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  1. I found the solution for the "An installation support file could not be installed catastrophic failure" problem. There was an InstallShield folder leftover from a previous VisiLogic installation that was forcing this error. To get around this, go to Program Files(x86) > InstallShield Installation Information. Search thru the folders there until you find the one associated with VisiLogic. I made a folder elsewhere and moved the files to it. I was afraid to delete it until I was sure I had the right one. I was then able to install the latest version of VisiLogic without any problems at all. I hope this info might help someone else encountering the same problem.
  2. I have encountered the same problem as Andyrusty. "An installation support file could not be installed catastrophic failure" I can neither uninstall or install any version of Visilogic. I have tried Bisku's suggestion to no avail. Visilogic just stopped working one day. I am running Windows 10 and "Remote Access" seams to be working fine. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and found a solution.
  3. Thanks. That allows me to reset the baud rate and reestablish communications. Every time I try to install the O/S it loses communbication again before the process is complete.
  4. Thanks for the reply. However, I tried your advice but I still can't establish communications with the 130. I tried 57600 and 115200 baud.
  5. While updating the OS on a V130 the serial port stopped working in the middle of the update. I can no longer communicate with the controller. I am sure there must be a way to do a reset. When I hold the "I" button it asks for a password to continue, wich I don't have. I am curious if anyone else has encountered this.
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