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  1. Hello Phil, I have Excel istalled of course but I have only the extension ".xls" available when I try to export the operands, it worked with the old versions of Vision but not anymore. Regards Zbig
  2. Hello Reuven I am still looking for an answer to my question. I have a very simple project to do, it is a tank filled with water which is maintained at some temperature during some period of time. The problem is there are 10 of them tanks, so I have to copy the same operands for each one of them, only the number of tank changes. With an Excel file it is simple and fast,. Regards Zbig
  3. I've just istalled V8.6.2 version, opened a couple of Example projects and still have the same problem. Regards zbig
  4. Hello Every time I try to "export operands description" to an Excel file I get the message UnOpOpr1 "The Excel file you have selected cannot support the exported values", even if it's a Help/Examples or newly opened project. I tried this on 3 PCs running Windows NT, Windows 7 and Windows XP with the same result, somebody help me please ?
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