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  1. Yes, and I'll also not be here till Tuesday or even Wednesday.
  2. the installation folder where the exe of UniLogic is located. Alternatively, you can use the following DLL (replace the original DLL in your UniLogic installation directory). This DLL is for version 1.26.90 Unitronics.HardwareConfiguration.UI.dll
  3. Can you check it on a different computer? I know that one of our QA is suffering from a similar problem with UniLogic, and it looks like something in Windows.
  4. You are correct. There is an issue with that feature in the official version and it was already fixed for next version. There is a fix for this issue, either by a dll replacement, or an updated version of 1.26 (I need to check that). I'll be able to check this if there is an updated 1.26 version only tomorrow, and I'll give you a solution.
  5. Any VNC software will do, for example TightVNC, RealVNC, etc.
  6. I took your project and downloaded it to my PLC, and I see that it works. The SD contains a folder called DT, where inside it I have a DT1 files (udtf, zip , csv)
  7. Do you see the Store DT Status changes from 0 to 1 when you call Store DTI to file? Does the Store DT Status changes back to 0? (action completed successfully), or maybe it changes to a negative number that reflects an error? Can you try with a smaller SD Card?
  8. Another option is to view the PLC panel directly via VNC. Either by installing a VNC software, or using some kind of a Web VNC implementation like this one: https://github.com/novnc/noVNC With VNC, all users sees the same thing, and the panel can control the screens change (redirect to a different screen when something happens, or show the alarms banner)
  9. Well, redirecting a page from the server side is not something that is done. HTTP works in a way of a request sent from the browser, and then the server responses, if if chrome loaded a page, then the server cannot notify the client to redirect. Off course there are ways to notify the client, but that involves polling from the client side, or using web sockets in order to have an open connection to the server in order to read messages. Furthermore, a web server serves multiple users where each of them can view a different page. This is why you don't put a "redirect" code in the ladder (simply because you can't). Redirection implementation must be done on the client side JavaScript code, where for example a status is read via web sockets, and if the status f.e. is Alarm, then redirect the browser to a different page. Btw, can you put an "Alarm" message on each web page, and have it's visibility linked to some kind of a bit? This way if there is an alarm, each client (even all of them are surfing different pages) will see the message, which can then redirect them to a different page when a button in that message is clicked.
  10. Hi, we'll have a remote session on your Laptop today in order to debug this issue. I don't have the full information about the problem. What exactly happens? The project starts to open in your laptop, but then UniLogic view is left blank? (Solution explorer, toolbox, etc are not filled), or Solution partial open and then UniLogic crashes? What about creating a new project in your Laptop. That does work? If yes, then the project can also be opened in your desktop as well? Is the laptop able to re-open its own projects?
  11. @SATSam16, The Slider feature request was implemented and scheduled for next version. Basically, the slider will support 2 Ticks Color modes: By Style (default, and just like it was up until now, for backwards compatibility), and By Labels (The ticks color is exactly as the labels color). Changing the Trend Background color, Plot color, and Grid color (just like in the Web Server) is not yet implemented, but also scheduled for next version, so if nothing delays its implementation, then you should expect it as well on the next release.
  12. Can't you set a bit, in perform the action in Ladder only when some condition is true (like increment, etc, or use Global Actions)?
  13. I'm not sure I understand. You want that HMI elements linked to some actions will sometimes perform the actions (if enabled), and sometimes, it will not?
  14. You could contact the support through the tickets system, and they will forward it to the right R&D person and they will open a bug, so it could be fixed in the future. You are correct that the program should not crash if the last opened ulp file is corrupted.
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