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  1. So, you have a router? If the PC and PLC are behind the router, which is the one that is actually connected to the internet, then you should configure the router for NAT/port forwarding. By that, you can configure that if someone connect for example to port 1234, it will redirect the connection to IP xyz and port 5678 In your case, you can forward port 5800 or any other port (for example 80), to and port 5800 (So anyone that connects to the routers IP with a specific port, will be "redirected" to the PLC and with the right port).
  2. Set Column in DTI does work for bits. I've just tested it. Do you have a project where it doesn't work?
  3. It depends on what you are trying to do. If you want to toggle a bit in an array of bits, then it will work, but if you want to toggle a bit in a number (For example, toggling the 5th bit in a Int32 variable, then you'll need to use Set/Reset Bit or the XOR)
  4. I've implemented your feature request for hiding the "Exit full screen" icon (It will appear at start, but will disappear after few seconds, and re-appear when the mouse is over the right top edge). Another feature is "Reconnect on error" which is extremely good when you have a lot PLCs you are connected to, and one of them is having a communication error. When this option is turned on, Remote Operator will try to reconnect after 6 seconds. These features will be available in Remote Operator 1.0.67
  5. Currently, a message box can only be shown by a user interaction (meaning, pressing/releasing a button, for example).
  6. It is 2 years old. Just go to, and on the top toolbar click on Software -> Visilogic Under programming tools for developers, you should find .Net Driver, which is a version from last year. I should be enough
  7. You must be using an old version of the DLL. Which version are you using?
  8. You can find an example here: Data
  9. I don't remember. You should contact support as well, so me or someone else from the R&D will take a look at your computer. It is most likely the SQL Server not working properly.
  10. If you only want to read the inputs and the outputs, then you can use the ReadWrite method of the PLC, and send a ReadWriteRequest array with 2 items, one of the inputs and one for the outputs. In each of them just write address 0, and the total length of the inputs and outputs of the used PLC model.
  11. It doesn't matter if you are an Administrator. Since Windows 8, even if you disable the UAC, it still runs (It just doesn't show the notifications). Writing to Registry (for having the Startup options changed) requires an elevated privileges. You need to right click Remote Operator, and select "Run as Administrator"
  12. Under: Programming tools for developers
  13. Well. you say that your message is '101010140/01RE0020051F\r' the 101010140 at the start looks like a string, while it should be a binary. You can look at the Monitor (inside the Info of the PLC), and see the received message. If you see the TCP Header as string, then it is incorrect. The same thing probably for the \r. I Assume that you send it as 2 characters: '\' and 'r', while it means \r (Cartage return). Hyperterminal send strings, so if you write 101010140, then it will send it as string. Read: You can use (at least from what it says) to send special characters using ALT + numbers, for sending the TCP Header.
  14. If you just enter the IP of the PLC, does it work? Can you ping the IP?, And you ping the Domain Name? (you are using a DNS Server, so I'm guessing your PLC has a static IP and a domain name attached to it) Does VNC connection to the PLC works over GPRS? Sending an email makes the PLC open a connection from the PLC to a Mail Server, while connecting to a web server on the PLC requires connections to the PLC.
  15. Contact or call them: +972 3 977 88 88