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  1. Hello all, For my final theoretical project for my college course, I am required to build something which requires a PLC or a microcontroller. I have decided to build a portable PLC controlled rotiserrie machine. I haven't determined all the parts that I need for this project yet, but was wondering if someone can help me out figure out if its possible I belive that the Unitronics M91 PLC wll be suitable for this project. I will have a portable 12VDC supply (Car Booster Pack) to power the PLC. I require the PLC to: - Set/ Operate a (stepper or geard) motor to spin the spit in a clockwise and counterclock wise direction. - Set/ Operate a (stepper or geard) motor to raise and lower the spit. - Measure and display 2 anolog temperature sensor readings - Measure and display the speed from a tachogenerator - Contain programable "set time" operations - Contain display with time of day and other varibles. Can this be done? What limitations will I encounter? I would really appreicate some help Thank you
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