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  1. Hi. I have a V570 that collects temperature readings and stores those on SD card. PLC itself is connected to local network and so is RaspberryPi that is supposed to work as a web server, that on request grabs that datatable from plc, makes it into nice graph and shows it to client. The thing is that currently when my RP tries to run the test code(below), it says that it is unable to connect to PLC with that unitID. In my PLC settings I have set unitID to 0. When I run same code on my PC, it works like it is supposed to. Thanks in advance. using System; using Unitronics.ComDriver; namespace RTTest { class MainClass { static PLC plc; public static void Main (string[] args){ Ethernet eth = new Ethernet ("", 20256, EthProtocol.TCP, 3, 3000); Console.WriteLine(eth.Connected); try{ plc = PLCFactory.GetPLC(eth, 0); plc.EventAbortCompleted+=new PLC.AbortCompletedDelegate(plc_EventAbortCompleted); }catch(Exception e){ eth.Disconnect(); Console.WriteLine ("Error1:"+e.Message+"-->("+e.TargetSite+")"+e.StackTrace+"-->"+e.Source); } try{ Console.WriteLine(plc.Version.OPLCModel); Console.WriteLine (plc.PlcName); Console.WriteLine(eth.Connected); Console.WriteLine(plc.UnitId); }catch(Exception e){ eth.Disconnect(); Console.WriteLine ("Error2:"+e.Message+"-->("+e.TargetSite+")"+e.StackTrace); } Console.Read (); } public static void plc_EventAbortCompleted(){ Console.WriteLine ("dunno"); } } }
  2. I am trying to display a graph on webpage. I use Highgraph libraries to draw it. But highgraph needs a table in javascript to get the information about how graph looks, its labels and its values and such. It works perfectly, when I run it on my computer but if it is displayed by plc it doesn't work.
  3. Is there no way of using large variables in JavaScript then? I really need that variable to draw that graph.
  4. Managed to somehow find my IP but now I ran into next problem. My html file needs to have a variable, that is longer than 35 but compiler doesn't allow it.
  5. Where can I find the IP, mask and gateway of my PLC. I have it connected to my network hub but so far I haven't found the right IP by trial and error.
  6. I have looked at the Advanced Webserver documentation and I know that I can directly only get MIs and such on webpage. What I meant is, can webserver access the .csv file of datatable, that sits in EXCEL folder of SD card?
  7. Can webpage access the datatable file, that is being written on SD card? Will it corrupt the file?
  8. Would it be possible to somehow make unitronics download data table file on its own SD card and then make webpage read that data table file to make a graph? Also, what are the data table file formats, that PLC can output?
  9. Hi I have Unitronics V570 controlling my home's central heating system and I would like to make a webpage, that I can visit on my computer to see values from controller. But the thing is that I want to have a line graph to show temperatures from the past measurements. I have no clue on how to do so, because as far as I understand, you can't get values from data table(which probably will be stored on SD card) to your webpage, you can only get things like MIs and MBs and such. Only way I have figured out to get said graphs is to download data table from controller to computer and then do some magic, but that is not the solution I am looking for. Other question I have is how to connect Arduino board to PLC in a way, that I can get values from PLC's MIs to Arduino.I want to have remote temperature controller in other room with small screen. Can I somehow send serial values from PLC to Arduino or do I need CanBUS module for my Arduino? Thanks in advance.
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