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  1. Hey, I can't download the new version of Unilogic. At the end I receive the message "Netwerk Failure". I'm working with Google Chrome. Grtz. Jan
  2. Hi there, I'm shure I can help you out. I am a freelance programmer, especially with Unitronics PLC's. I'm looking forward hearing from you.
  3. Hey, I am trying to connect an IO-Link master to a Unistream 7". I configured a Scanner node. Everything is going well, except when I try to configure the Configutation assembly, I am receiviong the "EthernetIP Connection Status Message": 0x0020. This message is not in the list (the list starts with 0x0100) I need some help, please. Kind regards. Jan
  4. Dear Pista, Thanks for your help so far. I need to control 15 valves of Bürkert via IO-Link and 1 digital output for a solenoid valve. The valves of Bürkert are proportional valves and controlled via the IO-Link protocol. This means I need 2 P&P IO-Link masters. See attachment for more info. I hope you have enough with this info. Kind regards MA8691-IODD_ENen_00.pdf P&P_295313_eng.pdf
  5. Thanks for your fast answer. If I send you the EDS-file, can you help me to create the globaltags? Kind regards EDS-V3.11.1-PepperlFuchs-ICE1-8IOL-G60L-V1D-20170323.eds
  6. I need to communicate with 2 IO-Link masters via Ethernet/IP. The manufacturer of the IO-Link masters provides an EDS file for this devices. I don't find a possibility to import them in to the configuration of the Ethernet/IP protocol (like I normal do for Canopen). Is there an other way?
  7. I have Ccleaner, but every time I want to uninstall Unilogic, I receive the same message: "1628: failed to complete installation". I have cleaned the register with "Registry Repair Pro", but the result stay the same.
  8. During installation (updating) of the new unilogic software the computer blocked. It is a laptop Toshiba with Windows 10 installed. See included the 2 messages I receive every time I try to install the new software. Help, this is urgent, because I'm occupied with a large project.
  9. Sorry, but I know the ASCII table. It doesn,t work. Everytime I use the ALT key, the editor wants to download. I'm sure it is something stupid.
  10. Hi, I 'm working with the new UniStream software. Wonderful! Magnificent! But, how can I put the Euro sign on the screen?
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