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  1. Yesterday i downloaded new application with using one socket only one time. From E2 V350 to scada i recieve data through UniOPC i think From Izo V350 i send data to V570 and though UniOPC i recieve data on scada When i came to PC (with scada) seems it was ok, recieved data from all building changed every ~3 seconds (E1, E2, Izo) But today i tried to ping Izo V350 from PC with scada and cant ping it... E2 V350 pings fine E1 V570 pings fine 1) So now i must connect to Izo V350 with serial and check system bits ?? and system integers?? (which) How i can find the problem why i loose connection with Izo V350? 2) Can u give me an example with TCP sending...or check this, please. What i want to do: From E1 V570 i want to send to Izo V350 through socket 3 (master in V570) port 20257 to socket 3 (slave in V350) port 20257 - 10 bytes (5 integer) In E1 V570 i want to recieve data from V350. Socket 2 (slave in V570) port 20256 and socket 2 (master in V350) port 20256 - 54 bytes (27 integer) Is TCP setting ok in this projects..? Thank you V350_TCP_RAW_Master&slave.vlp V570_TCP_RAW_Master&slave.vlp
  2. Ok i will try to test it today. Now i lost remote connection with this units, probably because of this sockets... I will be in object soon and try to download new application with different sockets through serial port. I think it will work. I will let u know tomorrow if it will work. So 1 of 4 sockets can only communicate with one device?? Or i need to make logic in programm to communicate through one socket to many devices. (For example first data transfer done , i make second , second done i make third...?) Or i need to use another ports of one socket ? Thank you
  3. Actually i already tried to change defining IP address from MI. In start it was MI1070 (from E2 V350) and MI1080 (from Izo V350). I putted MI1170(to E2 V350) and MI1080(from Izo V350). Result in MI1170-MI1173 (IP adress from Izo V350, not from E2 V350...). And in 2 x UDP_RAW scans i get data from Izo V350 I putted MI1170(to E2 V350) and MI1180(from Izo V350). Result in MI1180-MI1183 (IP adress from E2 V350, not from Izo V350...). And in 2 x UDP_RAW scans i get data from E2 V350 I use TCP/IP Sock init parameters in all (three) PLC: Socket 3; UDP_RAW; D#20260 In Project=>TCP/IP Project Setting for E1 V570 i have ; TCP; 20256; PLC1 Can u explain me,please, this parameteres Project=>TCP/IP Project Setting, what we configure here.. Also i checked UniCan=>no one use this adresses (MI1070,MI1080,MI1170,MI1180) Also in F1 help about UDP_RAW i found this text: Use this to monitor message status. Is reset by OS when the element activates. If before scan procedure i store number "4" in MI1173, after or during scan procedure i got "5" number in MI1173. Maybe this UDP block make stamp on what data recieved in this MI, or something like this? Thank you Links to blinking from 4 to 5:
  4. I made TCP/IP Card init to all PLC (E1 V570, E2 V350, Izo V350) and defined a constant IP adresses. (Numbers In first post) I have a problem with UDP_RAW scan function in E1 V570. I need to write IP of remote PLC in UDP_RAW Scan parameter field Remote IP (The IP of the device that sent the data Note that this will user a vector of 4 MI). I Put IP addres of PLC with data (with power up) in MI1170 (192) ,MI1171 (168) ,MI1172 (186) .MI1173 (4), but when i connect to E1 V570 i see this numbers in MI registers MI1170 (192), MI1171 (168), MI 1172 (186) , MI1173(5). So E1 V570 Scan Izo V350 with IP , not the E2 V350 with IP Thank you.
  5. Hello. I checked UniCAN network controllers (V120), they write data to another MI registers. Can u give me,please, a link to document (documents) describing procedure with static adress. Thank you.
  6. Hello! I am new here. I have an object with such structure: Building 1 = Eka1 = E1: V570 - IP address , PLC name = PLC1, can id #1 V120 - can id#2 V120 - can id#3 V120 - can id#4 V120 - can id#5 V120 - can id#6 V120 - can id#7 Building 2 = Eka2 =E2: V350 - IP address , PLC name = PLC2, can id #1 V120 - can id#2 V120 - can id#3 Building 3 = Izolators = Izo: V350 - IP address , PLC name = PLC3, can id #1 V120 - can id#2 V120 - can id#3 V120 - can id#4 Data between V120 and V350, or V120 and V570 sends with Unican. In most cases there is no problems with this transfers, But week ago started problems with UDP_RAW sending between E2 V350 and E1 V570, and between Izo V350 and E1 V570. Here is image of VisiLogic programm: in program i try to UDP_RAW scan IP address (start vector MI1170), but when i online connect to V570 he shows IP address! WHO changes number in MI1173 (i put 4 here , but in online mode 5!!!), if i use this MI only one time in a programm... I checked SB141-146 in Izo_V350 , there was "1" in this system bits. I checked SB141-146 in E1 V570 , there was "1" in this system bits. I think E1 , E2 and Izo connected to a single network with switch. Also PC with IP address connected to this netowrk. I can ping,, from PC in command line. What i should check next? Ty for advices. P.S. links to images http://s020.radikal.ru/i716/1402/7b/6371416aeafb.png http://s019.radikal.ru/i635/1402/db/fd7f6e267643.png
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