do 0 to 4095 and the other work backwards 10 to 0 volts when i do 0 to 4095. Does anyone have any clues??? Thanks Perry
  3. Hi, I just purchased the model v570-57-t20b-j. I have not used one of these before. I have used the older version of the 570 with great success. The one I recieved will not respond when i try to use the touch screen. I updated the firmware and loaded a known good program with no success. Is there anything different between this model and the old one or do I have a defective one? Perry
  4. Hello, I have 3 vision 1210's, a laptop using windows 7 home premium 64 bit and unitronics vision 9.4. We updated the OS when prompted to. After a while of programming and downloading all of a sudden the graphics all show as hash marks. When I view online the display looks fine. I load the program again and the program won't finish downloading. The download gets stuck erasing some files. After a while we cancel the download, reboot the 1210 and redownload. Redownload may take several times but eventually the display looks fine. Later in the day the problem comes back. Is this problem a 64 bit issue, an os issue or what. I have used unitronics for several years and never had these kinds of problems. Most other work I've done with unitronics has been with windows xp 32 bit. Has anybody else had this issue? Perry
  5. Hi, I just thought that I would put in my 2cents worth. We have put together several weighing systems lately and what we have determined is that we use the LC3 for large bulk tanks that don't need the speed and the LC1 for speed. Speaking for speed and reliablilty, we have some systems that we fill 5gallon buckets of stucco with a 3inch ball valve by gravity. With the head pressure always changing the system always corrects itself for the next bucket. We average 1.25 to 2.5 second fill times. We love it using the LC1. We have also done a couple of machines to do high speed filling that us 2 LC1's and we haven't noticed and loss in speed or reliability. Good luck.
  6. Hello, I have been using the unitronics now for several years with great success and I keep finding more and more challenges for the Unitronics always with no disappointment. I have done several projects now with Unican and the io-rc1's with great success. My question today is, I have a project which I want to use a vision 1040 with some io-rc1's but I also have 15 loadcells that I want on this system. Can the vision 1040 handle 15 loadcells via unican and local?
  7. I have a IO-LC3 with a vision 290 and the two have been working great together for about 6 months. The other day the 290 wasn't displaying weight. I looked at the module status and I have a status of (4) I have looked in all of the help files and there is no status (4) documented. Could you please tell me what this message is? Thanks Perry
  8. I have a vision 1040 and I want to locate my expansioin modules 75 feet away using a good belden/twisted pair/shielded cable. I have been told that distance will be pushing the limit. Perry
  9. Thanks for your fast response. I have a Dynapar amplifier that converts 5v differential to 12v pnp or npn. Could I get away with 12vdc or must I use 24v. Perry
  10. I have a project that requires the use of shaft encoders. I am buying a 1040 with a E1B snap on module. My question is will the E1B module work with a differential encoder at 5 volts input or will I need to change my encoders? Thanks Perry
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