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  1. Thanks Joe, I have been in contact with a UK distributor and he has recommended :- JZ10-11-R31 V130-33-R34 V350-35-R34 I have downloaded the catalogue and will have a browse but I think his recommendations should fit the bill o.k. When we use the Mitsubishi we need the GT Screen Designer to produce the screen graphics and download to the GOT 1000 and we need the Alpha 24 Programmer to produce and download the program to the PLC. At the moment we only use the FBD process on the programmer but I suspect we will need to produce ladder diagrams when using the Jazz ? Thanks again take care Don W
  2. Hi a Newbie here looking for information. At present we use a Mitsubishi Alpha 24 brick. This unit has 15 Inputs and 9 Outputs and we we currently use 13 Inputs and 8 Outputs, we have no plans to exceed these I/O's (at present). Can anyone advise about a suitable Unitronics PLC/HMI that we could use as a substitute ? I hope to contact a U.K. supplier in the morning and ask the same question, but as I will also need the appropriate Programming Software etc. I thought I would join the forum here and start asking my stupid questions. Thanks for listening. take care Don W
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