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  1. I have problems with communication between UniOPC and Mitsubishi PLC. Using MXOPC and Linkmaster between them. Theni relized that i need som sort of software to generate the Tags for UniOPC. It a Mitsubishi Q-PLC and a Vision 130. Can i use Linkmaster, then how? Or is it som sort of different software then wil be needed? Hoping for som sort of solution! Good morning from the north!
  2. I have setup a UniOPC server and want to communicate between that and a Mitsubishi Q-PLC. I use Linkmaster to connect between, but i need a software that can generate the Tags needed to get data from my OPC. The PLC is a Vision 130 with ethernet card. What can i use or is it a searcret way to make this work? Looking forward to your suggestions! Good morning from the north!
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