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  1. Try running the program as administrator.
  2. You should compose a message with the following form: POST HTTP/1.1 User-Agent: UniLogic Host: Content-Length: 121 key=12345678&user=050123456789&pass=88665599&sender=0501234567&recipient=0501234563;0501234563;0501234562&msg=Hello world I assumed that the key is 12345678, but use whatever you want. The User-Agent is not important (so you can put UniLogic, Visilogic, or whatever). The Content-Length is the length of the data that you send. If you compose the data first, then you can calculate it's length (And you can use Message Composer with Raw Data message parts linked to ASCII, or with Numeric parts for the phone number, key, password etc, Then I would compose a different message that creates the request that just uses the created buffer as Raw Data, and using the calculated length in the content length, Or you can combine 2 messages using the buffer tools (For example Copy Buffer part to buffer).
  3. Yes, UTC has that limitation. The UTC from 1900 will "expire" in 2038. The one since 1970 will expire about 70 years later.
  4. UTC to Date Time takes a UTC number (Unix time) which is the number of seconds since 1900 (in this case), and outputs 2 tags, an RTC Date, and an RTC Time structs, which contains the converted time and time for the given input. Date Time to RTC does the opposite. (For example, the input #3695610531 would result Date: 9/2/2017, and time 06:28:51
  5. OK, I understand, You are correct, the pane gets hidden. Since UniLogic 1.18, you can undock panes out of UniLogic (so you can work with multiple windows). This required using a different control for the panes management. The pane closes since it looses focus, so thanks for pointing it out. One workaround for this issue is left clicking on a row on the grid first. Then if you right click, the context menu opens without hiding the pane. I'll open a bug report for this issue.
  6. Because at some point, when you create a Data Table, UniLogic creates a struct or an enum named FIFO, and it detects a conflict (2 structs or tags with the same name). I'm not sure I understand. Are you talking about the Auto-Complete? Meaning, then you click on a tag assignment, you get a list of all legal possible tags that you can enter to that assignment. Are you saying that in previous versions, you could have right clicked on any of the items in that list and select "Search"? If not, then please explain. If yes, then I don't remember that it ever existed. You can right click on any tag assignment and search for the tag that appears in the expression (You can also press Ctrl+F for find or Ctr+H for replace and select the find&replace tags and search/replace scope)
  7. OK, I see the problem: The table is defined as DTI, while the linked struct is defined as FIFO. This should not have happened. I'm currently looking for a scenario that can cause it. If you have any insights or you can reproduce it, then it can help. Thanks.
  8. You can have on the same button: Set bit on Pressed Reset bit on Release
  9. Yes, it is HTTP (using Post), but I'm not sure how the data is structured. In APIs, data can be sent as JSON, and XML. If you know HTML, then you can create a small Form with all the inputs of the parameters you need to enter, and have a button send the inputs using POST. If it works (and the SMS is sent), then you can use WireShark or Fiddler in order to sniff (capture) the TCP packets sent by your browser. You can then simulate the request on the PLC.
  10. When you import functions and screens, UniLogic creates the tags. When importing the screens/functions it looks for tags with the names it wants to import and check if there is a conflict with the type / size etc, if not, then it should try using them. The import of more than 6 screens should not be slow. Waiting more than 1.5 hours is not something that should happen (So maybe something failed), so if you have an example of the screens that you've tried to import (for example a module with a lot of screens that you've exported) and it takes a lot of time, then please share it with us (make sure the problem reproduces first).
  11. yes, please send it to our support
  12. What is the API protocol? Is it an HTTP based REST API? You should be able to use message composer, and also the buffer tools in order to compose a message that can be sent through a socket. I've done this with Vision in the past using FB Protocol, or with a simple TCP RAW send. (I've created an API on microsoft Azure, and the V570 sent and received data from it).
  13. OK, but even if the type got somehow changed to FIFO, you should have not got the error. I'll be glad to get the original project that reproduces the problem (if you still have it).
  14. Iterate means, doing a for loop, or a "Do While" loop. I've attached an example. Linearize Array.ulpr
  15. Try build-all if that doesn't solve the project, then send it to us. I want to know how b it happened? Did you n change a data table indexed to a FIFO?