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  1. Load HMI Screen via Ladder

    Use a timer, that will set a bit that is used in the Load Screen action
  2. I'm not at work, and I'll be off until mid of August. You can send the project to the support by email: support@unitronics.com , and they will forward it to the r&d.
  3. Grouping of HMI elements

    No, this feature does not exist, but you can put elements in a Custom Control, then if you use that custom control in a screen, then it act as one element when copying, pasting moving etc. Custom control has the ability to accept parameters (It can be used more than once but with different tags, just like regular controls).
  4. It is working for me. I've set From and To year to be 2017, and I've set 1 on the correct month (You can set 1 for several months and Days. It is a boolean map which returns true if nothing is set, or when something is set and it matches the day/month).
  5. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee844140(v=ws.10).aspx http://www.winability.com/how-to-make-elevated-programs-recognize-network-drives/
  6. USMP File format and conversion

    Try running the software as administrator. Maybe windows is preventing writing to protected directories.
  7. USMP File format and conversion

    The actual data is a binary data, and there is a set of tools called UniStream Data Converters Suite which can convert the USMP to PDF or to CSV.
  8. Where is the link to download???

    The link above is no longer valid since there is a newer version on the web site. https://unitronicsplc.com/software-visilogic-for-programmable-controllers/ Just scroll down until you find the SD Card Suite
  9. Automatic backup SW

    Well, in general, the commands do the following: * Check if upload exists * Allow the Switch to "Flash access mode" (where you see the Visilogic Eye icon on the PLC) * Read the size of the upload file from the PLC (reading binary data) * Read the binary data of the upload file from the PLC (as byte array) and save it to disk. * Decompress the binary data * Connect to the decompressed DB file. * Read images and fonts headers from the PLC * For each font and image in the PLC, read the image (Header + Binary data), and update the Data Base with the uploaded font / image. I wouldn't recommend it due to the complexity.... Once you have uploaded a project (even from Visilogic), the project doesn't change unless you download a different project, so there is no need to upload it again. In my opinion, Cloning the PLC from the Ladder Utility, and then uploading the file to the PC is the best option, since you get a complete backup of the PLC, including the upload data. I think that the Clone also has the tags value inside (You can confirm that with our support). You can also contact them regarding this issue, and they will be happy to assist.
  10. Automatic backup SW

    Well, the communication driver does allow reading the tags (Operands), but you'll need to read each type (MI, MB, ML) by itself, or make an array of requests. Off course they will not all fit into one response from the PLC, so the communication driver will automatically split them to smaller ones. However, you need to take into account that the values will probably change while the PLC is running (since it is not an atomic action), so you should change the work mode of the PLC from Run to Stop, only then read all tags, save it somehow in a format you know, so you can then restore your backup (using write operands request), and only them Run the PLC again. Some of the System operands are not writable, so you will not be able to set them a value. Uploading a project from the PLC is much more complex, since not always the project was downloaded with an upload option. Furthermore, it involves a lot of communication commands which are not trivial. It have not worked with a Vision controller for a quite some time, but I remember that there is an option to trigger PLC backup to SD from Ladder. There is an element in Ladder, under the SD ladder elements menu, called Clone. Once you have a clone of the PLC, then you can restore it on that PLC or on a different PLC. If you want to backup the clone to a computer (so it won't only be on the PLC), then you can use the communication driver (using the SD class, plc.SD.ReadFile) in order to read the file, or manually connect to the PLC with SD Card Explorer and download the file to your computer. The SD Card explorer is just a UI wrapper for the SD Class, so anything that can be done with the SD Card Explorer, can be also done with the SD class.
  11. Automatic backup SW

    What do you want to backup? Tags? Project in PLC?
  12. Find ALL unused elements

    So send the bug with the project to the support.
  13. Local Timer and Counter inside UDFB

    You can't use a local timer, since local tag means that it is being created on the stack when you enter the function, and deleted when you exit the function. This means that it will not count. The same thing happens with a local int16. Everytime you enter the function, a new int16 is being defined on the stack with a value of 0.
  14. Run as Admin flags

    Hi, there are new versions on the website of Remote Operator, SD Card Suite, UniVision Licensing, Download Manager, etc, which now have the manifest that makes it request an administrator rights in order to start. Ausman has already installed them, as far as I know. Please tell me if the installation went fine for you, and the programs runs OK. If you encounter some problems, like program doesn't start, or Ribbon is missing from the program, please tell me, so I can look in to it. Thanks.
  15. Delete operation failed on SD

    Maybe the folder or one of the files is being used, You can try using File operations from ladder, if it is something you want to do in code, UniLogic 1.20 would support automatic file deletion of old files based on rules that can be configured by the user, so your samples folder would not get "exploded".