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  1. Well, actually, Data Sampler has a struct. Trends are just a view of the sampled data, and there can be different views to the same sampler (both in HMI and Web). I'll raise that issue again. One option might be functions in the trend itself that could be called from an action of an external button, but that's a feature that does not exist yet, so I must discuss it first with the Panel team and see if it's even possible.
  2. The only change that was made to the Trend UI in 1.26 is selecting if the date would appear in all the intervals in the X-Axis (until now, it appeared only on the left side, but you sample data near midnight, then there would be several dates on the same axis). I'll raise the Trend visualization adjustment request again, jut one question. If you want to hide buttons, then how would you change the selected curve, pause or run the trend, take a screenshot etc?
  3. I think that a zoom option is available in the multi-touch panels. The option to change the curves visibility exists (I don't remember if it was added in UniLogic 1.25, or it is one of the features of the upcoming 1.26). The slider feature was not yet implemented.
  4. You have an Unauthorized Access Exception. UniLogic fails to write to: C:\Users\Robin\Documents\Unitronics\Projects Backup\ I see few options to try: 1) Run UniLogic as Administrator. (Tell me if it helped). 2) Change the security options of the while Unitronics directory in the Documents folder, so your standard user will be able to access it. You might also need to change the owner of that folder. If you don't know how to do it, then you should advise an IT person, or he could do it for you. The third option would be deleting the entire Unitronics directory in the Documents folder, so next time you run UniLogic as Standard user, then it will be created with security options of a standard user and your user will be the owner of that folder. If you chose that option, then please make sure you don't have anything important in that folder before you delete it. (Make sure to copy the important files to somewhere else). If the third option does not work, then you need to advise an IT person.
  5. You can clone directly from the PLC itself in a Vision PLC.
  6. I think that the Data table will lose the data when then PLC is turned off. I think that replacing the battery while the PLC is still turned on should work (I see no reason why it should fail). Load DTI file file accepts: * A data table * A file name (stored on SD) * Start row * Num of rows * Status The retained values can be stored to a file, and loaded when you need them. In UniLogic you cannot clone or load a cloned project Via ladder, but from the UniApps. System --> Upgrades --> User App Upgrade --> Import Application / Export Application Memory --> Data Management --> Retained Tags Manage --> Import Retained Tags / Export Retained Tags
  7. * Yes the battery keeps the values intact. * There is an element "Load SDI from file", so you can load a table on the initial cycle (Note that loading the table would take many cycles, since it requires accessing the SD and reading a file. Once the load was completed, the status if the element would change to either 0 which is success, or a negative number which represents an error).
  8. I think you should wait until one message is sent until you try to send the next one.
  9. There isn't any way by dragging, but you can select all rungs in a region, cut it (The containing region will be deleted, since all rungs inside where cut), insert a region in the location that you want, and paste the rungs in it. You will need to give it the old name, and re-write the comment.
  10. The rung comment height was 3 or 4 lines in the past, but it was requested by other users to reduce it's size. Currently, dynamic size per comment is not possible.
  11. I think that NoamM did not understand your question and your request, The Delimiter G is what used to separate columns, not rows. Rows are separated with \n (0x0a) Each column has a comma after it, even the last one, so if you have 2 columns, the data will look like: A,B,\n C,D,\n etc.. You can take the CSV file and open it with a HEX editor and see the \n at the end of each line.
  12. I've re-uploaded the file: The Data Tables DLL and the Communication driver are from 2013, so depending on your PLC Model, it might not recognize it. I'm currently too busy to re-compile the current version, so tell me if that one works for you.
  13. Well, the re-ordering is not in the Data Table itself, but in the HMI elements (you can have 2 different views to the same table, one with only some columns visible and ordered in one way, and the other one in a different screen for example, with different columns and ordered differently). Just place a Data Table element on a screen, link it to a table, and open the "Columns Widths" property. In that view, you have "Is Visible" checkbox for each column. You also have the last columns (without title). where hovering your mouse on a row will show a drag image (4 horizontal lines). By dragging from it then you can drop it on a different index (you will see the orange line adorner), and this will re-order the columns for that widget.
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