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  1. Saragani

    UniLogic - Trendline Value

    You can take the sampler file and use the Data Converters Suite in order to export the data to Excel (So you can see the exact value at a specific time).
  2. Saragani

    Printing Documentation Problems

    This is currently how the print works. It lets you choose the page size (assuming it's not A4), so you can print it as Poster option in Acrobat reader, since functions and rungs might be cut to half horizontally or vertically.
  3. Saragani

    Error while installing new version

    You never had any version of UniLogic installed on that computer?
  4. Saragani

    Email message using data tags

    You can (as much as I remember) write to a file, and then use the file as the body of the email.
  5. Saragani

    Issue with languages selection...

    Oh, good you've found it. Thanks for letting me know 🙂
  6. Saragani

    UniLogic version 1.24.56 not opening

    The error is: Error occurred during LocalDB instance startup: SQL Server process failed to start. I don't know if it's a specific error with the instance or with the entire sql server. You can try extracting the UniLogic Diagnostics in your installation directory and run it. Please tell me what it found (is the Red X appear on both Server and Instance?) Was it able to fix the problem?
  7. Saragani

    IO Module Structure Tag

    Internal Param is for internal use. You don't need it.
  8. Saragani

    HMI - Actions

    Hi, TextBox is an element that captures touch (you touch it in order to activate it and open the keyboard), so this behavior overrides the press / release / click actions. This is why TextBox (and all the elements that has Keyboard or touch capabilities like Numeric Box, Timer Box. Trend, Check Box, Combo Box etc.) don't have actions as well. Rectangle is a very basic element that does not support actions, and it is meant for borders, background etc..., but there is a workaround. You can take a Fixed Text element, set a background, border color, and border thickness, and change the text to an empty string, and you have a "Rectangle" with actions. In our example projects that can be downloaded from the website, there is a project or a UDFB that converts a number to string.
  9. Saragani

    Media File is missing

    OK. You need to "Download All", or in your case, since you already downloaded the "Logic", then just do a "Download only Media".
  10. Saragani

    Issue with languages selection...

    Well, I tried reproducing the problem on a UniStream 5 PLC. I call "Set Language" either directly in button press, or by setting a bit and then setting the language from the global actions. I added 3 buttons where each of them set a different language (English(default), French. Italian). and I see the correct language when I open the keyboard (for example, in a text box). I'm looking forward for your project in order to see what wen't wrong.
  11. Saragani

    Issue with languages selection...

    Are you sure you didn't accidentally swap the translations? Can you upload / share the project?
  12. Saragani

    Unitronics.ComDriver.dll exception

    Make sure you compile the project as x86
  13. Saragani

    HMI object never covered by other...

    OK, thanks.
  14. Saragani

    HMI object never covered by other...

    Yes, you can send to Jumbo Mail. A video would be good, and also the project (if you have the original project before upgrading to UniLogic 1.23, before the problem, started, then it can help understanding the problem and reproducing it).
  15. Saragani

    Media File is missing

    Did you do a "Save as without media"?
  16. Saragani

    HMI object never covered by other...

    Can you give me the project, or just an example project, that shows the problem? I need both the original project that worked (and the information about on which version it worked), and a project that doesn't work (As I understand, it doesn't work in 1.23.25, right?). And instructions, or a video captures that will show what is the problem, and how it behaved in the past. This may help us understand what was changed, and maybe give a workaround. Thanks.
  17. Saragani

    USB comunication problem

    @svdcan, were you able to upgrade the PLC?
  18. Saragani

    USB comunication problem

    It might be stuck in the upgrade process. Give it another 30 minutes. If it doesn't finish by then, then contact our support. Someone from the Panel R&D team will need to recover the panel, or then will instruct you how to do it.
  19. Saragani

    USB comunication problem

    It should take about 5-20 minutes (if it's a big upgrade). How much time have been passed since the upgrade started?
  20. Saragani

    USB comunication problem

    Either by USB Stick or by remote upgrade (through communication). USB Stick 1) plug the usb stick (disk on key) on your PC 2) In UniLogic: PLC -> UniStream Management -> Firmware manager -> Copy to DOK 3) Plug the USB Stick on the PLC, and in the UniApps upgrade the firmware (in one of the menus) Remote Upgrade: 1) Make sure the PLC is connected to the PC with USB 2) In UniLogic: PLC -> UniStream Management -> Remote Update 3) Select the PLC from the list, select target drive (External SD, or DOK)... You either must have an external SD in the SD Card Slot, or a USB Stick plugged into the USB Host of the Panel 4) Click on Update 5) When the firmware is sent to the PLC and you get a message that the PLC is rebooting, unplug the USB cable from the PLC and wait for the upgrade to start and finish (it may take a while, depends on how many files it needs to update.
  21. Saragani

    USB comunication problem

    Hi, it just tells you that you can click the flashlight in order to see a message on the PLC (to identify the PLC). The warning sign appears probably because there is a version mismatch... Either the PLC has a newer firmware related to UniLogic, or the opposite around. (Most likely that the PC has a newer UniLogic version, for example 1.24.56, while the PLC has firmware 1.23 or older).
  22. Saragani

    PCOM RS232 Ascii Message Mystery

    This is a version / ID command. ID is the command, and the ED is the checksum The PLC replies with the Model and OS version. VUN2 is V120-12-UN2, and I'm guessing the OS version is 4.50.15 (I didn't try to debug it. I just parsed the reply in my head with a given Regular Expression, so I might be mistaken about the os version).
  23. Saragani

    UniLogic version 1.24.56 not opening

    OK, It was me with another R&D person, who remote sessioned your computer. The problem with the .Net framework is not so common. UniLogic requires .Net framework 4.6.2, but on some machines it doesn't work, and installing ,Net framework 4.7.1 solves the problem. I can only assume that the .net framework (4.6.2) was somehow not installed, or the installation was corrupted. I cannot longer check it since the .Net 4.7.1 uninstalls the previous version, but I'm glad that you managed to solve it. As for the problem with your main computer, this is very uncommon problem. The SQL Server Local DB installation does not work, at all! No instance manage to start, and it also fails on creating the instances. It fails on a function called "WaitForMultipleObjects". I've seen this kind of error in the past, but not on the creation of the instances, but rather while connecting the DB, so I'm not sure it's the same cause. Go to "Add/Remove Programs", and look for: AdAware or Web Companion. If you find any of these programs then uninstall them, Please write in this thread of you've found them or not. Another thing you can try: 1) Create a new user in your windows 2) Log in to that user 3) Start UniLogic Please tell me if creating a new user helped. It was suggested in several threads on other forums that it might work. (So if it does, then it can be a workaround). For example: https://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/30383/cannot-start-sqllocaldb-instance-with-my-windows-account
  24. Saragani

    .net read, write multiple operands

    Yes, it is possible. The ReadWrite function gets an array of ReadWriteRequest. Just have each of the requests in a different index in the array. Btw, the request might be split into multiple requests due to size limit of the communication buffer.
  25. Try to communicate with VisiLogic and see if it manages to communicate. Maybe the IP or port is incorrect, or the port if not forwarded, or a firewall blocks the communication.