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  1. I think it's a problem with the fact that it is a 64 bit excel.
  2. HMI button not resetting

    When you switch to a different HMI screen, the screen unloads, and a new screen loads instead. The release event will never happen. I'm not sure what actions you are doing in press and what actions in release. Are you switching the HMI screen in the release, or in the press? If you are doing it in the press, then you can set the bit on the press, change the screen, and on Ladder have a code like: When Bit, then reset Bit, and do whatever you want to do next. If you are doing the HMI screen change on release, then try having the Bit reset before the change screen action, BTW, the same thing will happen, for example, in Windows WPF application, if a control registered to mouse left button down event, and up event, and on the down event it unloads (removes) itself from the visual tree and add a different control, then the mouse up event will caught on the new control.
  3. Admin users in UniLogic

    That's all you need to allow, at the moment. If the ladder compilation would fail, then we will try to allow few more exe files. Are you using another antivirus or just windows defender?
  4. Admin users in UniLogic

    Please talk with our support for scheduling a remote session. I want to diagnose the exact problem in order to find out why UniLogic doesn't start.
  5. Admin users in UniLogic

    Well, I might need to have a remote session to your computer in order to see the exact error from the sqllocaldb utility and from the logs of the sql instance. Please contact our support by phone or by email in order to schedule a remote session.
  6. Admin users in UniLogic

    Well the SQL Server installation is corrupted. Try running the SQL Server 2012 x64 (assuming your windows is 64 bit) and repair the installation (or uninstall and reinstall)
  7. Admin users in UniLogic

    See here: The UniLogic Diagnostics tool should be able to solve the problem. Tell me if it worked.
  8. Read from SD Card

    And it works perfectly fine here on Visual Studio 2017 (I ran it in Any CPU Mode, although it is supposed to run in x86, since the .Net communication driver is usually compiled as such). Can you zip your entire solution project and upload it to this forum? I want to see that it fails here if I run the exe, I want to look at the App Config file (Visual Studio must have created one), and I want to also debug it (if needed) with an external debugger (without recompiling the code with VS2017)
  9. Admin users in UniLogic

    I'm letting you know that we are giving this issue a high priority. We are currently working on a solution. Installation will still require to run as admin (off course), but UniLogic itself would not.
  10. Android Remote Operator to V290 PLC

    I didn't say it is a good idea, but if he requires an immediate solution then this is the only one. (And buying a new PLC sometimes also requires to rewrite the application, so it can also be expensive)
  11. Admin users in UniLogic

    Basically, as much as I remember, the only requirement of UniLogic to run as Admin is when it creates the SQL instance for the first time. Tell me which version you are using, and I'll compile the main exe without Admin rights in the manifest. You will still need to run the UniLogic for the first time as Admin, so the SQL instance will be created with enough rights to the folder of the SQL Server (else, the SQL Server fails). I will raise this issue, so it will be decided if to change UniLogic so it won't require any Admin rights when running.
  12. Run as Admin flags

    On some cases, the program requires to run as Administrator for doing things like writing to Registry (for example, for Remote Operator to start with Windows).
  13. Read from SD Card

    Is it the SD Card Explorer lite code example, or your own code? If it's your own code, and the example runs fine, then I'll need your project (I tried reproducing the issue with the code example on Visual studio 2017).
  14. Android Remote Operator to V290 PLC

    The mobile version of Remote Operator only supports the enhanced vision PLCs (and I think that the V130 is also not supported). A workaround can be a computer that is connected to the PLC with Remote Operator (in full screen, for example), and then have VNC client on phone connected to the PC. This is off course will require the PC connected 24/7 to the PLC, and if your client have several PLCs, then it complicates things.
  15. UDFB show "modify" simbol at the new open...

    If you have a one of the "DTI Column" elements or Modbus aperiodic elements in that UDFB, then that can explain the "modify" symbol. We are aware of this issue, and we will address this issue in one of the next versions (The fix for this issue is not yet scheduled).
  16. UniStream USB Issue?

    You should not get any "Drive Update" message of any kind, and I'm not sure how you've updated your driver. During the UniLogic installation, it installs the driver that will be used. For more information, I need to see a screen capture of your Device Manager (highlight the device that you think it's the UniStream PLC). If you don't see it under "Network Adapters" as: "Unitronics Unistream USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget, then the driver is probably not installed correctly, or not installed at all. If the PLC do appear in the device manager as explained above, then the problem might be a firewall blocking the Ethernet communication, uPnP services turned off, and few more issues.
  17. Master and Slave at same time...

    It is just a warning, ignore it. We cannot detect (unless the element is directory on bus bar) that it will be called continuously or not), since it might be on a bus bar of another function that is called through a timer, or the other way around: not on bus bar, but after a Contact that is always open dues to the state of the connected bit.
  18. It is best to avoid doing these steps manually, since the Diagnostics tool does them automatically if it detects a problem with the instance. Furthermore, problems will happen if the cmd is not started as Administrator, and problems may happen if the UniLogic instance is created on a different version of SQL Server. Meaning, the actual command should be: sqllocaldb create UniLogic 11.0 If a newer version version of SQL Server local DB is installed then running "sqllocaldb create UniLogic" will create the instance on the new version. This means that any project that is saved with this version will not open on computers with the UniLogic instance running on SQL Server 2012 (which is the version we use).
  19. What kind of commands do you want to send? The Web Server is a HMI / Scada implementation, so I don't sure what independent commands to you want to receive or send.
  20. HMI Graphics, Edit and add

    I'm not sure who wrote this, but at least about the .Net components, it means that we have .Net components developed by us that can be used for creating your software (like Remote Operator custom control for the Vision PLCs, and few other developers tools). Anyway, UniLogic or VIsilogic does not support plugins.
  21. HMI Graphics, Edit and add

    ActiveX is not a graphic technology, so I'm not sure what you mean.
  22. Unilogic or Visilogic?

    On the other hand, this sounds like a job that a Vision PLC can handle (even the very cheap ones). UniStream PLCs on the other hand have lots of capabilities that you don't need and it cost more. You should contact out support and advise for the best suitable PLC for your needs.
  23. That is not correct. The function takes the current value of the tag. If power up value worked, then it means that your tag originally had no value (it was an empty string). Explanation: When the ladder starts, a small piece of code runs, which is the code that sets the power-up value. For example: MyString = "Hello World"; Now if in another place in the code I do: MyString = "Foo Bar"; then now the tag contains FooBar. Convert CSV to UDTF does not know, and could never know what the power up value was. Tags are placed in memory in an absolute address, so writing a new value (like Foo Bar) overwrites the memory where the string that was set during power up. When calling CSV to UDTF, the pointer (address of the string tag) and its length are being sent to the CSV to UDTF file. Since setting power-up value made it work, then it means that the code that sets the actual string value is never called, else the new value would have been used and not the power up value. (And this also explains why you had an empty string that caused the error status).
  24. No, not program files, but ProgramData (it is a hidden directory), but you should access the images from UniLogic itself. When you browse for an Image in UniLogic, then you have the UniPics in the quick shortcuts. See attached image:
  25. The thread that sgull posted contains a link to a software called "UniLogic Diagnostics". This program should solve your problem.