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  1. EduMarg

    "CPU Error Detected" after PLC start-up

    Hi guys, Despite the message, this has nothing to do with the CPU, its connector, or any hardware. In UniLogic version 1.23.25, a certain set of circumstances that involved the 'ACK Alarm' Ladder function called this error message—it's just a minor bug J. It's been fixed
  2. EduMarg

    "CPU Error Detected" after PLC start-up

    Hi jvalstar, Send you an email
  3. EduMarg

    "CPU Error Detected" after PLC start-up

    Scott, I sent you an email with answer and solution. Best regards
  4. Dear ORSO2001, I tried to replicate this issue with an application build on 1.19 with UAC with a user set as supper group. I open the application with latest UniLogic 1.22.13 and download it to a UniStream with latest firmware 1.22.9 In my case it worked OK and had no issues downloading the application to the UniStream. I got no error message. Can you please try downloading an empty application to the UniStream. After this please try to download your application. If this does not work, please send the application to support@unitronics.com for review. Also, please send a screenshot of the error message you get. Thanks.
  5. Hi Mbb and Mdglopper, It seems that the UID-0808T you are using has an old boot. Because of this the O/S of this module needs to be downgraded it order for the module to work. BUT please note that the using the old UID-0808T, you cannot use the "scenarios" of this IO module. Please do as follows: On UniLogic 1.18.6 go to Download > OS Download > Download IO Files. Select the IOOS_UID-0808T_V2_5 When it's done just reboot the PLC.
  6. EduMarg

    Send multi mails

    Hi, Sorry for the misunderstanding. When I say 8 emails at the same time I meant 8 different emails and not 8 different email addresses. When you configure the address on one email: 1. If the address is indirect the limit should be around ~40-50 address in the mail list to all To/cc/bcc together . 2. If you use fix constant address there should be no limit. Hope this clarifies better. Regards,
  7. EduMarg

    Send multi mails

    Hi, In UniLogic you can set a list of many emails with out the need of a data table. You can configure a list of Emails on the To:/CC:/Bcc: part of the email configuration. You also have a widget you can use on the HMI to edit the To:/CC:/Bcc: list of emails to send the email. The UniStream can handle multiple mails at the same request. We have an internal queue but we recommend to send a maximum of up to 8 mails at the same time. Please see attached example and you can also see more information on emails on a video tutorial on the next link. UniStream_070_Send_Mail_new.ulpr
  8. Hi, In order to better help you: Will it be possible to send us the application to support@unitronics.com for review? Can you please tell us on the properties windows/trend curve list option, when the trend curves configuration window is open: Is the option "is visible" selected for all curves? What are the values for Max and Min columns? 3. Can you please tell us what version of UniLogic and Bin files are you using?\ Please note that the latest version of UniLogic is V1.18.60 and BIN files 1.18.19. We recommend to install and use this versions. I use the attached example, I change the trend on the HMI to FIFO and had no issues viewing the 3 curves at the same time. But remember that only one of them will have the focus and that is the one that will have the title on the upper part and the correct units on the X axis. UniStream_070_Data_Sampling_And_Trend.ulpr
  9. The MJ10-22-CS25 cable can be purchased through your local distributor. This is a RJ11 to DB9 connection To connect to your laptop, you will need a USB-Serial converter, part number MJ10-22-CS35.
  10. using coma is not possible, Even if converting the number to ascii and changing the point to a coma because you choose as delimiter coma. This will separate the decimal part and the integer part of the number into two cells. In the example I post you will notice that I write the value of pressure to the delimited line. This value is changed to ascii before writing it to the CSV file. Are you also converting the integer to ASCII? You can do it as in the example and on the E input of the NUM to ASCII block use a constant to determine the decimal point location. so for example if your integer is 100 and you wish to see 10.0 use on this input a value of 1. Hope this helps.
  11. Vamalgise, I'm glad my advice helped you. Attached an example on how to created titles on a CSV file using delimited line. You will see that in this example, once a day or when a new file is created, the first thing it does is write titles into the first row. Hope this helps. Regards. V570_sd_delimited_line.vlp
  12. Hi vamalgise, The delimiter can change depending of your region. Some places use as delimiter the coma "," some regions use the semicolon ";" . What symbol are you using as delimiter? Try changing it to the second option. if you use coma use semicolon instead If you use semicolon use coma instead Another option to separate the columns is to go to excel and Select the text you wish to divide in columns go to the data menu, there you will see the icon or option Text to column. select this option. a new windows will pop up where you will have options delimiter or fix text. Select delimiter and click on next. You will have a list of delimiters: tab, coma, semicolon, etc. Select the one that adapts to you needs and click next two more times This should solve your issue. Regards
  13. Ausman, Thank you for explaining it better. This suggestion will be taken in account to see if it will be possible to add on a future version of VisiLogic. Best Regard and happy new year.
  14. Hello Ausman, Season gratings and Happy holidays. First of all, what PLC are you using -Vision, Jazz or M90/91-? Can you please give more information on how you use the maximum and minimum value? When you mention that the the linearization is only valid on a certain range -between a maximum and a minimum values- this means that outside this range the values are not linear? Or is still linear but you don't wish to take those values in account? If as you mention the linearization is only valid on a certain range -between a maximum and a minimum values-, and you know both the X and Y value of this maximum and minimum, then this are the values you will use on the X1/Y1 and X2/Y2 values of the FB. Remember that the linearization FB uses the line equation to determine the line between two point, you can take any two point inside the line to create the same equation. You could also use the compare function "within range" before the linearization FB so it will only be active between the range you need it to work. Best Regards,
  15. Dear laporbr, If the application is password protected then you needs the password. If some else wrote the application you needs to contact that person and ask for the password. Unfortunately there is no way to delete or overpass the password protection. This is the idea of protecting the application with a password.