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  1. Hi CFBFP, Instead of using a constant delay between messages, you can use the SDO function in progress bit, found in the CanOpen general struct (see image). When this bit falls you can send the next message.
  2. Hi itamarsin, We are not familiar with the Aggregate Scada software. I would advise contacting their support team for getting assistance on the "OPC Discover Wizard". Before doing that, I would check the following: 1. Is UniOPC server is registered in your PC? 2. Did you define the tags and connections in UniOPC server? 3. Is the UniOPC server running? If the answer to one of these questions is no, this could be the reason for the OPC server discovery failure.
  3. Hi sunit, Unitronics does have interrupt capabilities, although using this feature in Visilogic will probably not give the best results. That is because the interrupt routine runs every 1.25ms (in the Enhanced Vision series, or 2.5ms in the Standard Vision series). According to the encoder details you provided, the pulse length for the encoder index pulse (or marker pulse) is calculated as follows:1/(encoder resolutionXRPM/60)=1/(36000X10/60)=1.67E-4 sec/pulse. This time frame is to narrow for the 1.25ms (1.25E-3 sec) interrupt routine to "catch" the index reliably. If available, you can try using the index pulse input in a spare high speed input and run the HSC interrupt routine for this input. Anyway, please attach your application to this post. I would like to understand how the system works and might find a better solution.
  4. Hi Nettron2, There are several products that are suitable for the suggested project. To narrow the results please provide more information, such as: 1. Besides the components mentioned, are there any more I/O's in the system? how many? for Analog I/O's, what's the required measurement resolution? 2. What is the frequency required for the encoder? 3. What is the requirement for the user interface? Unitronics has several display sizes, color/monochrome, touch display/keypad. 4. Does the signal for the servo is a simple switch, or is it a HSO? 5. Are there any requirements for communication ports? In the meantime, I would recommend the Vision V350. This model consist of a 3.5" color touch display with built in I/O points, built in alarms screens and trends, several communication features, auto-tune PID, data logging to SD card and more. For the product page press here Also see comparison table in the attached pdf v350_comparison.pdf
  5. Hi AndreasThoni, If I understand your system's configuration - this is a wireless I/O network and no I/O's will be connected directly to the Unistream. In this configuration, one "Multihop Data Radio" will be connected to the Unistream. this master will be configured to handle all the data exchange between the remote slaves and the Unistream. Unistream surely can handle such configuration (and much more). Unistream is equipped with an RS485 port and such network is easily defined.
  6. Hi Y.INDS, FYI, the bug in Sort Array function block is fixed, and will be included in the next release of Unilogic (which should be available next month).
  7. Hi Sunit, The principle behind the Immediate functions is to access I/O information (read/write) regardless of the PLC scan time (as you probably know - the PLC scan is a loop, starting with reading the inputs, then performing the ladder logic and finally activating the outputs). Regarding using this feature as a high speed counter - the answer is no. that is because the normal digital input has a delay response much slower than the typical scan time (usually 10ms).
  8. Please attach your application to this post. I will try to look for programming issues.
  9. The terminations is crucial for the correct function of an RS485 network. In such network, the two end nodes must have either the termination jumper set to on, or alternatively a resistor (typically 120 Ohm) between the + and - signal line. The termination has two main purposes - to prevent data corruption and to minimize electric noise. For more information please see the attached guide for RS485 (taken from Visilogic help). RS485.pdf
  10. Thank you for bringing this up! Using your reference I found out that there is a bug in the "Sort Array" function block (which is used to determine min/max values in the application) - apparently It does not sort certain values. I referred it to our R&D department and this bug will be fixed in the upcoming Unilogic version. Thanks again for bringing this up.
  11. Hi Wachovius, You can try and connect the Raspberry Pi to a PC and use a serial terminal to monitor exactly what signal the PC receives. My assumption regarding this is that the Raspberry Pi is using a TTL serial communication and not RS232 serial communication layer. You can find more about the differences between these two here. Another thing: the standard communication parameters of the Jazz are as follows: Baud rate 9600 Parity: Even Stop Bits 1 Data Bits 7
  12. Unfortunately, in case of power loss without battery backup the alarm history memory will be erased. Direct access to the alarms history file stored in the SD card is impossible. However, you can still use Unitronics software "SD Card Suite" to access the alarm history file.
  13. Hi elektrik85, Did you change the jumpers inside the V130 to RS485 mode? You can read more in the V130 installation guides, found here
  14. You can do the following: 1. Add an SD card to Unistream. 2. Add logic to write the data table to a file on the SD card. 3. Option1: Define the Unistream as an FTP Client. Then you can send the data table file (a .udtf format) to an FTP server (the PC). Option2: Use Unilogic to upload the data table file from the Unistream (see attached image). 4. Use the attached converter (zipped file) to convert the UDTF file to Excel file. 5. Edit the Excel file as you wish. 6. Save the file and use the converter to convert the file back to UDTF (use the same filename). 7. Either use the FTP services or manually download the file back to the PLC. Unitronics UDTF-Excel Converter.zip
  15. Hi Stembera, In some cases, Remote Operator requires a long mouse clicking on the HMI display to actually cause a reaction. Try to find out if such feature exist on the Teamviewer mobile application.
  16. Hi Sunit, The fact that the PTO Read Status function block results always in the same figures (+-12) indicates that this is an application issue. You can look for mathematical or linearization functions which can cause this. You are also welcome to post your application here, or send it to support@unitronics.com for further review.
  17. Hi willielec, Printing the project ladder diagrams is available from both U90Ladder and Visilogic. Are you getting error messages when trying to print?
  18. Hi denogoro, Unitronics, as most PLC manufacturers, is compatible with industrial devices that consist of 24V or 12V voltage. It is technically possible to use 5VDC devices using external electronic converters, but doing so is not recommended.
  19. Hi Serban, The Initialize&Reset command is specifically made for debugging purposes. It initializes ALL the operands values in the PLC and is rarely used in normal system operation. Normal PLC reset will not cause this issue. Anyway, all alarm history is still present on the SD card, and it is available to read using Unitronics SD card tools.
  20. Hi, Please try the following: Go to UniApps-->Upgrade-->I/O upgrade. Mark the Forced check box and press Upgrade All I/O Units. Please let me know if that solved the problem.
  21. Hi, The link works fine for me (on Google Chrome). For you convenience I attached the document. sm35-j-t20_2.pdf
  22. Do you need to transfer the recipes in an automated script? or are you intending to do this manually?
  23. Hi Cataliz3er, Currently, there is no .net driver available for the Unistream series. For communicating with 3rd party devices (such as SCADA) we recommended on two options: 1. Modbus - You can set the Unistream to function as a Modbus slave, easily define the relevant tags for communicating with the SCADA (which is the Modbus Master). 2. Message Composer - You can use the built in Message composer to create a communication protocol between the SCADA and the Unistream, including the relevant tags for data exchange. You can communicate over either serial or Ethernet connection.
  24. Hi DaveE Please see the attached project. It uses the PCL5 protocol to print text to any TCP printer communicating with this protocol. Also attached is a quick reference guide for the protocol. PCL 5 Quick Reference Guide.pdf UniStream_070_TCP_Printer_30_12.ulpr
  25. Dear Michael, It is our job here at Unitronics. Thank you for helping us make Visilogic better. Happy new year.
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