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  1. Hi all I'm using v280 with IO-RO16 to drive the solinoid valve 220vac 11.5VA 28sets butI'm not sure the rc snubber value should be? please advise the simple value or simle calculation,thank you
  2. I'm using represent mode of load cell with raw data, please advise me 1. What is the maximum of A2D? 2.Are these raw data same as between difference capacity of load cells(15kg,30kg)
  3. I'm using V280 with Visilogic 9.8.64 build0 I have the simple formula A(ML)x1=B(MF), I try A=2147483647 but the output = 2.147484E+9 why it's not 2.147483647E+9 because in the manual said maximum MF range is 3.402E37 Please advise, thank you.
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