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  1. So send the bug with the project to the support.
  2. You can't use a local timer, since local tag means that it is being created on the stack when you enter the function, and deleted when you exit the function. This means that it will not count. The same thing happens with a local int16. Everytime you enter the function, a new int16 is being defined on the stack with a value of 0.
  3. Hi, there are new versions on the website of Remote Operator, SD Card Suite, UniVision Licensing, Download Manager, etc, which now have the manifest that makes it request an administrator rights in order to start. Ausman has already installed them, as far as I know. Please tell me if the installation went fine for you, and the programs runs OK. If you encounter some problems, like program doesn't start, or Ribbon is missing from the program, please tell me, so I can look in to it. Thanks.
  4. Maybe the folder or one of the files is being used, You can try using File operations from ladder, if it is something you want to do in code, UniLogic 1.20 would support automatic file deletion of old files based on rules that can be configured by the user, so your samples folder would not get "exploded".
  5. Hi, We had similar problems when we developed the Remote Operator for mobile. We have found out that the communication driver must be a Portable Library project. Please try it.
  6. Well, it partially works. I put for example a length of 6 and padding 2 (pad with spaces), and I get it pad with 0's except for the most left character, which seem to be a space. Is that what you are experiencing?
  7. No.
  8. Can you link an HMI numeric variable to the Control Stick pos? Can you tell me if the System Tag Execution -> Scan Count incrementing? Do you see any "CPU Error" message on the Panel?
  9. Well, actually putting a special screen in the install can be more complicated (The install of Visilogic amd the activex programs are with InstallShield, which requires a knowledge of creating and editing its UIs, and in the .Net installations it some kind of a Microsoft install project, which I'm not sure I can add any custom screen... I never tried to anyway).
  10. The simplest solution is to make the programs request elevated privileges. I've already done it, and also instructed the Vision team on how to implement it on old ActiveX applications. When the QA is done, the programs should be uploaded to the website. Cara mentioned that it will take time.
  11. Can you please contact the support for remote session? They can help you install the driver.
  12. Hi, The slowness can be caused by several things: * Images that are being downloaded from the server / PLC * JavaScripts that are being downloaded from the server / PLC (And then cached in the browser) * The PLC renders the pages from Jade to HTML Can you please send the project so I can at least have a look at the boxes misplacing? Thanks
  13. It looks like Remote Access and Remote Operator doesn't support the feature of multi keys press.
  14. Ok, I'm just informing that the context menu issue with the transparent background is fixed and will be solved in UniLogic 1.19.
  15. Well, the fact that you have the classic theme (the classic shell probably applies it) explains the problem. I know the cause of this problem, and I'll fix it on next version. 10x for the report.
  16. Yes, I'm aware that the old forum doesn't work, but the search in this forum was also not showing old results, which is a bit of annoying.
  17. Well, it looks fine here. (We would not make popups transparent on purpose). You've said that it is flickering. I'm aware of an issue I have noticed on several computers (including on one of our QA guys and also on Ofir's computer). The issue also reproduces on the auto-complete of the ladder and in other combo-boxes and popups. For a reason I do not understand, the background is transparent, and flickers (sometimes you see the white background), and the strange thing is that both Ofir and the QA guy have 2 monitors, and the problem reproduces on one of them, while on the other one it looks fine. I'm suspecting hardware or driver problem on those specific video cards, or maybe a bug in the .Net framework / WPF (working with dual monitors). Do you have 2 monitors? If so, can you check it on other one? In the meanwhile, I'll try searching the internet for other people that experienced transparent/flickering popups in WPF. I do remember that we had a similar issue on Windows XP and Windows with Classic theme, where a popup menu would flicker on the Ribbon / Recent files view. (Are you using the windows classic theme?) Maybe it's the same issue.
  18. Well, after trying to search something on this forum (that clearly exists), and I couldn't find it, I've entered the forum configuration. It was looking for posts that are up to 400 days ago. I've changed the configuration to "Show all", since I think that the knowledge base of the forum is very important. Aus, please try to search your content now.
  19. I'm not sure I understand on back text over black background you are talking about, This is the IO Selection. Texts are white and selected IO is a light blue one. The ComboBox has a white background. And when opening the configuration, for example of the Analog Input 0, the window looks like this (No black text over black background). Can you upload a screen capture so I would know what UI are you talking about? 10x
  20. Ofir, any suggestions?
  21. By the io inputs and outputs and also by the capture of the ladder. I'll check the text foreground.
  22. The screen captures are misleading. The IO is not a 0808R, but a combo (UIS-WCB1). He just minimized the size of the toolbox, so just the 0808R is visible.
  23. Initial data is only being set when: * The application in the PLC is totally different * When the tag does not exist in the PLC (for example, you have added a new retained tag and set an initial value) *When you use Init retained tag from the "UniStream management" in UniLogic It will not be called on every power-up. There is no logic to set the initial value of a retained tag on every power-up since then it makes the retained tag meaningless. Is it a new PLC? (Maybe there is something wrong with the battery that keeps the retained memory). You can download your project to a different PLC (if you have one) and check if it still reproduces. If it does, then send unitronics the project so we could see if maybe there is something wrong with the project, or something was not configured correctly.
  24. You are correct. I do have the image opacity changed from 1 to 0 (so it disappears), but it is shown on a window, which has a gray background. Trying to make it have transparent background makes the UI look weird (I can see the close buttons of the window behind it). Things are much easier in WPF than in WinForms. The best I can do, is give that window a background like the PLC has. That would work for you and for most people.