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  1. storing data to datatable goes "instantly" but storing datatable to sd card takes a few seconds.
  2. I found a way to fix all my problems. got some help from friend, a C(++) programmer . to split a four digit number i had to use the MOD% command first then DIV 1234 DIV 1000= 1 1234 (MOD 1000) DIV 100 = 2 1234 (MOD 100) DIV 10 = 3 1234(MOD 10) =4 this can be good to use on 7segment displays i think. when u want 4 digit number spit over 4pieces of 7segment displays
  3. cant find a way to split the digits. ive tried with division in many different ways.. but if my MI is 1234. the first digit will store fine as 1. but the second devided with 100 will be 12 i want 2. and the third divided by 10 will be 123 i want 3 this is how i want the result if= MI 1234 store 1 to MI 2 store 2 to MI 3 store 3 to MI 4 store 4 to MI 5 MI 1 is a value that goes up to 9999 and down back to 0
  4. tanks for feedback. i read through the help file from Cavotec. at first it didnt tell me anything. it was just lika a foreign language. but i have gotten an example file from our suppliers of Unitronics plc's. I went through the file up and down back and forth many times. trying to understand the example file when i then read through the file from Cavotec again i found this : -------------------------------------- Sub-Index 001 Description Downlink Byte 1 Entry Category Optional Data Type UNSIGNED8 Access RWW PDO Mapping Yes Default Value 0x0 to Sub-Index 088 Description Downlink Byte 88 Entry Category Optional Data Type UNSIGNED8 Access RWW PDO Mapping Yes Default Value 0x0 ----------------------------------------- the important thing i found here was the line - Data Type UNSIGNED8 that means its just regular numbers i need to send. i then made a INCREMENT loop and Download STR. and i got it. my display is updating the Subindex i choosen. and goes through the whole list of characters, the dispaly can show. now ill just divide my MI with 1000, 100 ,10 as Ofir mentioned
  5. i have tried to port over to just using linux, many times. I always have to go back to windows because of a hardware or software doesnt support linux. for my home laptop, i cant find 3d driver for my graphix card. the closest i come to linux on a daily basis is my phone with android
  6. I have a V130plc v/canopen communication to a Cavotec remotecontroller. the canopen config is done and working . i got remote IO's working too. send and receiving with SDO upload/download STR. my problem is to send text and a number from an MI to the display on the remote CAN device. the remote diodes that are working got these setting : SDO object index =2003 SDO Subobject index=2 the display got one Subobject index for each character, from 3-34 how do i get a 4 digit value from an MI split up into 4 different MI, and then send each digit to their subobject indexes in the display? or is there a easier way to send many digits split out to the subobject indexes?
  7. think this might be as easy as to add a coil, on the output on the right side of the SDO send block. not sure if this is what u need.
  8. here are samples attached for communication with ex-rc1 u got to download one file to the plc. and the other to the ex-rc1 device. i got these files from support@unitronics. Exrc1 and Analog ATC8-canbus.vlp CAN Master for EX-RC1 Mk3-v570.vlp
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