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  1. It is not starting with Windows, but rather when you first run UniLogic, and it stays up from that moment. The Notifier has few tasks: * Discover UniStream devices connected through USB (and when UniLogic needs the list of devices, it gets them from the Notifier) * Handle the list of crashed projects (When UniLogic closes unexpectedly, the Notifier detects it and let you recover that non-saved project into a file) * As its name says, it is a notifier. When you see the bubble, or get notifications on windows 10 notifications (about device being discovered or project crash), the Notifier does that,
  2. You should contact the support. Maybe they can make it work.
  3. @NoamM Are you setting Data Entry Complete before the numeric value was set to the tag? If so, then maybe the bit should be raised after the tag's value was updated.
  4. OK, after looking at the code, fixing the bug would be much harder than I thought, and it requires people from several teams. For now, it is a known issue, and a possible fix might be preventing message box actions on "Custom Controls parameters", but only on Global tags (including timers and IOs)
  5. No need to. Read my edited post. I'll investigate it on Sunday morning, and a fix will be available on next release.
  6. OK, I was able to reproduce the bug. Currently you will have to work around this issue (like creating your own message box), Please note that for a message box that you create then if you use a Rectangle element as a background, then presses are passed to the elements below it (Which is not good for you), but if you use a fixed text with a background, but with no text, and a dummy action linked to it, then it catches the touch events and do not pass it to the elements below it.
  7. Have you tried running the older version again and see if that works fine? Is UniLogic configured to automatically enters Online Mode when download ends?
  8. I'm not aware of any problem that causes UniLogic to freeze after download. Since UniLogic did not crash, then I did not get any crash report from you, so it will be hard for me to guess were the program hangs. UniLogic does not crash or hangs if you download the project via Ethernet? (You mentioned USB, but I doubt that it has any effect). Which version of UniLogic you had before 1.28.26?
  9. Have you tried creating a backup of the Retained Memory from the UniApps? (I remember that there was a problem activating the retained memory upload from the PC in few older versions), I don't know about the HMI Overload. Maybe the PLC logs might help. If the HMI Overload appears more frequently, then maybe it is related to the files on the SD Card. (There is a feature that clears old files from the SD Card, called SD Management. I don't think it exists in 1.19.83).
  10. I don't think it should, but I'm not sure what and how many active configs you have.
  11. 1) The Data Sampler struct contains a Start/End Sampling bit, which you can set/reset in ladder or use an HMI Button for example so set that bin when the button is pressed. Samples file is auto closed and a new file is started when 10,000 (as far as I remember) samples have been sampled. 1.1) The Data Sampler struct contains a Filename member with the description: "The user can set a filename. If left empty, the PLC will select the name". You can use Message Composer or String concatenation/manipulation utilities in order to create a string that represents the filename that you want and then store it in the Filename property. .When using a message composer, then output is a buffer, so you can use a Copy Buffer to Tag in order to copy the buffer into a string tag (with the correct Encoding. Which is probably ASCII). The filename is being used (as far as I remember), only when the file is being saved (closed because the user stopped the sampling, or the 10,000 limit was reached). When you choose the filename, then you need to make sure that you don't accidentally overwrite an already existing file (since you did not change the filename since list time the file was saved). 2) I'm not sure if question 2 is related to data sampling, but you can write a row to a Data Table (and increment the row index on each time), and later save the Data Table to a CSV. Another option is to use the message composer in order to compose a string of your like, and then use the ladder Utility Append buffer to file, which will take the buffer created from the message composer, and write it into a file.
  12. You can define different hardware configuration options on the same project, where the configuration is decided in run time. You have full configuration + extra 15 configurable configurations. The message suggests that Config 1 is configured without any cable (The cable is un-checked). In the "Uni-I/O and COM Configuration" view, click on the PLC itself (so no I/O module will be selected)m or click the "Uni-I/O and COM Configuration" on the solution Explorer. In the Property Window, at the bottom, you have IO Configs. Click on the 3 dots "..." In the opened window, select Config 1 in the Combo Box, and make sure that all check boxes are checked (In your case, I think that the cable is unchecked).
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