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  1. figured it out: Once you define the PLC by a specific name in the OPC server, for example - PLC1, then the address by which you call up the specific variable from Matlab's OPC toolbox is PLC1.MI1234
  2. Hi everybody thank you for your support and great advice in the past yet unfortunately I have stumbled across another problem I was not able to solve: I can't get the PID to work in my program - I defined all the parameter, all the data, I've even assigned a button to turn on the PID block, yet it refuses to switch to on state, it's status not changing after it's activation. Thank you in avance for your help 02_PROJECT 12.vlp
  3. Greetings, Thank you for the attention to this post, and any advice on this topic. The topic is, of course, the connection between the Vision 130, thought the OPC server, to Matlab, in order to simulate a simple process in Matlab, using that process to tune a PID controller in the PLC, give value to certain sensors, and to serve as a simulation of a physical plant which the PLC controls, in order to make my graduation project much easier to write ( it's a program to control a natural gas liquids removal plant), and to have something tangible, something live, something which can be used to see and understand the process, not to mention to facilitate a much greater ease in writing the program and debugging it, a much easier task once I have a simulation of a plant running in Matlab. So far I have managed to connect the PLC to the UniOPC server, to define the UniOPC in Matlab's OPC toolbox block, but I can't see a list of variables in the controller there, nor do I know how can I define the individual variables there, is there a specific way in which I can write the address of the Memory Integers, some specific syntax that I can use in order to import them into the OPC toolbox in Matlab, how does one usually imports the variables from the UniOPC to a SCADA system? I have also tried using Matricon OPC explorer, but for some strange reason, it also could not find any variable or tags or from the UniOPC server, it has just connected to the UniOPC, yet failed to list any variables. How does one actually transfers variables from the UniOPC to a SCADA? How can I transfer variables to Matlab and back?
  4. Greetings, This is my first message, I'd like to say that I really like this forum - it is nicely designed and appealing to they eye, and the topics are answered rigorously and in depth. Then I'd like to ask, hopefully, not a silly question: I am using a Visilogic 9.5.0, programming a V-130 controller with a V130-VA-TA24 snap in module, and I have the following problem: When trying to assign an value to a MI, memory integer, in the "Online test" mode, I am able to do it to certain MIs, and incapable of doing so with other MIs, as you can see in the attached picture.
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