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  1. Hi, Please try the following: 1. Check if your battery is low (SB8=1). If so, replace it. 2. Backup your application, then download an empty application to the controller. Then re-download your application. Hope this helps.
  2. In general, it is not recommended to use 24V expansion modules in a 12V system. I do not know what PLC's you were using so far for your projects, but to avoid using I/O expansions at all, you can consider working with the Vision V120. There are several models (with built in I/O) that require 12V. See attached PDF V120 comparison.pdf
  3. Flex727 By Ethernet over twisted pair standards, to directly connect two devices you should use a crossover cable. However, I mentioned the use of a network hub (switch) for the future implementation of data reporting via email (connecting the network to the internet).
  4. That makes it even easier. Connect both PLC's to an ethernet cable (in the future you can add a switch to the network and establish data reporting via mail server). Define the washing machine PLC as TCP master (the same socket will later be used for sending emails) and the dryer as TCP slave. When operator input the desired weight on washing machine, send the desired value to the dryer (via TCP RAW function block), then send feedback back to the washing machine to close the connection. I attached a short summary about Ethernet TCP in Visilogic. Ethernet_TCP.pdf
  5. Hi. There are several ways to communicate between Vision PLC's, but using analog I/O's is not one of them (at least not a recommended one). I have a solution for you, based on the following assumptions: 1. Both machines are'nt very far from each other. 2. The PLC's doesn't include the Ethernet module. 3. The industrial machines generate EMI in some level that might interfere with the normal PLC's operation. If these assumptions are correct, i would recommend connecting both PLC's via Modbus over RS485 cable. It is relatively immune to noise and You can define it easily in Visilogic. Define the washing machine PLC as Modbus master, and the dryer PLC as Modbus slave. When the operator input the weight load (on master PLC), send this data to the slave PLC and multiply this value by a factor. I attached to this post two Visilogic application (Modbus Master & Slave). These applications are for V130 but hey demonstrate exactly what you need to add to your application. I also attached a PDF taken from Visilogic help file regarding RS485 network setup. Hope this helps. For any questions feel free to contact me. V130_Modbus_Master.vlp V130_Modbus_Slave.vlp RS_485.pdf
  6. To upload a project from PLC, it is neccessary to use the feature "Burn Upload Project" when downloading the project in Visilogic. This feature will burn the application (VLP file) to the flash memory of the PLC.
  7. Is your "from" address defined by a direct value, or is it taken from an indirect vector? In case of an indirect vector - the vector might have been corrupted somhow...
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