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  1. Right now you can change the baud rate from the UniApps. It is planned to allow changing baud rate and other properties from the program itself. I can't give information about when it will be released, and which properties will be changeable since the development of this feature has not been scheduled yet.
  2. Saragani

    "PDF viewer" widget

    Yes, You are not allowed to store more than 4MB in the internal storage, but if you use external storage (like external SD), and uncheck the "Internal Storage" checkbox (appears after you have selected a file) you are limited by the SD Card.
  3. Saragani

    Reboot PLC

    OK, I just wanted to confirm that it's not just wrong data sent to UniLogic during online, but an actual output that being set. Thanks.
  4. Saragani

    Reboot PLC

    Just one question. Where do you see the change in the output values? 1) In UniLogic online Debug 2) In HMI (An HMI element linked to an output) 3) In Ladder (Device, lamp, etc, connected to the output, so you literally saw the output being reset, set and reset again). Thanks
  5. Saragani

    Reboot PLC

    I'll open a bug on this issue, and we will try to reproduce it.
  6. Currently not supported. I'm submitting a feature request.
  7. @FredrikH, Please download and install the attached version. It uses a different 3rd party DLL that creates excel files, and it reduces the total used ram to a safe level, so you should be able to convert your files using SD Card Manager. Please update me if it helped. Thanks. Unitronics SD Card Suite 2.0.66.zip
  8. No, it is being used by Remote Operator only, and it fixes just the trend issue.
  9. Hi, we are familiar with this issue. The created excel file requires a lot of ram for this amount or rows (near 1,000,000 rows). The SD Card Suite is compiled as 32 Bit, so it is limited to 2 GB of ram for the process (but actually, due to fragmentation, the error will happen around 1.2 GB). Compiling the SD Card Suite as 64 bit is not possible since the Chart control is compiled as 32 bit (probably because it uses OpenGL). We are checking few solutions, but I can't promise anything, and it will take time to check them and implement them.
  10. Saragani

    Trend object only part visible

    @stembera, the problem was also reported here: If the issue still reproduces on your computer, can you please check it with the DLL on that thread, and update me? Thanks
  11. @Arnor, I think I've found the problem. Take the dll below and overwrite the one that exists in your installation folder. Make sure to create a backup of the original dll first. Please update me if it helps. Thanks. Unitronics.RemoteOperator.dll
  12. @Arnor, did you pass the project to our support?
  13. OK @Arnor, please give me the program, and I'll try to reproduce it. It's weird that the problem does not reproduce in VisiLogic, since both are based on the same code. I wrote most of the code of enhanced PLCs Remote Access in VisiLogic, and most of the code of Remote Operator, so I'm familiar with it, and can't understand how something like this can happen. You can send the project to support@unitronics.com, and ask them to forward it to me. Also instruct me to which screen to enter, or what to do in order to reproduce the problem. Thanks.