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  1. A lot of things have changed since then. On Feb 20187, when UniLogic 1.23.25 was released, it first introduced the Layers, and Elements Grouping
  2. Do you have an capture of the error? (An error message of some kind)
  3. Yes, it was already implemented and would be available on the next release of UniLogic.
  4. A timer tag has the following members: Preset Current Out The Out bit is what you used for telling if the timer has activated. Preset will give you the value that the timer is starting to count from, and the Current is the time left. Preset - Current will give you the elapsed time. You can attach a Timer Box element in the HMI to the timer in order to see Preset, Current or Elapsed
  5. OK. I was able to reproduce the problem, and it will be fixed on next release.
  6. General.OFF is a bit which is always set to 0, while General.ON is a bit which is always set to 1. There is no point of defining a periodic Register with General.OFF in their Active bit, because it will always be inactive. It's like writing a function in any programming language, and then when you are done, you comment it out. Why are you trying to assign General.OFF info a bit you've created? The bit has a value of either 0 or 1, if you didn't put any value into that bit with powerup-value, by ladder or by HMI, then it will be 0. If that bit is not retained, and the CPU or the PLC are restarted, then the bit will be 0.
  7. OK, if you are sure that the ladder code that you've shown me is being executed, then I have no idea why it doesn't work. I could debug it better if I had the project. You can also debug it by putting in increment after the PrefixToUpper, so you can see with Online debug (or with HMI element) that the number is being incremented (and it should increment only once). You can also store Prefix Tractor Serial No into another string tag, so you could see its value after the function was called.
  8. I tested your code, in a c function downloaded to the PLC, and it works. Can you send your sample project, or at least a screen capture of the ladder call to that function?
  9. As far as I remember, the problem was in Remote Operator, and not Remote Access (and he is showing a Remote Access screenshot). In his case, even the axes are not drawn, which is weird. @joseodar, Can you check it with Remote Operator and see if it makes any difference?
  10. After you click the "Upload" button, a communication window appears, where you select the PLC. The path you select appears at the bottom of that window. If you've already selected a PLC. then UniLogic will try to communicate with the selected one without opening the window, so you might need to unplug the PLC from the USB / Ethernet cable in order t make the window re-open, or restart UniLogic
  11. You can enable the Panel USB Port for serial device, and then define the USB Port for a Modbus Panel communication. I never done it, but our QA guy showed it to me. He just connected a USB to Serial converter to the USB Host, and the other side to the serial device. This is how he also connects modems.
  12. No, you cannot run 2 instances of UniLogic.
  13. It is not starting with Windows, but rather when you first run UniLogic, and it stays up from that moment. The Notifier has few tasks: * Discover UniStream devices connected through USB (and when UniLogic needs the list of devices, it gets them from the Notifier) * Handle the list of crashed projects (When UniLogic closes unexpectedly, the Notifier detects it and let you recover that non-saved project into a file) * As its name says, it is a notifier. When you see the bubble, or get notifications on windows 10 notifications (about device being discovered or project crash), the Notifier does that,
  14. You should contact the support. Maybe they can make it work.
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