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  1. Indeed, I would like to print the ladder also. It is an easier way to find any bugs, and printscreening every page is just too much work.
  2. Hello, Is there a easy possible way to reset the whole system immediately without using the UniApps? The only way I know is to put every bit separately to zero and all the numeric to zero or startup value. Thank you for your response. Leon
  3. Hi Eyal, First thank you for your support! 1. The reason why I want to search the SD card without using uniapps is because I dont want the end-user to go to another menu beside the menu I have created. And if the end-user need to go to the uniapps menu, he can also change some details from the PLC itself. Because if I protect it with a password as guest, than the user cannot see the items on the PLC in uniapps, if I am right. 2. Thank you, I am downloading the newest version right away! 3. That is regretful indeed, I knew indeed that I can convert them with unilogic itself so I will using that. If I need the external software I will contact the support center. Thank you for your answer!
  4. Hello everyone, I have a few questions about the software Unilogic and using it together with the USP-070-B10. First, what I want to know if it is possible to read the files on the SD card in the map "/DT" and especially the files for the data table because I want to show the user which files are on the sd card, but I dont want to use the uniapps menu. I have created now that everytime the user send a file over ftp to the PLC, the data table will add a new row with the name, but if the user change the sd card or remove a file from it, the PLC need to see this also. Second, I have created a data table with strings, if I'm trying to search for a specific string a column. But if the string is for example 10 long and the word I'm trying to search is only 4 long, I cannot find it. But if i make search first from 10 long and the second 9 and the third one 8 the value will be found. but the fourth value cannot be found with a length of 7. this mean that I can only search for 3 different lengths, but if the users insert more different values between 1 and 10, only a few values can be found in the data table. But if you use integers and search for integers he can find all the values. how can this problem been solved? the search value will be typed in a text box on the display. third, Is it possible to program on the PLC that if there are any excel files on the SD card to create a data table file on the PLC itself. then the user can send the excel file through TCP to the PLC and does not need to send the data table file. If someone could help me with this problems, you would be thankfull! Leon
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