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  1. Long compiling Ladder time

  2. Clear/Reinitialize Entire Struct

    Reset numeric will also clear structs. The Auto-Complete sees that the element also supports Bits and numbers and therefore adds a . after the struct name. Just delete the dot (leave just the struct name) and press Enter, and it will accept the struct
  3. You can disable the UAC. Just go the User Access Control main tree note, hover the User Access control button on the "document"/ pane that was opened, and click on the red x. Then save that project as a different version (so you will have 2 versions)
  4. Yes, you can take the source code of the .Net communication driver from Unitronics website: https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareUtilities/NET Driver 2015 - Q4.zip Then, add the project to your solution, and add a reference to the project instead of the compiled dll. Changed the project platform to Any CPU or x64 (or whatever you want or need), compile and run.
  5. The .Net Communication driver is compiled as x86, so don't use Any CPU and x64 platform.
  6. Long compiling Ladder time

    Well, I got your project, and both me and Reuven from the Support, did not encounter any long compilation time. Compiling the entire project with Build-All took about 23 seconds. 10%-15% looks high to me. The Ladder compilation is currently using 1 thread (it is not parallel), and if your computer has 8 logical cores, then 100% / 8 gives 12.5%, which is just between 10 and 15. If the CPU is busy for a long time in the compilation, then something is causing it to work more than it should. You might try what Reuven suggested by email: 1. Reboot your PC 2. Go to Windows Start >Run: %localappdata%\Temp 3. You may find some files in that folder. Please delete all of the .tmp files 4. Go to UniLogic shortcut on your desktop > Right Click > Run as Administrator 5. Open the project and perform "Rebuild-All" If it doesn't work, then I would like to see the problem myself, and probably debug it with some tools (like dotTrace, etc), which can give me an indication on what the CPU is busy on (on what functions it is wasting most of the time). Please contact our support for a remote session. Please note that 6-7 hours from now, our work day is over, and we enter a long Holiday weekend, so we will only be available on next Monday, so if we can't schedule a remote session for today, then we would have to schedule it for next week.
  7. Long compiling Ladder time

    Can you please attach the project? I want to check why the compilation takes so long, since 10-30 minutes is not usual. When you compile the project, do you see that it is stuck for a long time on Compiling Ladder? Do you see the Hard-drive led on your computer blinking like crazy or stays on? (an indication for a lot of HDD activity)? If you open the Task Manager while UniLogic is compiling the Ladder, or whatever is taking a long time to compile, do you see UniLogic taking high CPU usage? (How much CPU usage does it take?, how many Physical and Logical cores your CPU has? Meaning: My CPU has 4 Physical cores, but since it has Hyper Threading support, then it has 8 logical cores) Thanks
  8. Long compiling Ladder time

    Which version of UniLogic are you using? How big is your project? (Can you attach it, or send it to the support?)
  9. No, because it doesn't make sense. The whole User Access Control feature is for security and protecting specific pages / elements from being seen or activated by unauthorized personnel. If by resetting the PLC you gain a full access, then the whole feature becomes useless.
  10. Updating Unilogic V1.19 to 1.21

    You are welcome
  11. Updating Unilogic V1.19 to 1.21

    In CCleaner, there are few options. One of them is Uninstall (which will tun the uninstaller, and you will get the same error). The second one is Delete, which is what you want. It removes traces of the deleted program from the registry, so windows thinks it is not installed.
  12. Updating Unilogic V1.19 to 1.21

    If you have CCleaner, then you can uninstall UniLogic with it (it will remove the program from the installed programs list). Then, follow the instructions here: It is important to run the command line as administrator. Tell me if it worked.
  13. Remote operator

    Currently not.
  14. Remote operator

    Currently not
  15. Does it say why it is in OS Stop mode? Maybe it says "No Application"? (Battery need to be replaced maybe?)