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  1. 138/5000 I made the OS using the serial port Info mode is not displayed SI9 cannot be overwritten in enhanced vision today i made a new FW update here attachment interestingly, when recording a PLC BOOT, the screen goes blank and does not light up any other idea? Thank you
  2. Hello Please help after upgrading FW V1040 to new version O / S 4.6 (15) I have a black screen. The PLC program is functional. the touch is also functional, only the black screen. Please help. Thank you.
  3. Hi Edvin
    did you manage to complete communication with Art-Net?

  4. Please help with lighting using DMX512 protocol. anyone have experience with communications on this protocol with Unitronics. Thanks for any advice
  5. Please help I need to convert the value timers to MI variables. conforming to the model transfer SI30,SI35 and SI36 thank you for answer
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